What it means to lose yourself and how to overcome it

Losing yourself means when you find yourself in a state that you cannot comprehend or control what is happening to you. You have crossed the stage where you can be able to stop thinking or control what you are feeling about or your reaction to your situation. At times, you may not realize what you are doing, but deep inside you, you may know that all is not well with you.

What can make you to lose yourself?

A lot of things can make you to lose yourself, these include; failure to achieve your aims and targets, when you are experiencing a heart break either from your relationship or other areas and when you are robbed off of something that you value or cherish. Depending on what happened to you, a lot of people may be in a state of loss for days, weeks or even months. 

Read my own story on when I faced this situation

I remembered when I once wrote an exam that took me two years to prepare for. After writing this exam, I was waiting for the result to come out, only to be told that my script was nowhere to be found and therefore, there was no result for me. I was shattered, confused and I found myself in a total state of loss. The more I imagined what I went through in preparing for this exam, the more empty and lost I felt. I thought about the sleepless nights, how my peers will be going over to the next level while I will be left behind repeating this course, it was indeed unbearable for me. No amount of words of consolation was able to calm me down, I prefer to be indoors, I find it difficult to laugh and smile and all I see is myself alone in a world so vast.  I became a walking shadow of myself. This experience tortured me both physically and emotionally, it took me months to get out of this situation.

What are the signs that you are losing yourself?

For some, the experience can be different, but there is a general characteristics that many people experience. Some of these characteristics are listed below;

1. You may find it difficult to concentrate on what you are doing.

2. The things that interests you before, may not interest you anymore.

3. You may feel super energetic and fearless

4. In the case of a relationship, you may feel unhappy, confused and lose the sense of self.

5. You may be feeling absent minded.

6. You will prefer to stay alone to cry and think.

7. You may decide to be partying or clubbing all day.

8. You will be asking yourself a lot of unanswered questions.

9. The world will look so vast and wide to you.

10. The words of consolation that you hear may seem to be a form of disturbance to you.

What do you do when you are losing yourself?

If you find yourself in such a situation, there are steps that you need to take to arrest or overcome this situation so that you will not harm yourself;

1. Stop thinking too much and move ahead

Know that thinking too much will not solve your problem but rather will harm you, instead of thinking about what has happened to you, think about how to overcome it and use it as a ladder towards attaining a greater height. Don't think too much about the problem, rather focus on overcoming the problem.

2. Know that some have faced similar challenges and came out strong

You need to realize that you are not the first person that has been in such situation, search and learn from such people, promise yourself that if they were able to come out from such situation successfully, that you too will come out stronger.

3. Let go and let God

There are some situations that  may be beyond your control, no matter how hard that you try to overcome this situation, they may still persist. What do you do in such a situation? Surrender all to God and leave it for him, when you surrender all to him believe that he has taken charge, you will have a great peace of mind.

4. Talk to people

In such a situation, there are some people that their words of advice and encouragement will help you restore your hope and be yourself again, look for such people and share your feelings and concerns with them.

5. Don't stay alone, mix with people

When you stay alone, there are high chances that you will still be deeply immersed with such thought. Therefore, the best thing for you is to move out and interact with people.

6. Do those things that you love to do

You may have lost interest in so many activities that you like, start doing those things again to regain yourself.

7. Forgive yourself

This is necessary most especially when the reason for what you are passing through is as a result of a mistake that is from you, take it easy on yourself, forgive yourself and believe that you can do better.

8. Forgive those that may be the cause of what you are passing through

When you hold grudges on those that may be the cause of what you are passing through, you will still experience a heavy heart which may make you to remain in the state of loosing yourself for so long, forgive those people and take precaution on your next dealing with them or other people.

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