No response is a response and it's a powerful one

In this life and ages, situations faced by different categories of people have given rise to the way the view the notion "no response is a response". At times, one will be faced with a situation which entails that he/she should choose from either the two sides of the coin which may give rise to a positive or negative response depending on the perspective that the person is viewing the scenario from. There are also some cases in which the person may choose not to give a response.

Have you ever sent out a text to someone and waited for ages without getting a response? During the waiting period, what went on in your mind? When did you finally conclude that you will not get a response? I want to let you know that if you understand that "no response is a response, and it's a powerful one," then, your time interval for expecting a response will be less, you will save yourself the stress of worrying too much and rather move ahead and take it as it is.

If no response is a response, does it mean a rejection?

You may be right in whatever your mind tells you in this situation, silence is golden and it communicates a lot of messages, when the person that you are communicating with chooses to remain silent and leave you to your own imagination, two things can be deduced from this;

1. He/she does not think that you worth sharing their opinions and ideas with.

2. It also means that you are no longer wanted or important in their space

Don't waste your times expecting an answer, don't think that they are too busy to respond to you because, "no response is a response if they wanted to, they would". In some instances, a simple "yes" or "no" would just be the answer that you want to hear. If the answer is "yes", then, it will not take time for you to get a response. The answer "no" is usually communicated through silence and may be hard to utter sometimes.

No response is a response and it's a powerful one

Is not giving a response the best approach?

Opening up when face with a question or an issue eases a lot pain from the person expecting an answer otherwise your silence may be misinterpreted. It is good to speak your mind and let your perspective be heard and seen. It will also free you from being accountable for anything that may arise from the situation most especially when it is a serious issue. Your words will always stand as an evidence which may be analysed, defended and given meaning while your silence may be hard to interpret and require a lot of assumptions which may be innacurate. No need of sitting on the fence, every situation has two sides. You are either here or there, there is nothing like being in-between.

What to do when you do not get a response

Don't waste your time communicating the information over and over again, don't be the one to break the silence by forcing the person to utter some words or putting words into the person's mouth, if you do this, you may get an answer which may be the opposite.

No response is a response has always been a subject of controversy which is also subject to further explanation, analysis and debate by many critics.

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