Short Sunday morning prayer

Use these short Sunday morning prayer to commit your Sunday into the hands of God. Sunday is a day of rest and worship also known as Sabbath day, you need to ask God to come and take charge of whatever you are going to do, if you are going to Church, you can pray in that Sunday morning for God to make you not only to hear his word, but also be able to practice what you have heard. God is a mercy father who is always ready to hear and grant us our requests, ask him to protect, guide, bless and also give you the strength to face whatever that is ahead of you.

  Short Sunday Morning Prayer

 1. Almighty God, you are worthy to be praised and glorified, imbibe in my heart I ask thee, your redeeming and spirit of sanctification, cleanse me from sins and iniquities and give me an everlasting joy and happiness, may all my praise and thanksgiving be to the glorious of your name.

2. Father Lord, grant me the spirit that we make me to believe wholly in your words, may what I sing with my lips be what I will believe with my hearts, make me not only a hearer of the word but also a doer of the word so that I may obtain an everlasting life through your son Jesus Christ.

3. My God, I have erred and transgressed from your ways, I have left what is expected of  me and be doing what is not expected of me, have mercy upon me and spare me. Grant me my heart desires and do not judge me based on my iniquities.

4. Dear Lord, show your mercy upon me as I battle through the challenges and trials of life. Heal, protect and strenghten me according to my needs. Surround me with your peace, love and everlasting joy now and always.

5. O Lord, direct me in all that I do, with your gracious favour, may I be a partaker of your continual help, may I not labour in vain, make all my efforts to be fruitful so that at the end, all praise and adoration will be ascribed unto your holy name.

6. My Lord, in my daily course, be with me, with your great love, replenish me, hear my cry O Lord and give me a perfect Sunday, free from pains and sorrows and anything that will come to act contrary to my joy and happiness today, help me now and forever.

7. May the cheering of the light of this morning, direct and keep me, may I be blessed in all that I do and wherever I may be, enrich in my heart the fire of thy love and teach me how to sing and praise your holy name always.

8. Father Lord, prosper all my endeavours that is good and true, thwart all the efforts of the wicked to inflict agony and sorrow into my life. May your unending blessings unfolds in my life so that I will always rise in gladness to sing praises unto your holy name.

9. Heavenly Father, make me to live according to your will this day, make my spirit good and sound , give me my daily bread and keep my heart always alive till the night comes. Forgive me all the ills that I have done, teach me to live and obey your laws and commandments.

10. Almighty God, I thank you so much for keeping me safe and sound while I slept last night, you refreshed me and saved my soul from terrors of the night, come and be my guide and my guardian in all that I will do today, guard my thoughts and my will and fill me with your spirit.

11. O Lord my God, with your sanctifying spirit, banish sin from my life, be my ultimate guide in all that I will do, may your love never depart from me. May today be a day of rejoicing and remove any gloom that may come across my way.

12. My Lord, may what you hold in store for me today be bountiful, do not turn away from me when I call on you, show me your compassion in my time of need and may you always be close to me in all my days.

13. My God, with you by my side, no evil shall molest me, be my guide O King of Kings, may I find rest under the shadow of your wings, may you be in my present in all that I do so that I will always do that which will be pleasing to you.

14. Almighty God, I come unto you to seek new strength so that I will be able to carry out my activities today, give me a new power of life and your grace which is unending because it will lead me all through my days,be with me so that all my tasks will be easy today so that all honour and glory will be unto your holy name.

15. May your love feed me through this Sunday, may your care never depart from me. Save my soul from evil thoughts, envy, pride, and all ill-mannered behaviour. Save my soul from the enticement of the devil and mights of the evil ones, may your power always defend me and be my shield and armour.

16. May your heavenly peace always locate, guide my soul from all forms of troubles and calamities, may every plan to thwart my joy and happiness disperse like morning dew, put in my mouth your everlasting song of praise and thanksgiving.

17. O God, don't leave me at the begining of this day, may your presence be with me throughout today, may your voice of love and power always speak life to my soul. May I end today in a joyous and with a happy ending.

18. Lord God, you have been with me amidst all situation, continue to stay with me O Lord, lead me to your peace, to rest, to light, dispel all evil that may want to harm me today and may I always shine in your radiant grace.

19. My Lord, uplift my heart to your realms on high, and may I look up to that bright place beyond the sky where light, life and joy is the order of the day, where your Angels live and reigns.

20. Alimighty God, abide with me because without you, I can do nothing, watch over me, enrich my heart and fill me with your ocean of great love. Come near and shower me with your blesings in all that I do today.

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