Low self-esteem is a major problem that many people are facing today. What does low self-esteem means? This is when you look down on yourself, underrate yourself and also have a negative feeling about yourself. People who have low self-esteem often doubt their capabilities towards achieving various tasks.

People with low self-esteem are often unsure about themselves. They always considers themselves as being unfit for various positions. They often see themselves as failures and also as people who does not have much to offer.

What are the effects of low self-esteem?

It kills dreams and ambitions

You may have a great ambitions and dreams, but the moment you start seeing yourself as someone who cannot achieve those dreams and ambitions, that is the moment failure sets in. This is a characteristic of someone with low self-esteem. When you see yourself as a loser, it is obvious that you are going to lose. Your dreams, ambitions and plans can just vanish in thin air the moment you start having a low self-esteem.

It detects the extent which you can go in whatever you are doing

Instead of taking a bold step on your business, academics, your mind tells you that you are not going to make it if you go further, rather you should keep managing where you are, this is the effect of low self-esteem, this can hinder you from progressing because you have chosen to remain where you are due to the negative perception you have about yourself.

It can make you to live a solitary life

Low self-esteem can make you to be anti - social. People with low self-esteem feels that others are better than them, and at such, they shouldn't go near them. They always stay alone to avoid people looking down on them when they are actually the one underrating themselves.

It can lead to suicidal thought

As a result of their solitary life, they may feel that they have been rejected by the society, staying alone and not mixing up with people can trigger suicidal thoughts if caution is not applied.

How do you conquer low self-esteem?

See yourself as the best of your kind: Don't underrate yourself. Don't let anyone make you to feel less important. Tell yourself that you are special, you deserve the best and you believe you can make it.

Let go of the past: Have you been rejected before? Have you failed before? Know that you shouldn't live on such past, rather, make it a stepping stone towards becoming a better person.

Mix up with people: Don't live a solitary life. Mix up with people even those you think are greater than you, you may be surprise to know that they also think that you are greater than them, so don't just conclude.

Be conscious of the type of people you associate with: Move with those who see greatness in you, even if they don't see greatness in you, will encourage you to be great. Stop associating with people who underrates and discourages you, as this will promote the low self-esteem in you.

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