Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

Make sure you begin your Sunday with inspirational and motivational blessed Sunday morning quotes. You can send it as SMS messages to your loved ones to show them that you care, to make them get ready for the new week, and also to draw them closer to God.

Sunday is a special day ordained by God and it worth celebrating in a special way.

Sunday quotes and new week quotes makes you stay at alert, forget your troubles and sorrows and brace up for the tasks ahead.

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  • Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes With Images
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Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes

"As you wake up this morning, you have been declared danger free, as God have taken charge of all that concerns you, greater height you shall attain.

" Let go of all the stress of last week, and enjoy this new day."

"Praise the Lord for keeping you safe while you slept last night, he will direct, and control this day for you."

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"Where there is no sunshine, be your own sunshine today".

"Count yourself lucky to be among the people who were able to sleep last night and witness this  morning, therefore rejoice and give praises to God."

"Sunday is for relaxation, relax very well to get fit for the new week."

"As you wake up today, may this Sunday bring to you a relaxed mind, actualization of all your dreams, and may God take away everything that will cause you discomfort this week and make all your ways to be smooth so that you will not encounter any hindrance in whatever you are going to do today and throughout this new week."

"Today God is going to shift things around for us and let things work in our favour." Have a blessed Sunday morning."

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

" Good morning to you, As you match into this Sunday, know that today is a special day that the Lord has Made, and therefore worry less because all lines will fall for you in pleasant places."

" Smile more, laugh out loud and enjoy today."

" As today is a day of rest and gladness, a day of joy, you shall emerge victorious and experience new graces in all you will do, have a blessed day. "

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"May God listen to all your humble cry, may he calm your troubled breast and give you a new breath of love."

"You have the licence to relax and do all that pleases you today."

"You will receive double portions of blessings in the quickest time today."

"Happy Sunday to you, you shall experience unspeakable joy and peace, and God will chase away every gloom away from you, all obstacles have been removed from your way, you are going to be a conqueror in all your endeavors, and the angels will continue to take care of."

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"Have a fun filled Sunday."

"Good morning, just like everyday starts a new story, may today bring the best story that you have ever wished to hear, may it be a day that you will always like to remember, a day that will bring everlasting joy and happiness to you."

"My prayer for you today is that you will be able to maximize the great potentials that will be coming to your way today. Have a blessed Sunday morning."

"In all you do, God will touch all areas of your life and you shall experience unspeakable happiness. Have a Blessed Sunday Morning.

"Forget about all that you have passed through and enjoy this new day, new morning. Spend it with positivity and you will achieve all that you have hoped for, as you match into another week. Good morning to you."

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Happy blessed Sunday Quotes

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"Another Sunday, another reason to be happy and grateful to God for his wonderful protection throughout last week. Therefore spend it a joyous way, because it is not easy to sleep and wake up healthy and hearty.

"On this Sunday, the Lord will keep you away from all evil, he will guide your going out and coming in, and no harm shall befall you."

"May the joy of the morning light which you have experienced today, lead you throughout the remaining days."

"As you step into a new day, God will renew all the strength which you have lost in the past week."

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"As you step into a new week, the Lord will lead you in all your paths, and his grace, you shall walk in his paths of righteousness."

"May you be filled with the holy spirit of God, may he guard your thought and will, and may you be a partaker of his endless grace."

"As you enter into this new week, God will disperse all your sins as morning dew, and will fill you with his Holy spirit."

"May God Keep you in his sight, and guard you throughout this coming week."

"May the Angels of the Lord guide you, may the wake your heart up when it wants to slumber, and may he send his sweet mercy and hope to attend to you."

"Happy Sunday, the sweet saviour will bless you everywhere you go, and make all your ways to glow, the good Lord will be your light." 

 Happy Sunday and New week Quotes for Friends

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"Count yourself lucky for witnessing another today because not everyone that you started last week with were able to see this Sunday, it is a privilege from God, therefore let go of the worries of the past week and a joy a brand new day that he has made and blessed for you.

"My prayer for you is this; As you enter into a new week, the Lord will be your rock and salvation , because his steadfastness never fail, work in his ways, goodness and mercies shall never depart from you." Have a wonderful Sunday."

"As you enter into this week, may the Lord of hosts be with you, may he take charge of everything concerning you, may he crown all your efforts with huge success, you will have great testimonies of God's goodness in your life before this week runs out."

Blessed Sunday Morning Quotes with images

"Happy blessed Sunday to you, in this  week, God will not forsake you, he will offer you a helping hand, and hear all your prayers, when you call, he will answer you."

"Go into this new week and conquer, he has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies, and his goodness and mercies shall always follow you."

"Good morning and happy blessed Sunday to you, ride into this week joyously, posses all your possessions because it is going to be a week of great harvest for you."

"All I wish for you today and this new week is good health, peace and prosperity. Good morning and have a blessed day".

"As you step into this new week, the Lord will guard your lips from sin, and he will shield your heart from shame."

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