Some habits are good,while others are bad. Bad 
habits  are negative attitudes that an individual possesses and practices, either knowingly or unknowingly. Bad habits can result from imitation, developed in childhood and continued to adulthood, or as a result of the activity that we are always involved in. Bad habits have a lot of negative influences on the individual who possess it.

Some examples of bad habits and their effects

Biting of the nail: Nail biting is common with a lot of people. Sometimes the person may not be aware when he or she puts the fingers in the mouth and start biting it. This can lead to injury to the nail and low self esteem.

Soliloquizing: When someone talks to himself aloud either when the person is with people or alone,it is known as soliloquizing. A lot of people possess this bad habit and sometimes may not be aware. Soliloquizing if not controlled, can lead to mental disorder.

Smoking: Some people have been addicted to smoking to an extent that they can no longer control themselves. Smoking uncontrollably have a lot of negative effects and health challenges associated with it.

Sucking of the hands: This habit is mainly developed in infant stage and some people continue with it to adult stage. People who suck their hands can do it anywhere and anytime. Sometimes, they can even suck their dirty hands. This can lead to the contacting of some diseases.

Excessive drinking: A lot of people can't control their appetite when it comes to drinking. They drink until they get drunk. This can weaken some organs of the body and lead to some disease conditions.

Too much eating: A lot of people can't stand the sight of food. They eat anything they see, whether hungry or not. At times they may not even know when they are satisfied. This can be a burden or big work to the intestine,which may not be good and could result to over stretching or weakening of the intestine, and also overweight.


Procrastination: This is also a bad habit. Which is sometimes nurtured by the individual. It can lead to failure to accomplish tasks on time and losing of important opportunities.

How to eliminate these habits 

Identification of these habits: This is the first step involved. Some people who posses some of these habits may not be aware of them, in this case others may notify or help in identifying them.

Being conscious of these habits: After identifying such habits, try to pay attention and know when you are displaying it.

Replaced them with good habits: Try to find the opposite of such habit and practice it always until it becomes a part of you.

Avoid the company of people with such habits: Stay away from people who posses these habits that you don't want so that they will not influence you again.

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