Sweet good morning paragraphs for her

Use these sweet good morning paragraphs for her and cute good morning paragraphs for her to wake up to. Usher your wife or your girlfriend into a new day using these cute and lovely paragraphs. Let her know how important she is to you and also wish her well for the new day.

Make each morning look more special than the previous ones for the one you love. Form it as a habit to do it everyday as this will bring the both of you closer to each other. You can surprise her with these morning text messages through phone calls, SMS messages or you can even say it to her face to face.

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Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs For Her

Sweet good morning paragraphs for her

1. My love, how was your night? May God's name be praised for keeping you safe and sound while you slept throughout the night, I really missed you and I can't wait to behold your beautiful face and sweet smile again this morning.

2.  Just as the sun will radiate from above this morning, so shall my love for you continue to radiate, be ready  and prepared for my love, for I will never stop loving you.

3.  As the daylight fills the sky, may all your dreams and heart desires come to fulfillment. In all you do know that there is a heart who truly loves you. Good morning to you my love.

4.  I have always wished to wake up in your arms. In you I see a brighter future for both of us, don't worry very soon, our dreams will come to actualization.

5.  Just as pure as the morning rays are, so shall your thought be and whatever that you are to do today shall be hassle free, you will continue to soar higher, and a fulfilled day you shall have.

6.  My love, as you wake up this morning, I thank God that your soul was not dimmed by the dark shades of the night and you woke up in a glowing  spirit, positivity is what I wish for you in all your paths today.

Sweet good morning paragraphs for her

7.  I really missed your company, as I lay down to sleep, I prayed that the day should come quick, because I was missing someone who is so dear to me, someone who puts me in the right track, someone whom I will love to spend the rest of my life with. Good morning to you my love.

8.  My Queen, in my dreams today, I asked you to make a wish and you told me that you wish that our love will continue to stay forever, and that I should never leave you, then I smiled at you and asked you; Can I leave the bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh? Good morning my love.

9.  Missing you for a second seems to me like I have missed you for ages. You entered my life and completed my joy, all I hope and wish for every passing day is to always be with you my love.

10.  You are a star, as you match majestically to a new day, you will continue to shine as bright as the morning star, and you will have a shining and perfect day.

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Cute Good Morning Paragraphs For Her to Wake up to

Sweet good morning paragraphs for her

11.  All your duties for today you shall fulfill peacefully, all the glooms on your way have been removed, nothing shall cut short your joy for this day.  Good morning my Angel.

12.  Just like you gloriously woke up from sleep, so shall you successfully complete all your activities today, so that by the end of today, you shall return with praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

14.  My Queen, how was your night? I hope you slept well, your King really missed you. I was sleepless all through the night thinking about you and the wonderful moments we shared together. I'm on my way coming to see you because I greatly missed you.

15.  Oh, what an angel God sent from heaven above to my world, I know you slept like a baby last night, because a special person like you deserves a peaceful sleep. Have a wonderful day ahead.

16.  Arise and shine because all protocols have been broken for your sake today, you are a conqueror and you will emerge victorious as you partake in any of your activity today. Enjoy your day, the love of my life.

Sweet good morning paragraphs for her

17.  Do you know the word that seems so difficult for me to tell you? It is goodnight. And you may ask why; I feel like staying with you and never have you out of my sight all day long. I'm happy it's a new day, and also a great opportunity for us to continue being in the company of each other. Good morning my love.

18.  If love can be measured, then no instrument can be able to measure the level of love that I have for you. I keep on thinking about you every moment of my life. I count myself lucky and blessed for having such a wonderful person like you I my life, as you wake up today, know that there is a heart specially made and designed for you, who can't wait to have you permanently in his life and stop missing you.

19.  Just open your door, I'm standing in front of it right now with a bunch of flowers and another thing which I will not tell you until you come out, the bunch of flowers means that our love will never fade but continue to glow, and the other thing means that our love will be till eternity. Good morning my love.

20. Of all the faces that I have seen, there is a face that I always like to see in the morning before going for my activities, it is no else face but your sweet face, it always gives me peace of mind and happiness. I can't wait to see that face today.

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