Sacrifices that parents make for us

The sacrifices of parents to us, their children cannot be overemphasized. Parents goes through a lot to ensure the well being of their children. They tread their comfort and happiness just to make sure that their kids are happy. Every parent whether the Mom or Dad strive to be the best for their kids. Knowing fully well that they way the raise them up will determine how useful they would be in future, they give them their best to make sure that they will be useful to them and the society at large in future. Aside from providing their basic needs, they also make sure that they create a conducive and healthy environment for them.

Sacrifices that Parents make for us

1. They spend most of their time giving us attention

Parents makes sure that they are always available for their children. They spends quality time with them, gives them a listening ear, share in their problems and profer solutions to them. Despite their tights schedules, parents make sure that they are reachable by their kids. They give their kids most of the time that they would have used for themselves. I can remember when I was a child, my parents when they attend meetings and other occasions and it happens that we are the only people at home, most times, they don't wait for the meetings or appointments to end before rushing back home. I can remember the day that I asked my Mum that "I thought you said the meeting will end by 3pm, while coming back now?" And her reply was "my kids matters to me more than any other thing, that's why I need to come back before time to continue taking care of them."

2. They inconvenience themselves just to make sure that we are comfortable

This is among the greatest things that our parents do for us. They tread their own comfort just to make sure that we are comfortable. You can quite agree with me that most times when you go to the streets out there, you will see some parents doing businesses and other transactions under harsh weather conditions just to make sure that they take proper care of their children. I can also remember how my Mum will wake up several times in the night just to check on us. She will go round all the rooms to ensure that we are sleeping comfortably. At times, I wonder how many hours of straight sleep that she enjoys in the night. They go where they are not supposed to go and be where they are not supposed to be just because of their children.

3. They spend a lot of their energy in taking care of us

Parents channel a lot of energy towards taking care of their children. They do a lot of tedious works for them. Just like the Mum who makes sure that their children appears neat, cleans the house, prepares good meals for them so that they will be sound and healthy. The Dad and the Mum works together towards ensuring that they create a conducive environment for their kids. I was watching a program one day were a Mum was asked what motivates her to keep on working hard and spending a lot of energy on her kids, she replied "when I look at them, I get inspired to do more, where the energy actually comes from, I don't know." I also believe that God really blessed our parents with an exceptional energy that helps them to keep pushing. Most people after getting married realizes that they can do more than they thought for their children.

4. They spend most of the money that they would have used for themselves on their children

Some parents works overtime, takes up additional jobs just to make sure that they raise enough money to take care of their children. Most times, they let go of their needs and focus more on the needs of their children. They put their children's need first in all that they do. Some parents after having children no longer renew their wardrobes as often as they have done in the days that they don't have children.

5. They sacrifices most of the things that makes them happy

Parents goes extra miles to take care of their kids by letting go of most of the things that makes them happy. During their youthful ages or when they have no kids, they participated in several hobbies which makes them happy, just because they don't want their kids to emulate those hobbies or it is depriving them of the quality time that they need to spend with their kids, they stop some of these activities or hobbies. I can remember when I want on an outing with one of my married friends, I knew his favourite hobby was watching dancers perform in various styles, but I realized that my friend was busy checking his times at almost every minute, I tried to inquire what was exactly the matter. He made me to understand that he don't want to spend so much time outside again because he will like to see his kids before they go to bed. There and then, it became clearer to me that parents let go of some of the things that makes them happy just because of their kids.

6. Parents emotions are filled with the things that concerns their children

The emotions of parents are most times being greatly affected because of their kids. Most parents falls into depression most especially when their kids are not okay. Also, the behaviour of the kids most especially when it is negative also gives parents sleepless nights. They tend to worry a lot and also think a lot about it. Even when their children are not feeling well, parents continues to be unhappy and restless until that child recovers. Thus, the emotional health of most parents are greatly influenced by their kids.

7. They reduce the level of their privacy just to accommodate their kids

When they kids have not been born, Dads and Moms spend quality times with each other. They enjoy their spaces and play around the house anyhow they want. With the presence of the kids, most of these activities and privacy are greatly affected. They now share most of these quality times and privacy with their kids. Most times, some parents even sleep with their little ones on the same bed.

8. They give up on some jobs or careers

Parent's jobs and careers are affected as they tends to choose those that will give them enough time to take care of their kids. Most of them who are engaged in one form of livelihood or the other do have divided attention. Most parents give up on their career dreams just because of their children and most times when funding is involved, it is now being diverted towards taking care of their kids.

9. They share their food portion with us

Some parents who eats heavily when they do not have kids reduce their level of food consumption after having kids just to make sure that their kids eats enough. In most cases, when there is no sufficient food in the house, some parents may not be able to eat well but instead make sure that their kids eats the available foods. Some foods that they enjoy alone are now being shared between them and their kids.

10. Relationship with people becomes limited

Parents who keeps a lot of friends before having kids may not be able to meet up in maintaining the relationship with those friends. Their circle of friends reduces gradually and most times becomes limited to a few friends and family members.

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