Birthday Poems for Best Friend that Make You Cry

Birthday poems for best friend that make you cry is specially written for you to use and appreciate that your friend who means a lot to you. Good friends are not easy to get, when you are lucky to find one, hold him or her tight and never let go. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend, never fail to remind him or her how special he or she is to you.

Birthday Poems for best friend still remains the most precious gift that you can offer to your friend on his day. You can print it on a card, send it as a message, or even use it to compose a special hymn for him or her.

Here they are;

1. You are a gift from above to me

When the world seems so vast,
When it seems that my heart is fainting,
All I could feel is emptiness everywhere, 
I look through my window to see the outside,
The breeze that I felt seems so hot.
I picked up my favourite novel to read,
I discorvered that I can't concentrate,
I then reached out to my phone and dialled your number.

When I heard your voice,
I felt a great sign of relief inside of me,
It seemed as if I was freed from a chain,
A heavy load was removed from my heart,
It all looked so magical,
Because it happened so quickly.
When I realized why I called you,
It looks as if it is no longer a problem to me,
I then realized that you are indeed a pain killer.

The words of advice that you always give me,
I can never trade with Silver nor Gold,
Your words of motivation and encouragement,
Is the best that I have ever heard.
You are so special and unique,
The only one that I will entrust my heart to.
I trust you and you will always have my trust,
I am lucky for the friend that I have found in you,
You are a gift from above to my world,
Happy Birthday My Best friend.

2. I celebrate you on this day

What a great oppourtunity to celebrate a wonderful friend,
Who means the world to me.
So kind to everyone that crosses his/her path.
With an ever smiling face and a generous heart,
The world truly deserves more of your kind.

Having you as a friend is the best thing that has happened to me,
Thanks for accepting me in your life.
You have never given me a reason to doubt our friendship,
You make me soar with an eagles wing.
You always boost my ego.

You are the best friend that I have ever had since my existence,
There is no doubt that you are rare to come by.
You have greatly impacted positively in me.
I don't know how to repay you for all that you have done for me,
I pray for a greater you and fullfillment of your heart desires.
Happy Birthday my Bestie.

3. My Best friend

I have a friend above all friends,
That's why I call him/her my best friend.
A friend in need and a friend indeed,
I can't forget my best friend.
The sacrifices you have made for me,
It's too numerous to mention.
As you celebrate your birthday today,
I wish you the best my best friend.
Birthday Poems for Best Friend that Make You Cry

4. What a friend

A friend like no other is plus one today,
It gladens my heart to celebrate you on this day,
I bless this day for bringing you forth,
You were specially made for me.
So loving, caring and always willing to forgive.
The earth is blessed to have you,
Everyone around you testifies of your goodness,
That's why I am happy to have you in my life.

If I am meant to write all I know about you,
The chapters of whom you are will be countless.
A generous heart and a peace maker,
You are so kind and compassionate,
To all and sundry that comes across your way.
Who will not like to have you as a friend?
You are good in all ramifications.
You have won a special place in my heart.
Happy Birthday my Good friend.

5. God bless my Best friend

As you celebrate your day today,
May heaven shower you with blessings,
The mighty arm of the most high,
Will always guide and protect you.
All your days on earth shall be greatly blessed,
And you shall know no sorrow.

A good person with a good heart you are,
God will never abandon you.
In time of your need or want,
God will always come to your aid.
No matter how heavy the wind blows,
It will never get near you.

All the paths you shall trade on henceforth,
Have been smoothened already by God.
You shall always fly with an eagles wing,
Higher and higher you shall continue to soar.
All your secret prayers he will answer,
You shall never lack anything.

Where others go and fail,
For you it shall be a success story.
Everything on earth can change,
But God's love for you will never change.
A friend like you is irreplaceable,
That's why I ask God to bless you.


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