Positive thinking

"Human" being unique has a stricken distinguishing feature from other creature's,which is the way we think. The way we think has a lot to do with us. Our way of thinking reflects in our daily lives and activities. Thus, there are numerous reasons why we should think positively, which are discussed below;

IT DIFFERENTIATES US FROM LOWER ANIMALS:Human beings are known as higher animals, this is because they have evolved greatly than other animals. This can be seen in their way of doing things which is generally as as result of their higher thinking ability. Once any normal human being starts behaving abnormally, we say that the person possesses an "animalistic behaviour" which is a deviation from the normal being and this is a product of the way the person thinks.

POSITIVE THINKING DRAWS US CLOSER TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE: "Like attracts like". When you think positively, you will attract the right people. Nobody will like to mingle with someone who is filled with negative thoughts and ideas. It chases the right people away from you.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK: Your mode of thinking reflects in your entire self. It either builds or destroys you.

THINKING POSITIVELY MAKES YOU TO BE HEALTHY: If you always think positively, it will distance you from a lot of illnesses and conditions. Depression and suicide which are the most prevalent conditions in our society are all a product of negative thinking. High blood pressure and other psychological illnesses are sometimes as a result of negative thinking.

IT MAKES YOU HAPPY:People that thinks positively appears to be happier than people that thinks negatively. Negative thinking makes one appear moody.

IT MAKES ONE CRIME FREE:Most crimes committed in our society today are generated from negative thinking. When someone starts thinking negatively, he will start behaving in an animalistic manner which I mentioned earlier. This has led so many people into committing crimes such as murder,rape and armed robbery, and if you can observe a lot of incest and taboo is happening in our society today. These are as a result of negative thinking, if you think positively, your mind will be far from some of these crimes.

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