Short love letters that make her cry

Use these short love letters that make her cry to tell your wife or girlfriend how much you love and cherishes her. These love letters for her are sweet, cute, emotional, romantic, inspiring, motivational and heartwarming.

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  • Emotional and romantic love letters for her
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  • Inspirational love letters for her
  • Motivational love letters for her
  • Good morning love letters for her
  • Good night love letters for her

Short love letters for her that make her cry

1.  Short Love Letters that Make Her Cry

My Sweetest,

You are my heartbeat, you are my stronghold. You are my Princess and you are also my Queen. You have all the qualities that any man would ever desire in a woman. Thanks for loving me the way that you do, thanks for loving me even in my worst. Thanks for showing me what true love really means.

I value you more than any other thing else in this world. If I am still to make a choice in a million  women, I will still choose you. I love you to the moon.

Your Love,

2.  Emotional and Romantic Love Letters For Her

My Angel,

Never will I make you cry, never will I make you sad. All I will try to do is things that will please you. For accepting me into your life, you will never regret it. Don't ever doubt my love for you for a second. You are the woman of my dream. The only woman whom I will always love and cherish.

You are the fresh air that I breathe in. You worth more than silver and gold to me. I will continue to love you till eternity.

Your Sweetest,

Short love letters for her that make her cry

3.  I'm Missing You Love Letters For Her

My Love,

I want you to know that I need you each and every passing second, anytime that you are not by my side, it really pains me because having you around me is one of the greatest source of my joy and happiness. In all you do, know that there is a heart that loves you dearly, a heart that is longing to be with you forever, a heart that will go extra miles to make you happy.

I really miss you my love and I can't wait to see your beautiful face again. Know that distance can never make my love for you to fade.

Your Love,

4.  Sweet Love Letters For Her

My Sweetheart,

I'm the happiest man in this world having you in my life, our being together was destined to be. You entered into my life and changed my mindset about love. I can't believe that I can love and also be loved like this.

Each and every passing day, I count myself lucky  for having such a wonderful soul like you in my life. My love for you is unquantifiable, our love have come to stay and nothing can tear us apart.
I love you with all my life.

Love you,

Short love letters for her that make her cry

5.  Touching Love Letters For Her

My most cherished,

I want to let you know that I am ready and willing to take care of you in anyway that I can. I'm ready to sacrifice my last pint of blood in order to make sure that you live, all you owe me is just to love me the way I love you.

Know that your happiness is my greatest concern. I will always make sure that I put smile on your face, just always let me know what you need, how you feel and I will always try my best to be of help in anyway I can.
I love you plenty.

Your King,

6.  Cute Love Letters For Her

My Angel,

You mean a lot to me and you are among the reasons why I have stopped most of my bad habits. Your words of encouragement is one thing that I always hold on to strongly when my heart wants to faint.

Loving you was one of the best decisions that I have ever taken in this life, and for making me a better person, I will continue to love you over and over again.

You Prince,

7.  Inspirational Love Letters For Her

My Queen,

In all you do, always put God first. He is the author, maker and finisher of our lives. Hold on to his words and meditate it daily because his love and promise never fail. Make him your best friend whom you can always call at any time. He will be the one that will perfect all that concerns you. We need him in our life journey in order to achieve better results.

I love you so much my Sweetest and that's why I am telling you all these.

Your Love,

Short love letters for her that make her cry

8.  Motivational Love Letters For Her

My Love,

Know that you are the love of my life and I will always try to motivate you in anyway that I can. Don't ever feel discouraged in this life when you are pursuing your goals and ambitions, even when you fail at the first try, continue trying until you succeed. Don't let fear or anyone chase you out from your dreams.

Whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, I am always ready and available for you. And I promise to support you in anyway that I can.

Your Love,

9.  Good Morning Love Letters For Her

My sweet Angel,

I hope your night was as sweet as you are. I have been thinking about you all through the night. As you step out today, your day shall be as bright as the morning star, and all your ways shall be favoured today.

In all you do, I want to assure you of my unending love for you , your smile is what I want to be seeing each and every time of the day, your laugh is all I want to hear at all times, and you are the only one that I need by my side.
I love you so much my Angel.

Your Sweetheart,

Short love letters for her that make her cry

10.  Goodnight Love Letters For Her

My sugar,

As you lie down to sleep tonight, you will have a calm and peaceful sleep. Though it is very difficult for me to tell you goodnight, because it reminds me that my Angel is going to be away from my presence, but all I want you to know is that even in the darkest state of the night, your love radiates through my soul, and you are all that I need.

You mean a lot to me, and you mean a lot to my life. As you sleep tonight, I am asking God to send his Angels to come and protect the four corners of your bed.
I love you now and always.

Your Love,

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