Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste is an article which aims at spicing up relationships thereby preventing and reducing the number of relationship conflicts and breakups. Relationship becomes more enjoyable when the love existing between the two partners is constantly nutured.

Once in a while, it is good to remind your partner how much you care for him, express your love for him and do not hide it. If you value your relationship, you will do whatever it will take in order to maintain it. Long paragraphs for him copy and paste will go a long way towards bringing the both of you closer to each other, distance should not be a barrier because you can communicate it to him through text, phone calls, gift cards or say it to him face to face. Communicate it to him with a high level of affection and love. It could be your boyfriend or husband, you will find all the right words  that you need to use and express your feelings to him here. 

Here, you will find;

  • Long paragraphs for him copy and paste
  • Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste
  • Long paragraphs for him copy and paste to make him smile
  • Long paragraphs for him copy and paste with Emojis
  • Freaky paragraphs for him copy and paste
  • Good night paragraphs for him copy and paste
  • Good morning paragraphs for him to wake up to
  • Long distance paragraphs for him copy and paste

Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤My love, my life, all I think about in this world everyday must never be complete without thinking about you. You have infected every area of my life that all I now feel is you, sometimes I became surprise how you came into my life and took over every area of my life. My love for you will continue to grow day by day. Nothing in this world can separate us because we belong to each other.

❤I live, I laugh, I smile, I love, just because of you. You are so special and you worth more than silver and gold to me. I promise to love and cherish and will continue loving you forever. My whole heart is where you are and I want to let you know that you are irrreplaceable in my world. I love you so much my heartbeat.

❤I feel so lucky having you in my life. Your love shines as bright as morning star, your smile melts my heart, your laughter is all I desire to hear everyday of my life. Oh, how I love everything about you. Keep on loving me the way you do. I promise to go extra miles to reciprocate your love for me.

❤ You are my sunshine, my bundle of joy, my king my rainbow. Your love truly melts my heart, knowing that I am perfectly loved by you is one of the greatest source of my happiness. You have all that I need in a man and I will keep on loving you. I have taken it as a decision to always make you feel the best way that you want to feel. You have won my heart and I am so proud about it.

❤To my most cherished lover, the only man that makes me feel complete, the only man whose love has enveloped my soul. For all you have done to me, I feel like a queen each time I remember that you are a part of my life. Your love for me is real and undiluted. I love you so much and promise to love you just the way that you have always loved me.

❤Together we made a perfect match, you are my missing rib and the man who completes me. My whole life would have been so boring without a man like you. You are God sent to my world. You are my sunshine and would be my soulmate forever.

❤Our meeting each other did not happen by chance, it was rather destined to be, we have been together through thin and thick, all that should have separated us brought us more closer. Indeed, you are all that I desire in a man, we have become inseparable and I know that nothing can separate us.

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Long Love Paragraphs For Him Copy and Paste

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤Loving you is the best decision that I have ever made. You came into my life and changed it completely for good. Sometimes I wonder, how my life would have been without your sweet love. I love you so much my true love.

❤For giving me the true definition of true love, for always providing a shoulder for me to lean on, you have colonized every part of my life, all I think about now is you, when I think about love, you are the first thing that comes to my mind. I will never stop thinking about you and I will love you forever.

❤Sometimes I wonder, whom else would have loved me just the way you do, whom else would have cared for me , just like you. All I wished for in a man were embodied in you, you are a true definition of a perfect man. Keep on living, keep on caring for me, and I will do my best to always keep you close to my heart.

❤In a million men, your type is rare to find, in a crowd of men you can be easily singled out because of your rare qualities, you are outstanding, a gentleman and I promise to always give you my respect. I love you so much my Darling.

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤For constantly understanding my emotions, for all your efforts to put smile on my face when I am sad, I appreciate you greatly for this, know that you are mine, and I will be yours forever.

❤My sweetheart, my king, my hero, loving you is one of the things that gives me joy, you are such a wonderful soul, in all my wrongdoings, you always understand and always willing to forgive me easily, our love have come to stay, and nothing can tear us apart.

When you fall in love with the right person, you will experience an unspeakable joy, and peace of mind, happiness will be your daily dose. I have never know that someone can make me feel the way you do whenever you are with me, I promise never to break your heart because I am ready and will always love you.

❤You came into my life and and everything changed for good, you touched every aspect of my life, all my life achievements cannot be complete without attributing  them to you, Thank you so much for making me a better person. I love you so much my Angel.

❤Nothing can separate us because our love have come to stay, each and every day we spend together continues to be special more than the other day, just everyday, my love for you continues to grow. You are my love and I promise to give you all that you desire to be happy for me.

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Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste to Make Him Smile

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤You are a rare diamond, you are a unique creature, so gentle and kind hearted. Thank you so much for accepting me just the way I am, thank you so much for opening your heart to accept me wholly, you will forever remain that man whom I will always love.

❤My missing rib, the one that completes my joy, I cannot be able to express how exactly I feel about you, words alone cannot fulfill that, but in all, know that you are that special man, whom I can never forget.

❤Our being together was not by accident, but rather destined to be. Sometimes I wonder whom else would have mean all that you meant for me. I thank God for bringing you across my way.

❤Hope you are already smiling while reading this, if you are not, please do, because you don't know what your smile does in my life, when I am sad, it makes me happy, when I am weak, it gives me strength. Please, Please my love, smile for your baby.

