How To Be Happy When Alone

Before you start reading this article,  I know you may have wondered if it is possible for you to be happy when alone. My reply to this your innermost question is "yes" because I have once been in your shoes. You don't always have to be with someone before you can be happy. Being lonely or staying alone should not stop you from being happy, when there is no one around you to make you happy, then create it yourself. 

Listen to my short story on how I was able to be happy despite being alone;

I am self employed and also lives alone. I work from the convenience of my house, the nature of my job does not give me enough time to interact with people. I spend most of my time alone. At times, i find myself deeply immersed in some crazy thoughts, I ask questions and also provided the answers myself. To sum it up, I live in a little world of my own. But what can I do; Quit my job so that I can have enough time to interact with people? Then, what will be my source of livelihood? It now became clear to me that I need to learn how to create happiness for myself. What did I do? I started searching here and there for tips and solutions.

Here are things that I did which helped me conquer this situation;

I jotted down all the things that makes me happy when I am with people

You cannot be happy alone without discovering what makes you happy when you are with people. I took my memory back to some special moments that I shared with friends and family members, I took note of all those things which made me happy that I can achieve alone, and started implementing these tips to myself. I may not write down some of what I discovered that made me happy here because what makes me happy may not be the same with what makes you happy.

I started thinking positively

Yes, actually a lot of things bothers me mostly when I am alone, so at times it leads me to being unhappy. I now promised myself that I will not let negative thinking to becloud my sense of thinking and reasoning, when such thoughts arises within me I try as much as possible to replace them with a positive one. Negative thoughts is one of the major source of unhappiness when you are alone, I will advice you to pay great attention to this point.

Self Love

I learnt to love myself more, to be frank with you, I appreciated everything about myself. Sometimes in the past, I do bother a lot about what people think about me, I bother so much about my physical appearance and all these things weighed me down. But today, I am a happy and different person because I now see myself as the best of my kind and I encourage you to do the same so that you can have the complete happiness that you desire.

I learnt to forgive easily

You may not believe this, but let me tell you, you cannot be happy alone when you harbour grudges and annoyance for anybody. When someone offends you at any point in time, try to resolve it and don't carry it over or keep it within you. Resolving such issues or conflicts will relieve your mind and also gives you peace of mind. I tried this and it worked perfectly well for me.

Mind the type of book you read, the type of music you listen to and the type of movies that you watch

As weird as this may sound, know it now that what you read, listen to or watch have a direct effect on your thinking and behavioural pattern. For instance, when you form the habit of watching movies full of horror, it will be impossible for you to focus your mind on those things that gives you joy, you will always have a flashback to what you have watched. Read motivational and inspirational books, this will go a long way in recreating your mind. Listen to music that awakens your soul and not those that makes it to slumber. I was a victim to some of those things before, but today, I can now be happy with or without someone after understanding these.

When necessary, talk to a trusted person

There are some people that will add more problems to the problems that you already have, therefore, I avoided such people. When I need someone to talk to, I look for a trusted person, someone who will understand the way I feel and why I am feeling that way. I can remember that I once spoke to a professional counselor who gave me some useful tips that helped me, once in a while, I will advice you to do the same.

Exercise and Eat Healthy foods

Exercise and good food will help you stay healthy. There are so many exercises done by one person that you can try, for me, I enjoy rope skipping a lot. Exercise recreates your mind and body and helps you keep fit, so always do it. Eat healthy foods and avoid excessive alcohol as this may lead you to depression.

Personally, these are what I did that made me to be happy when alone and I believe that they are worth trying because it won't cost you anything. But mind you "No man is an Island",  therefore, once in a while, associate with people in order to exchange pleasantries, opinions and ideas. Do it the right way and avoid too much argument. Always remember your goal and take your leave when necessary.



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