My heart belongs to you messages

No need of hiding your feelings, use these my heart belongs to you messages to tell your husband, wife or the person whom you truly loves how much he/ she cares for you, what he/she has done in your life, and how you feel about him/her, form it as a habit to keep the love in your relationship alive and glowing. These love messages are sweet, cute and heartwarming.

My Heart Belongs To You Messages

My heart belongs to you messages

1.  I feel happy each time I remember that I have someone like you in my life, know very well that in all I do, I will still live to love you.

2.  All I can tell you is that your love took over my life by surprise, I never knew that I could be loved this way, you entered my life and filled up a great vacuum in me, I can't love you less, you are my one and only lover.

3.  I didn't believe that true love really exists, until I met you, you took over my whole life and filled me with your love and goodness, thank you so much for loving me.

4.  My heart belongs to you, you are all that I see, you are the only one that I know, and I will always live to love you.

5.  Your love melts my heart, it gives me strength and above all, it gave me peace of mind, am all yours and yours alone.

6.  Even in my imaginations, I can't imagine a life without you, you are an indispensable  part of me, I love you so much and thanks for loving me the way that you do.

7.  I have been addicted to your love, I can't be without your love, you are all that I have, and I strongly believe also that I am all that you have.

8. No matter the weather, no matter the condition, our love has come to stay, instead of it to fade, it will keep on shinning and nothing can come in between us.

9.  I am not going to live you, you are the only one I know and also you are the only one I think of, you have taken over everything about me, and I feel so proud to have you in my life.

10.  All that I harbour in my heart is your unending love, it drives me crazy, and makes me feel on top of the world, you are mine, and I will be yours forever.

11.  I'm not going anywhere, it is with you that I will stay with forever, I have accepted you with my whole heart, and I can never let you go.

12.  In you I have found true love, in you I have found all that I have been looking for, you are the answer to my prayer and I can't stop loving you.

13.  I don't know about you, when I think of love, all that comes in my mind is you, your love have taken over every aspect of my life, just take it from me that my heart belongs only to you.

14.  You completes my joy, you are the source of my happiness, I can't hide it any longer, I'm dying silently for you.

15.  As the day goes by, my love for you will continue to increase, even distance can never be a barrier for the love which I have for you and what I feel for you, you gives me unforgettable memories and I am very proud having you in my life, our love is everlasting, and I truly belongs to you.

16.  In all you do, just be happy because you have someone who truly loves you.

17.  I can't tell how you entered my life and stole my heart.

18.  Just like a padlock, you are the only one that has the right key to my heart.

19.  You are my Mr. Right, my perfect gentleman, when I think of you, I count myself lucky for having a wonderful person like you in my life, I'm jealous because I will never allow anyone to take my place in your heart, I strongly love you and I want to tell you that I truly belongs to you.

20.  Sometimes, I see myself smiling unknowingly, it all started since you entered my life.

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My Heart Belongs To You Quotes

My heart belongs to you messages

21.  You have been a wonderful friend, you have been a wonderful companion, and you are the only that I will never like to lose.

22.  You came into my life and just like a book, you opened a new chapter in my life which I personally was not able to discover, you made me realize my worth, you made me value myself more, for this, I am yours and I will continue to be yours.

23.  If you are a mistake, I am ready and willing to repeat you over and over again, everything about you I truly love.

24.  If I am still given the opportunity to choose in a million people, I will still choose you, if you are not there, I won't make any other choice.

25.  I don't know that people like you still exists, you completely changed the negative mentality which I had about love, you proved me wrong and showed me that true love still exists, since then, I now believe in true love because of you, you are my sweetheart, you are mine and I will forever be your angel.

26.  If the world is filled up with people like you, then there won't be any heart break, you are just perfect.

27.  In my next life, I will still make my heart available for a special person like you.

28.  Know it now, that your love have taken over my whole life, you have it in your palms, please hold it gently so that it does not break.

29.  You are one of the best things that happened to me, you are among the reasons that when I go to bed, I will pray that the morning should come quickly so that I can behold you wonderful face, I'm truly in love with you.

30.  You are irreplaceable, you don't have duplicate. People of your type are rare to come by, I will hold you tight and can never let you go.

31. I can't exchange you with anything else in this world, not even gold nor silver.

32.  You are the closest person to my heart, you are the only one that I have in my life.

33.  You are the secret behind my happiness, the reason for my smile, and the cause of my uncontrollable laughter.

34.  You are my sunshine, you are my rainbow, you are my world and you are all that I see.

35.  Everything you do, affects me, when you smile, I see myself smiling, when you laugh, I see myself laughing, my heart belongs to you, please, promise me that you will never break it.

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