I'm Sorry Paragraphs For Him

Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste with Emojis

💙You are my love ❤, my sweetheart 💞, My perfect size👠, I love ❤you now and forever 😘. You always make me smile 😀when I am sad😥,you give me joy💃💃each time I remember 💆that I am loved ❤by you, this is one of the reasons why I am always happy😀. l love ❤ you so much!

💙In you🚶🚶I have found a perfect soulmate 💏, I can't wait to tell you all that you 👤mean to me. You are so special 💪and I love ❤ you without limit❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

💙I will continue to celebrate 🍾🍾our love ❤ and togetherness💑 each and every passing day, you worth more than gold to me🙋,just are like the morning star⭐⭐, you radiates through my heart💖💖,my joy💃💃can never be complete without thinking 💆about you, you are my Mr. Right 👫and I will continue to love ❤you more and more.

💙My better half🍞,my sunshine 🌕, my perfect gentleman 🕴, know very well that you 👤have a special place reserved only for a king 🎎like you, where no one else can touch or mess up with, our love ❤ for each other will continue to grow day by day🙏.

💙By coming into my life💏,you have made me the happiest woman💃💃on earth. You are the best man👤in the whole world. Every woman who does not have a special person like you👤is really missing something, I will dance💃, laugh 😀, smile 😃and celebrate you at any given moment.

💙I am the luckiest woman 👰in the world for being loved by a wonderful man 👤like you. I will continue to ❤you just the way you have proved to love ❤me.

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Freaky Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤If love should be counted, that means all the known numbers would not be able to represent the number of love  which I have for you, my love for you is limitless and numberless, I love you so much.

❤When I was trying to sip my cup of coffee, I was about to take the first sip when I heard a voice which whispered to me that I don't have to drink it alone. Then, I remembered that I should have first asked you if you have taken your own cup of coffee. Come and have your own cup my love!

❤You are my safe bag where I keep my secrets and be assured that no one else would hear it. Thanks so much for being my secret bag. I love you honey.

❤I was thinking about what to compare you with, then I remembered the star, I realized that you cannot be the star because stars do not shine all day long, I then remembered the moon, yet the moon always comes out in the night. You shine always and every time, therefore I have not seen any other thing to compare with you my love.

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Goodnight Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤Just as the sun  gradually dims, all I wish for you is that you will lie down and sleep in peace, as you sleep, your night will be so sweet. Sleep tight my love.

❤As you sleep tonight, all your dreams will be so sweet. The darkness of the night shall be for your favour, just as the gentle night breeze blows, it shall calm your spirit and make your sleep more enjoyable. Goodnight and sleep well my love.

❤Your night shall be well spent, you will wake up the next morning healthy and strong. God will take charge of you and he will send forth his Angels to come and guide you throughout this night. Good night my love, know that I love you so much.

❤This night shall be for your favour, in good health you shall sleep and in good health you shall wake up, your joy will be complete as you sleep tonight and nothing can cut it short. Sleep well my love and have a wonderful night.

❤To the love of my life, as you go to bed to sleep tonight, may you experience the best and wonderful sleep that will bring happiness and gladness, may all your expectations for tonight be fulfilled. As you go to sleep, know that there is a heart that cares and loves you, good night and sweet dreams to you my love.

❤As the darkness of the night falls, all glooms on your way I pray to God to remove, the sweetest and coolest night you will experience, and nothing will take away your joy as you sleep tonight. Take good care of yourself my love.

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Good Morning Paragraphs For Him to wake up to

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤My love, how was your night? I have been thinking about you all through the night, the thought of you kept me awake, please wake up because I can't wait to hear your sweet voice.

❤Hope you had a nice dream, I dreamt of you. In my dream I saw the both of us holding hands together and promising each other that our love will be forever, please wake up let's make this dream a reality.

❤When night falls, I don't feel like sleeping anymore. I feel like talking to you all through the day. I feel like staying by your side at all times, you are all that I see, and I that I think. I can't wait to see your face this morning. I love you so much.

❤When I lie down to sleep, I could feel your breath, I feel all that you feel, and I know that what I feel for you is true love, each and every passing day, our love will continue to glow, wake up because I can't wait to behold your face and your voice.

❤I have missed you so much, the night was so lonely and cold, come on wake up and talk to me, smile and laugh to ease my pain and keep my day going my love.

Long Distance Paragraphs For Him

Long love paragraphs for him copy and paste

❤No matter the distance, my love for you will never fade, you will continue to be in my heart my love, all the times we spent together, the memories still lingers in my heart. Don't be afraid because nothing can separate two hearts that really love each other.

❤There are people you will meet, no matter how short it was, they will be unforgettable in your memories. True love is never shaken by anything. For our love for each other, distance is just a temporary event which we will conquer very soon, I belong to you while you belong to me and nothing can tear us apart.

❤My love, when I go to bed to sleep, I feel uneasy with myself, knowing that an angel like you is far away from me, don't ever think that I will forget you, day by day I promise to keep in touch in anyway I can, in all you do, know that I love you so much.

❤You are worth waiting for, you have infected my memory and my whole life, I pray that the distance between us should be over so that we will be close to each other forever.

The joy of having you in my life is among the things that keeps me alive and going, you worth more than diamond to me, distance is not a barrier because I believe that our hearts have been perfectly glued together.

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