Romantic Poems for Her to Make Her Cry

 Romantic Poems for her to make her cry is written for you to use and express your feelings of love to your girlfriend or wife. When she has offered you her whole heart and unreserved love, there is also a great need for you to reciprocate. Don't let her to have the feeling that she is busy loving someone who does not love her. There are many sweet love words which you can use to communicate your feelings to her. 

Make use of these romantic love poems for her to still remind her that your heart is where she is. Don't just do it once, but do it as often as you can, this will act as a great bond between the both of you. You can send it across to her as a text message or card message. Communicate it to her in an emotional and heart touching way.

Here they are;

1. I'm crazily in love with you

Your love swept me off my sweet
It gives me strength when I want to fall
I have turned to a lover boy because of you
I am not going anywhere because I have given you my heart.

You are an indispensable part of me
I feel and see you in everything I do
You filled my world with so much love that I can't imagine
I'm crazily in love with you and I'm proud of it.

2. I was born to love you

You are not just my lover but my destined lover
You were created for me why I was created for you
I am so happy that we found and accepted each other
I love you with my whole heart.

We perfectly fitted into each other's life
You know what I am feeling while I know what you are feeling
You cares for my feelings while I also cares for your feelings
It is of no doubt that we are the best for each other.

Our love may have a begining but will have no ending
We are going to be the best lovers of our time
Nothing can ever seperate nor tear us apart
My heart belongs to you because I was born to love you.

3. Don't ever take your heart away from me

Do you want to see the end of me?
Then, tell me that you are going out of my life
I have given you my heart in full
What is left with me is your own heart
I will never get tired of having it
Taking it out me will leave me lifeless
It just fitted in perfectly in me
I want to have you in my life forever
Don't ever take your heart away from me.

4. You make me fall in love over and over again

I have always dreamt of having a soulmate who will complete my joy
Someone who will always be close to my heart forever
That loving person whom I will entrust my heart to without fear
A caring and compassionate woman whom I will always call mine
Who will not relent in giving me the true love that I desire
A charming woman who will always brighten my way.

I have gone to several places in search of true love
But it all ended with great dissapointments, tears, and regrets
This nearly made me believe that I am so unlucky in my love life
I have lived for several years trying to take my love life the way it is
With the belief that I might end up meeting another bundle of regrets
When I came in contact with you I then realized that my belief was totally wrong.

I will always remain greatful to the wind of love that blew you across my way
The first day that I set my eyes on your pretty and charming face
Without uttering a word to you I totally fall in love with you
My heart didn't waste time in telling me that you are truly the one
Who will enter my life and change my ugly past into an exciting one
Your response to me gave me the assurance that I am on the right track.

You entered my life and made me feel happy and hopeful again
You reinvigorated the light of love that has been initially quenched in me
You made me realize that you were uniquely and specially made for me
You took me the way that I am and loved me without limit
I now truly believe that a paradise filled with love truly exists
I am so proud to let you know that you make me fall in love over and over again.

Romantic Poems for Her to Make Her Cry

5. You are my rare gem

Your beauty shines as bright as the morning star
Your skin glows just like the stars in the sky
Your smile is the cutest that I have ever seen in my life
Your voice sounds like an Angelic voice.

You have a heart of gold
So kindhearted, caring and enduring
A true definition of beauty and brain
The smartest woman that I have ever came across in my life.

A priceless jewel you are
I can't tread my love for you with silver nor gold
You are indeed the best of your kind
You are my woman of substance and above all, my rare gem.

6. I'm in love

I'm in love with a fine girl
She wears my shoe while I wear hers
Yet, we are not of the same sex.
I have her blood flowing in my arteries and veins
But we are not conjoined twins.
My heart belongs to her while her heart belongs to me
Still, we don't take each other for granted.
I feel her pains, she feels mine too
Indeed, we highly love and care for each other.
She is my life and my forever love,
I want to spend the rest of my life with her because I'm in love with her.

7. You are the love that I see

What is the meaning of love without you?
For me, it is just a four  lettered word
The feelings would have been imaginary but not real
I now believe in love just because you are a part of my life
You took me to a great Paradise of love
You made me to swim in an ocean of love
The air that I breathe in around you is full of love
I can't get tired of taking the love that you made available for me
You made me to feel on top of the World with your love
Your love gave me an undescribable level of happiness
It is the secret source of my success and strength
I thank you for loving me the way that I am
I'm in love with you because you are the love that I see.


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