All of us crave to have a healthy skin. Some of us have it, while others are striving to get it. No matter your skin colour, you can still nourish and make it glow. Let me share some amazing tips to an ever glowing skin.

Your diet: Many of us are not aware that what we eat reflects on our skin. In order to have a nourished skin, always eat food that contains enough Vitamins, C, D,E,K. Take enough fruits and vegetables.  Drink enough water as this helps in removing dead cells and also keeping it hydrated thereby preventing premature aging of the skin.


Choose the right cream: Check whether the cream you are using is compatible with your skin. If you are dark, look for a good cream that are meant for dark people, if you are light complexioned equally do the same. Some of us have oily skin, while others have dry skin. For instance, if you have oily skin, go for a dry that will help to control the oil.

Always check the constituents of your cream and identify if there is any ingredient that you are allergic to. In this case discontinue immediately if you notice any reaction.

Bleaching creams: Actually bleaching can change your colour, but can cause breakages and make your skin look malnourished. There are good creams out there that can nourish your skin without bleaching it. Bleaching removes the melanin pigment of the skin thereby  making it more fragile and prone to skin infections and diseases.

Exfoliate your skin: Everyday our skin shades some dead cells, so these dead cells can be removed by the process known as exfoliation. This makes our skin appear more smoother.  This should be done gently and not roughly to avoid wounding the skin. There are good exfoliating creams in shops but you can also make use of home made products like raw honey. Exfoliation should not be done on a regular basis.

Make sure you always wash your face to remove make up before going to bed as this will allow air to enter inside your pores, blocked pores appears bigger.

 Have Enough sleep: Regeneration of cells takes place mainly during sleeping or resting, so after a hectic day, have enough rest and sleep.

Be mindful of your environment: Our environment affects our skin, avoid exposure to excessive sunlight and always cover the sensitive parts of your skin.

If you are experiencing severe cream reactions or skin diseases, consult a dermatologist: Your efforts towards getting a nourished skin can get thwarted by reactions or diseases. Don't wait for it to get too severe before consulting a dermatologist for the right medication.

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