Happy Weekend Prayer Messages and Wishes

Happy Weekend Prayer Messages and Wishes is specially written for you to use and remind that special person in your life that you still think about him or her, use it to commit that person into the hands of Almighty God asking God to bless, guide and protect that person. It could be your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, teacher or any other person. Weekends are meant to be fun and enjoyable that is why you need to always ask God to see your loved ones through during their activities during the weekends. It is written in such a way that you can communicate it to that person as a text message, through phone calls or even say it to him or her face to face.

Here are  Happy Weekend Prayer Messages and Wishes that you can send across to him or her;

1. Happy weekend, may God drive away every source of harm and danger and fill your heart with love, supply you with all your needs, direct your footsteps so that you shall only trade on the paths of success. All that you lay your hands on in this weekend shall be prosperous.

2. Your heart shall swell with joy and gladness, God will be by your side in the begining, middle and till the end, He will upwardly hold you. He will fill you with his bounteous grace and you will run all your course this week with great joy and remain forever blessed.

3. God will send his Angels to guide you, all your dealings he will see you through and safely will he keep you. All your days he will surely refresh you and he will always shield you with his mighty armour. Have a splendid weekend.

4. God will direct, control and suggest your day, you will partake in his endless light, he will guide your thought and will fill you with his holy spirit so that you will triumph in all that you do. Happy weekend to you.

5. May God barnish every evil plan to cause you pain and sorrow, through his precious blood, you will experience the glow of a perfect day that will lead you through this weekend and all your days. Have a wonderful weekend.

6. May God bless you from his boundless store, you will swim in the ocean of his love and nothing can hurt you. This weekend shall be the happiest of all the weekends that you have ever seen.

7. In this weekend, God will direct you, feed you, forgive you and free you from all evil, He will save and redeem you. All your efforts this weekend shall be fruitful and by his mercy, he will lead you. Have a happy weekend.

Happy Weekend Prayer Messages and Wishes

8. The Angels of the Lord will spread their whole white wings around you, they will watch over your going out and coming in so that no evil will befall you. Enjoy your weekend.

9. You will always sing the Psalm of praise to the Lord for all the good things that he will make to manifest in your life this weekend. It shall live permanently with you and no one can ever take it away from you. Happy weekend.

10. May God in his power and love, lead you through all your paths that you shall go and conquer in all your dealings this weekend and a resting place you shall always find. 

11. The abundant grace of God will always remain with you, He will refine your flesh and blood and cast away every form of sicknesses and illnesses from you. In good health you shall spend the rest of the days of this week and good health shall never depart from you. Happy weekend to you.

12. Happy weekend, May the Lord be beside you, he will transport you to his delight  love, his rod and his staff shall be your comfort, his cross will go before you and guide you. His goodness will never fail in your life and you shall forever sing a song of praise and thanksgiving to him.

13. Throughout the length of the days of this weekend, the good shepherd will always guide, protect you. He will not allow any wolf to come near you, your weekend shall be peaceful and joy-filled.

14. The Lord will bestow you with his grace, the God of wonders will suprise you this weekend with his miracles, you will be filled with his goodness till your heart overflows, he will multiply all your graces and grant you his love and fear. Happy weekend to you.

15. God's everlasting love will always be with you, your days shall be filled with joy, you will soar high above with an eagles's wind because all the gloom on your way have been removed. Happy weekend to you.

16. The Lord will increase your wisdom, counsel, knowledge and might, and grant you that light that will gleam beyond your dreams , he will surely rekindle the light that will lead you throughout this weekend. Have a blessed weekend.

Happy Weekend Prayer Messages and Wishes

17. Weekends are for relaxation, my prayer for you this weekend is that God will remove anything that will come to act contrary to your being happy this weekend, you shall know no sorrow but happiness and joy.

18. The heaven is open for your sake to shower you with bountiful blessings, your weekend days are already blessed just as you are blessed.

19. All your secret prayers, God will surely answer as you step in to this weekend. You shall lack nothing because God will bless and supply you all your needs according to his riches. Happy weekend to you.

20. You are destined to be great, all I ask from God on your behalf is for him to manifest his goodness upon your life so that you will receive your greatness. Have a joyous weekend.

21. No power shall cut you away from your destiny helpers this weekend, you will meet those that will help you locate what you are looking for. You are already blessed this week.

22. Go ahead and not only conquer but dominate all that you desire to dominate this weekend. All the glooms on your way have been removed and smoothly shall you ride on your paths.

23. For being a kind and generous person, the Almighty God will never abandon you in your time of want, he will stretch forth his hands and help you. Have a splendid weekend.

24. It is your time to shine, it is your turn to win, you are going to be celebrated this weekend because you will emerge victorious in all that you do this weekend. Happy weekend.

25. The love that you have constantly shown to others shall be greatly rewarded by God this weekend. God will always release his wind of glory in your life this weekend.

26. Every evil arrow pointed towards you will not get to you this weekend because God will give you a life jacket that will make you withstand every evil plotted against you.

27. You will get more than you ask for, you will get more than you hope for, all that have been bothering you God will grant it this weekend.

28. Your name is already written in those that will be elevated this weekend and the good thing about it is that as you rise, no power can pull you down. Happy weekend to you.

29. Be rest assured that you have been labelled untouchable this weekend. My prayer for you is that God will be your ultimate guide and director. Have a fun-filled weekend.

30. Smile and laugh because it shall be well with you in all that you do henceforth. Success is already written in all that you do this weekend. Happy weekend to you. 

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