Homemade tomatoes paste without salt or preservative
Tomato is an edible fruit. Tomato can also be called a vegetable because it is eaten and prepared like a vegetable.

We make use of Tomato in most our cooking and foods like;
Cooking of stew, making of salad, etc.

Tomato as a vegetable and fruit has a lot of health benefits. It contains Vitamins k and C, Potassium, and other important nutrients. One of its striking content is an antioxidant known as lycopene which is beneficial in the treatment of cancer and other health related diseases.

Why do we make Tomato paste?

Though Tomatoes can be sliced and used like other vegetables, sometimes depending on its usage, we may like it to be in "paste" form, to achieve this, we need to grind the Tomatoes.

It does not end there, to save ourselves the stress of going to buy already prepared tomatoes, we can prepare the tomatoes by ourselves at home, and store them anyhow we like, either with or without salt and preservatives.

How to make tomato paste and Store it without salt or preservatives

Before I begin the main process, bear in mind that when you go to purchase the tomatoes, you will see them in different sizes, colours and texture.

But for the purpose of making tomato paste, I will advise you go for the fresh, well ripe and strong ones so that your tomato paste will last and have a nice taste when you preserve it.

Fresh tomatoes to be used for homemade tomatoes paste

Things Required

  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Fresh pepper
  • Onions
  • Bottles
  • Blender


1. After washing your tomatoes, pepper and Onions, Blend the tomatoes together with Onions and pepper.

2. Boil the paste, and continue boiling until it becomes very thick.

Grinded tomatoes paste

3. Note that before making use of the bottles, you need to sterilize it, and you may ask, What is sterilization? This is the process of removing any form of harmful microbial life from the bottles. To achieve this, this is what you need to do;
  • Pour boiled hot water into the bottles, remove the lids and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Boil the lids for about 10-15 minutes.
4. Pour your tomatoes into the sterilized bottles and cover lightly.

5. Put a pot on fire and place a piece of cloth at the base of the pot, pour a little water that will be enough to lift the piece of cloth.

6. Arrange your bottles with the paste inside the pot.

7. Cover and allow it to boil for 20 minutes.

8. Remove them one after the other and close tightly.

Bottled homemade tomatoes paste

9. Turn the bottles upside down and blanket to cover them in a cool dry place.

10. Leave for 2 days so that it can cool completely

11. Put it in your shelf. This paste can last for two years still maintaining its color and taste.

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