I'm sorry paragraphs for him

I'm sorry Paragraphs for him is specially written for you to use and apologize to your boyfriend or husband, for hurting him. Know that it is not good for your to be the reason why the one whom you truly loves feels unhappy or sad.

At times, you will discover that when you offend the one whom you truly loves, you yourself, will not also be happy and making that person happy will also make you to feel happy. When you have a misunderstanding with him, try to settle it immediately, do not let it linger for so long because this may pose serious risk to your relationship and may lead to break up if care is not taken.

You can send it across to him as a written letter, SMS messages, phone calls or even saying it to him face to face.

In this article you will find;

  • I'm Sorry Paragraphs for Him 
  • Apology Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

I'm Sorry Paragraphs For Him 

I'm sorry paragraphs for him

1. Not talking to you makes me feel like I am dying over and over again. Please I want to live and I can't achieve it without you because you are an indispensable part of me, you are my love and I will continue to love you, please forgive me in anyway that I have wronged you.

2se I will never break your heart again, I promise I will never do anything that will annoy you again, let the past be past and let us look forward to a happy future together.

3.  Offending you yesterday wasn't my intention. You are the part of me that I always need, I didn't realized that until I saw you unhappy, your being sad really touched me. Please I am back to my real senses. I'm sorry for whatever I did to you.

4.  No matter what happens, our love have come to stay and I am promising you that my love will never give up on you come rain, come shine.

5.  I want to be that person that always makes you to smile in your bad days, I want to be that person whom you will always think of even when you are sad, I want to be that person that will always give you strength when you want to give up, and I am here to apologize for whatever wrong I have done to you.

6.  Making you happy makes me feel happy, making you feel sad also makes me to feel sad. I appreciate every happy moment that we have spent together, therefore I have come to ask for you forgiveness and I know that you will forgive me.

7.  You are a nice person to me, you are the best in the whole world, offending you was among the biggest mistakes that I have ever made. I am here to say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry paragraphs for him

8.  They say that you don't know the value of what you have until you loose it. It became clearer to me after our short distance from each other. I now understand how important you are to my life. Please forgive me I can't risk loosing you again.

9.  In anyway that I have betrayed the trust that you have for me, I hereby apologize to you. I want to be your happiness and also I want to be the first person that you will always count on.

10.  Please my love, if you accept my apology, I promise to live my whole life trying to show you how much you mean to me and my existence.

11.  I am very scared to loose you more than anything else in this life. I am not going to make you feel unhappy anymore. I just want to be the best for you and I can no longer stand seeing you unhappy.

12.  My king, my Mr. Handsome, please I have come to realize my self, I'm sorry for the unruly behavior that I displayed yesterday, forgive me my love and still give me a place in your heart.

13.  You are my heartbeat, if you stop loving me, my heart will stop beating, and I know you won't let such to happen to your love, have it in mind that no matter the weather, I will always love you, please accept my apology.

14.  Having you in my life is a vital part of my unending happiness here on earth, when you are sad, I'm sad, when you are happy, I'm also happy. Then, do you want me to continue living in sadness? Please forgive me, I will never offend you again.

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Apology Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him 

I'm sorry paragraphs for him

15. Oh my love, I'm sorry, everything that happened yesterday  was a mistake from my side, my king, I have been blaming my self for hurting and causing you so much pain, here I am pleading and asking for your forgiveness.

16.  My love, I am promising you that I will be forever yours henceforth, I will be more loyal and committed to you now, hurting you was something which I will never stop regretting, please accept my apology and find a place in your heart to forgive me.

17.  I have not regained my life since the day I learnt that you are not happy with me. How could I have done such to someone who really means much to me? Please my man, you are all and all that I have, accept my apology.

18.  When I lay down to sleep, my eyes refuses to close, my heart was beating very fast, my countenance couldn't let me be, then I paused for a moment and asked myself what was actually happening to me. I now remembered that my love is not happy with me and it is affecting me badly. Here I am, asking you to take me back as that special person which you have always taken me as.

I'm sorry paragraphs for him

19.  Whatever that happened between us was just a temporary issue, please my love, always have it in mind that our hearts are meant to be together, and nothing in this world can tear us apart.

20.  Do you want me to continue to be alive? I know you love me despite all that I did to you. Please set my soul free, because I'm hating on myself right now. I'm sorry and I know that you will forgive me.

21.  No matter what you do, no matter what may come in between us, please forgive me because I can't stop loving you.

22.  I apologize for causing you pain, I apologize for being the reason why you are unhappy. I apologize for betraying the trust that you have on me.

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