Love paragraphs for her copy and paste

Love paragraphs for her copy and paste, long paragraphs for her copy and paste, long paragraphs for her copy and paste with Emojis, sweet paragraphs for her, goodnight paragraphs for her, long paragraphs for her to wake up to and long distance paragraphs for her is what this article is all about. Maintain your relationship with her by sending her love paragraphs daily.

It gives great joy knowing that you are perfectly loved by your partner, therefore, always rekindle the light of love existing in your relationship by making use of sweet love words, do this regularly and win the heart of your girlfriend/wife forever.

Long Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste

Long paragraphs for her copy and paste

πŸ’™My Angel, my baby, I feel so proud each time I remember that I have an angel like you in my life. Your love and beauty radiates all over you. You have all the true qualities that any man desires in a woman, since I have you in my life, I lack nothing because you perfectly completes me.

πŸ’™With time, I  will tell the whole world whom you are and what you worth to me because I can't feel all these alone. Your love awakens my soul, you give life to my falling heart, you restores my breath when I feels like fainting. Oh, how lucky I am to have you in my life. I will forever love you my Princess.

πŸ’™Our love is unshakable, our love have come to stay, and it will continue to shine as bright as the morning star. You came into my life, and completed the joy in me which was initially missing. You are a model, a true character that every other woman should emulate. In everything you do, just remember that I love you so much.

πŸ’™I am the happiest man in the whole world for having a woman, an angel, for being in love with a spotless, all round beauty. You make my living enjoyable. My honey, My angel, My soulmate and my light. I love you so much!

πŸ’™I bless the day that you came across my way, I bless the day that I met you, you came into my life and everything changed, you took away all the pains that I have been feeling, I became healthy again just for you being around me. I love you so much my queen.

My Love For You Will Never Die Messages For Him or Her

Love Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste

Love paragraphs for her copy and paste

πŸ’™My Queen, the woman of my dream, our love percentage can never decrease, each and everyday, it will keep on increasing. Our love is unshakable and has come to stay. Keep on showering me with your great love, and I will never stop loving you.

πŸ’™You are the World most beautiful. You give me strength when I am weak, you give me joy when I am sad, know that you are my one and only lover whom I will always show my love.

πŸ’™Just your smile alone is capable of piercing a heart which is as strong as stone. I guess you don't really know that I always miss your smile when you are not around with me, you are my most cherished and I will always like to see your face every moment of my life, because it goes a long way to heal my soul when I am wounded. You are really my true love.

πŸ’™To the woman who understands me, my forever crush, having you by my side makes me feel like a Prince, you are my sweetest angel.

πŸ’™My first lady, the woman who have shown me true love, my lover for life, have it in mind that my love for you will never fade, you are the only one in my heart and have it in mind that you will remain the only woman whom I will live to love.

πŸ’™I love you my baby, loving you gives me peace of mind, it gives my soul comfort. We have been so attached to each other that in every moment of my life, all I think about is you, you will remain and forever be in my mind. You are my sweet Angel.

πŸ’™You are a rare specie of your kind. You are special and unique.
My joy wouldn't have been complete without you, as the days goes by, our love will continue to glow.

πŸ’™All the happy moments we spent together I can never forget, you came into my life and took over my whole life by surprise, know that I am wholly and truly for you, and nothing can take away the love I have for you.

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Long  Paragraphs For Her Copy and Paste with Emojis

Love paragraphs for her copy and paste with emojis

  • My woman πŸ‘° my everything, you are such a beautiful πŸ’ƒ and wonderful soul, with a loving ❤ and caring heart, you are the woman  πŸ‘° that my heart πŸ’–πŸ’– cherishes, and I am grateful πŸ™πŸ™ and thankful πŸ™ for being blessed by a wonderful womanπŸ’† like you.
  • My Princess πŸ‘°, the love ❤ of my life, my rare beauty, you have completed every aspect of my life πŸ‘€, You are, and will forever remain my princess πŸ‘°.
  • I will forever hold you close to my heart πŸ’–, I cannot afford to loose a special person like you πŸ‘«, you have all that I want in a woman. Your smile πŸ˜ƒ is highly contagious and your laughter πŸ˜€ melts my heart. Oh, how lucky I am πŸ‘€ to have you πŸ‘° in my life 🚢.
  • We were perfectly made for each other πŸ’‘ ,you are my better half πŸ’ .Together we are going  to make a perfect kingdom where love ❤ and happiness πŸ€— shall rule.
  • You have made my life so meaningful πŸ˜€, you have given my life direction 🚢. Your type of womanπŸ‘° is so rare to come by, I will always  love πŸ’™ you at every passing moment.
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Sweet Paragraphs for Her

