Valentine Messages to wife

See our Valentine messages to wife. Make it a point of duty to always send your wife sweet and romantic Valentine messages. Valentine day is a special day dedicated to lovers all over the world, so it is not bad for you to express your love for your wife on this day.

We have a great collection of Valentine messages for wife that you can choose from depending on the one that best describes how you feel for your wife.

You don't have any excuse not to celebrate your wife on this Valentine day, appreciate her for standing by your side through thick and thin, and always providing a shoulder for you to lean on. This will make your marriage stronger and bring both of you closer.

Feel free to send and share these heart melting Valentine quotes and wishes to your wife.

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Valentine Messages to Wife

1.  To my sweet, loving and caring wife, I cherish each day that I spend with you. Happy Valentine to you my wife.

2.   Yes, today is Valentine, but I will never stop celebrating you for being such a wonderful person to me. Happy Valentine day my sweetheart.

3.  Your love is all I need each and every passing day, I can't stop loving you my sweet wife. Happy Valentine day my love.

4.  I may no have the best character, thanks so much for taking me just the way I am. Happy Valentine to you my wife.

5.  You were specially made for me, your love envelopes my heart, your love completes me and I am so proud that you are mine. Happy Valentine my love.

6.  We are not just husband and wife, we are also lovers. Thanks for being my Val and loving  me the way that I wished to be loved.

Valentine Messages to wife

7.  Every day with you seems to me like we are falling in love for the first time. Your love have taken me all over and it melts my heart. Happy Valentine day my wife.

8.  Your sweet and romantic voice is all I want to hear each and every passing day, I can't love you less my Angel. Happy Valentine.

9.  I will make sure that I make you the happiest woman in the whole world. Happy Valentine my sweetest.

10.  Happy Valentine day to a  soul that is always willing to forgive. Thanks so much for all that you mean to mean.

11.  My love for you will never fade, I promise to love you till eternity. Happy Valentine day my sugar.

12.  Even if I don't give you silver and gold, know very well that you have a special place in my heart where no one else can take.

13.  I promise to make each and every passing day more special than the previous day for you.

14.  I always have rest of mind knowing fully well that I am in love with an angel like you. Happy Valentine my wife.

15.  To the most beautiful wife in the whole world, have a fun filled Valentine day.

16.  I love you, and I love everything about you. Happy Valentine my wife.

17.  Thanks for loving me the way that you do, no one else would loved me this way. Happy Valentine!

18.  I am very lucky having you as my wife, I love the life that we share and I love our union as husband and wife.

19.  You are the only person who have the key to to unlock my heart, thanks for handling it the right way.

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Romantic Valentine Messages For Wife

20.  I promise to touch you in a way that no one else has done, I will kiss you like never before. I will treat you in such way that you will never stop loving me. Happy Valentine day my wife.

21.  Never doubt my love for you for a second, even with ages, it will still flourish.

22.  One of my source of greatest joy is your sleeping in my arms and waking up in my arms. Happy Valentine my lover.

23. Your eyes is a great weapon that sends gooseflesh to my whole body each time I am with you, you are indeed a special creature. Happy Valentine my love.

Valentine Messages to wife

24.    You are not only my wife, but my best friend. Thanks for being a wonderful companion that I can ever ask for.

25.  The day I met you, I will never forget because it always reminds me of the day that an angel came into my life. Happy Valentine my Love.

26.  Happy Valentine to my sweetheart, a wife so loving and compassionate.

27.  My journey on earth wouldn't have been complete without you, Thanks for being the answer to my prayers.

28.  All I ask from you today is for you to realize how special you are to me.

29.  Have it in mind that I will always be there for you both in difficult and happy moments. Happy Valentine day my wife.

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Valentine Messages for Wife

30.  To my wife and lover, you are a rare specie and the best of your kind. Happy Valentine to you.

31.  Happy Valentine to a woman whose food is the best that I have ever tasted.

32.  Happy Valentine to the mother of my kids, the most caring Mum that I have seen so far.

33.  I have more than a million reasons to celebrate you today. May our love for each other keep on being stronger till eternity.

34.  I can't be able to put down all that you mean to me, just take these words from me, "I love you with my life."

35.  You are my Queen, and I am your King, together we have made a perfect kingdom. Happy Valentine to you my wife.

36.  Today is a special day because it always reminds me that I am in love with the right person. Happy Valentine my lover.

37.  Whenever I think about love, you are the first person that comes to my mind, that is to show you that you have taken over my life in a perfect way. I love you so much, Happy Valentine to you.

Valentine Messages to wife

38.  Happy Valentine my Darling wife, as we celebrate today, may celebrations and joyous moments never cease in our life.

39.  I live, I laugh, I love just because of you.

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Valentine Day Messages for Wife

40.  I promise never to break your heart, the forthcoming years that we will spend together will just be as if you are in Paradise. Happy Valentine day my wife.

41.  I am lucky being the husband of a charming wife like you. Happy Valentine.

42.  Life without you would have been boring, thanks for completing my joy.

43.  Even if I am meant to choose from a million women, I will still choose you my love.

44.  My love for you is limitless, my love for you can never be measured. Happy Valentine!

45. Happy Valentine to my soulmate, you are an indispensable part of me.

46.  Thanks for always supporting and encouraging me.

47.  Happy Valentine to the charmer of my heart.

48.  I will live to love you my dear wife, Happy Valentine day to you.

49.  Thanks for being generous and kindhearted. Happy Valentine to you.

50. Happy Valentine to the fresh air that I breathe.

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