Good morning prayer messages for him or her

Make it a point of duty to always say a happy good morning prayer for him or her at the beginning of each day. You can either do this true text messages or phone call. It is good to thank God for his protection throughout the night, and his grace which made it possible for you to witness another day. While praying for yourself, also remember that person whom you love and also commit the person into God's hand as this will go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

There are many ways by which you can do this, you can pray together with the person face to face, through phone call or send message across to the love of your life. It goes a long way to show how much you really cares.

Here, we have written happy good morning prayer text messages for him or her that are cute, sweet, lovely and inspirational. Take your time and read them to choose the suitable ones that you like.

Good morning prayer messages for him or her

1.  Good morning to you my love, as you enter into a new day, the Lord will teach you how to work with your might, he will turn all things that looks bad on your way to good, he will make your thoughts to be as pure as morning rays and he will shield your soul from sin. He will send forth his holy spirit to guide you in truth and in love.

2.  Father Lord, we thank you this morning for the peaceful night which you granted to us, you protected us from all dangers as we slept throughout the night, we are committing today into your hands, asking and calling upon you to come and take charge of all that we are to do today.

3.  May the almighty God renew our love for each other, may we continue to be closer to each other day by day, just like each morning brings forth a new and wonderful day in our lives, so shall our love for each other grow day by day. Good morning to you my love.

4.  Almighty and ever living God, who created the night, the morning and the day, you are the author, the maker and the finisher of our lives, thank you for ushering us into a bright new day like this, may we experience your goodness and mercies in all we are to do today. Amen.

5.  Dear Lord, bless the Love of my life, may he or she be protected today, help him or her to achieve his or her dreams and life ambitions.

Good morning prayer messages for him or her

6.  Dear God,Thank you for keeping us safe as we slept last night, you refreshed us while we slept, please disperse our sins just like morning dew, and fill us with your holy spirit, come and be our director, our controller, and suggest all we are to do today, all that we are to do or say, will be done to your glory.

7.  Father, thank you for your love which has kept us as we slept , we woke up in peace and see this blessed morning, while we slept you restored our life, powers and thought, as we walk in our various directions today, do not let us go astray, always draw us nearer we pray, so that we will not be the lost sheep.

8.  Father we thank you for the gift of this bright morning, may your holy name be praised now and forevermore. I am committing today into your able hand, whatever we may do whether big or small, whatever we will speak or think, may it all be to your glory, accept us father Lord and bless us, and by your grace may you lead us in your paths of righteousness.

9.  May this day be bright and calm so that we will be delighted, keep all distress both known and unknown away from us, make us to crave to love and obey you more, be our chief delight and keep us clear from sin, grant our heart desires and requests when we call, may we live each moment by your grace and may all that we may do today be that which pleases you.

Good morning prayer messages for him or her

10.  Good morning to you my love, as it had pleased God to see you through in the night, he will never abandon you, success is surely written in all your ways, you will conquer in all you do today, all your dreams and heart desires the Lord will fulfill today.

11.  Dear Lord, as we enter into a new day, your loving compassion we seek, teach us to embrace your compassion more, grant us your own gifts of this new day, you are the bright of the morning star whose only light we see, impact in us your true light, that will glad our hearts and warm our hearts.

12.  May you keep us shining to this perfect day, may you scatter and help us clear all our doubts, may you reveal more of yourself to us and grant us more of your unending grace, may all our desires and hope come into fulfillment today.

13.  You are the God of the morning  who oversees everything, you are the God over everything, in your pitying mercy , show us your love o Lord, may your grace lead us throughout today.

14.  O God of Heavens, the God of truth and light, whose mighty creation harbours us, preserve our life from all trouble, as you have preserved us throughout the night to be among the living this morning, grant us perils free day, that we may ever rejoice in thee.

Good morning prayer messages for him or her

15.  May God take care of all the businesses and toils of my love for this day, may you bless him or her so that at the end of today, he or she will return all glory, honour and adoration to thee.

16.  Blessed be your name now and always God, may our souls forever do all that will be pleasing to you, hear us as we match into this new day, renew our strength we pray, from hour to hour, may you guide and protect us.

17.  O Lord our father, who live and reign eternally, may the unfolding light of this morning, unfold all our blessings, and may we not depart from hour presence, may nothing hinder us from receiving your abundant blessings today, in your mercy heal us, that we may experience a life full of joy and peace and we will reign with you eternally.

18.  Dear Lord, as you have been with us throughout the night to see this morning, calm our troubled hearts, may we not meet people who will give us pain, as we do all that we want to do today, may all our efforts today be fruitful, so that at the end of today we will offer thanksgiving to your holy name.

19.  Dear Lord, bless the love of my life, may he or she keep on enjoying good health and undescribable joy, and may nothing take away his or her joy, protect him or her and direct his or her step, and may he or she meet her destiny helper today.

Good morning prayer messages for him or her

20.  Dear Lord, as it pleases you for us to wake up this morning healthy and strong, may all glory and thanksgiving be unto your holy name, we are committing our parents, brothers and sisters, and all our relatives wherever they may be into your able hand, , that you come and take absolute control of them, guide them in all that they may do today, and protect them from the hands of the enemies, so that at the end of today, no harm or sickness shall befall any of them.

21.  As a new day sets in today, I am committing the love of my life into you able hand God, may he or she be guarded in the right steps, this new day shall mark the beginning of his or her abundant grace in his or her life.

22.  All the heaven and earth worship you because of your unfailing love and goodness, we bow and adore you because you are the king of kings, every one who puts your trust in thee, you have never disappointed, as we call upon you this morning, may you come to our aid, hear our voice O Lord, and answer our prayers.

23.  May all the blessings of this morning light, see you through as you walk today, may it direct you and lead you through the right paths.

24.  Dear Lord, see my love through in his or her career pursuit, may each morning unfolds your and be his or her guardian.

25. Good morning my love, go out today and conquer because all protocols have been broken for your sake and the Lord will see you through in whatever you do today.

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