Sweet paragraphs for her

πŸ’™You have conquered my soul, dominated everywhere and created  a vacuum which you are the only one that can fill, you are special and specially created for me. I am lucky having you in my life my love.

πŸ’™What a woman so gentle, cheerful, humble, caring, in fact, I cannot be able to write down all the special qualities that you have which has always make me to take you as my one and only lover. This is just the beginning of our love because I will never stop loving you.

πŸ’™My true love story started with you, my journey of true love started with you, and I promise you that our love will be a forever thing, and nothing can tear us apart. You are the love of my life.

πŸ’™You are my baby for life, my angel, God sent from above to my world, the best woman in the whole universe whose touch is so tender, and her heart is full of goodness, loving you was a perfect decision that I have ever taken, I love you with all my heart.

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Goodnight Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste

Good night paragraphs for her copy and paste

πŸ’™To the love of my life, the angel whom God has blessed me with, as you lie down to sleep tonight, sweet dreams and stress free night is all I wish for you. Goodnight my sweetest.

πŸ’™For being a wonderful soulmate to me, you deserve the best. For completing my joy, you remain outstanding in my life, as you lie down to sleep tonight, every of your worries and stress have been taken care of by God, nothing shall hinder your joy as you sleep. Goodnight my love.

πŸ’™When you lie down to sleep, know that there is someone who loves you, there is someone who always likes to see your face, there is someone whom your laughter melts his heart. I am that man who will always be by your side. Sleep well and Goodnight my love.

πŸ’™Even in darkness, your beauty radiates. As the light dims, you shine more and more. Your beauty is irresistible, and I want you to know that you are my World's most beautiful woman. Good night my love.

πŸ’™Though I am lying down in my own bed, all my heart and all I am thinking is you. I can't wait for the night to break so that I will behold your sweet face.

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Long Paragraphs for Her to Wake up to

Long paragraphs for her to wake up to

πŸ’™The day has break, wake up and behold your Prince, I missed your sweet voice which rang through my ears all through the night. Wake up and talk to me my love.

πŸ’™Know that you have filled and completed every part of my life, missing you in a minute seems to me like I have missed you a thousand years, oh wake up and let's see each other.

πŸ’™I feel like talking to you all through the day, when the night falls, my heart jumps up because I will not hear the voice of my angel again. I only regain strength when I know the day has break.

πŸ’™Missing you is something that has never been easy for me to handle, for being the one I truly love, I think about you every moment, please wake up because am waiting for you with a cup of your favourite drink.

πŸ’™Your King is awake waiting for his Princess, even the birds of the air are singing a melodious hymn to usher you into a new day, please wake up and behold your Prince and the brightness of a new day.

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Long Distance Paragraphs for Her

Long distance paragraphs for her

πŸ’™My heart is for you, my whole life I live for you, distance can never be a barrier for the love which I have for you, as the day goes by, no matter the distance, I promise to keep loving you more and more.

πŸ’™We may not be close to each other, we may not be able to be seeing each other daily, but all I know is that you have a special place in my heart, which no one else can take, even when we are thousand miles away from each other, it can never affect my love for you.

πŸ’™I always pray and wish to see you, my soul is thirsty for you, in all you do, have it in mind that there is someone who is madly in love with you, who is hoping and praying each passing day to behold your beautiful face again.

πŸ’™It has not been easy for me to complete a day without imagining what being with you feels like, when I try to focus my mind on other things, the thought of you keeps me restless and sleepless day and night, in all you do, know that I am missing you so much and I can't wait to be with you.

πŸ’™All the happy moments we have spent together I can never forget in a hurry, you have left an indelible mark in me, missing you is something so hard for me to bear, distance can never take away the love which I have for you because you mean the whole world to me.
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