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The skin on the face is more fragile and thinner than the skin in the other parts of the body. But it is a pity that most people does not handle this part of the body they way it should. Great care must be taken when washing the face in order to avoid creating permanent damage to the skin of the face. At times we spend huge sum of money in facial treatments when we are actually the cause of our damaged or broken skin. If you know how to wash your face, then you will save yourself the stress and the cost.

Here are top common face washing mistakes that people do

1. Using sponge or applying much pressure when washing the face

The skin in the face is brittle, therefore you need to handle gently. When you use sponge or apply much pressure, it can cause redness, irritation, dryness. All these conditions are not favourable for you to achieve a glowing and shining skin, therefore you need to clean your face with a light stroke using your finger in a circular motion.

2. The wrong choice of a Cleanser

You see someone making use of a particular cleanser, and it looks good on the person, without caring to know more, you rush for that cleanser. Know very well that the cleanser may not be the right one for, you need to consider your skin type before you make choice of the right cleanser for you, know whether you have an oily or dry skin, cleanser can be gel-like or foamy, your skin type will then determine the type you will use.


3. Making use of hot water

You think this will get rid of all the dirt's on your face. Oh, no you are wrong. Hot water can change the color of your face and also eliminate the natural oil that should have remained after washing your face, make use of lukewarm water to achieve a better result.

4. Over exfoliating

Yes, we do this to remove dead cells from our face. But do you know that too much of it can leave your face dehydrated and make it prone to cracking and irritation? Know how to space and schedule your dehydration routine.

5. Using a dirty face cloth or towel to clean your face

The skin on the face is very sensitive and delicate, therefore you should avoid this mistake while cleaning your face. Take good care of your face cloth or towel, always keep it dry and avoid keeping it in a damp environment. Wet towels or clothes promotes the fast multiplication and colonization of harmful bacteria which maybe very dangerous to your face by causing some skin diseases like eczema,pimples etc. Also make sure you change your face towel frequently.

Using neat towel to clean face

6. Washing your face with a dirty hand

Know very well that you can also transfer harmful bacteria to your face or your efforts towards getting a clean face can be thwarted if you use a dirty hand to wash your face. Before you start washing your face, make sure that you hands are clean.

Washing hand before cleaning face

7. Not removing your make up before washing your face

I know you will assume that the essence of washing your face is to remove your makeup, this will not be well achieved if you are wearing a sticky or oily make up. Before you wash your face when you are wearing makeup, make use of a makeup remover, or better still you can use almond or coconut oil to first remove your makeup,massage the oil into your skin and allow it to settle in the pores for few minutes, then you can use your face towel and clean your face, before washing your face.

7. Not moisturizing

After washing your face, you need to apply the right moisturizer to avoid hydration and also to make your face radiate and glow. Before you start making use of any moisturizer, check the contents, apply gently and see how it reacts with your skin.


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