Proud Mom to daughter quotes

 Proud of my daughter quotes - These quotes contains the right words that you need to show how much you love and appreciates your daughter.

Proud Mom to Daughter Quotes

1. I have a daughter who have taken it as an unfailing task to do all that she can to make me happy always, I have a daughter who always consider my feelings in all she do, I have a daughter whom I will never take for granted. I am so proud of my daughter.

2. Nothing gives more joy than realizing that as a Mom, your daughter is the one that keeps making you proud at every moment of the day, I realized how lucky I am to be your Mom when I couldn't count the number of times that you made me proud.

3. Your high level of reasoning always amazes me, your suggestions and contributions to issues always makes me like to hear your opinion in every issue. You are a daughter with great beauty and brain.

4. Her cheerful look warms my heart, a glance at her face pushes me to do more for her. I will live my life everyday making sure that I help you become that which you want to be. I am so proud of my daughter.

5. She never gets tired of learning and listening, all that I know, she wants to know. I am so happy to be blessed with a daughter who is determined to be great.

6. If only you could enter my heart and know where I placed you, you will realize that you are the one that gives me the strength to keep going. You are not only my daughter, but you are also the source of my strength and happiness.

7. I am proud of my daughter, you are the daughter that I prayed for, you are the daughter that I dreamt of having. You are the daughter that fulfilled all my heart desires.

8. When I fly away, I will fly with you my Dear daughter, when I am landing, I will equally land with you. You have never given me any reason to leave you behind. I love you so much my daughter.

9. You gave me the real definition of what mother and daughter relationship should be like. I am so proud of being your Mum and the best thing that happened to me is having a wonderful daughter like you.

10. A daughter like no other, well behaved and well mannered, you are all that I wished for in a daughter.

11. I'm proud of having you as my daughter, you have always proved to me that my teachings and efforts are not in vain. I will never stop taking care of you my lovely daughter.

12. Everyday with an amazing daughter like you is well spent. You are so fun to be with and you make life more lively and interesting for me.

13. My daughter, my duplicate, when I look at you, I strongly believe that you are just an extension of me. I am so happy to be your Mum.

14. You are just a bundle of blessing sent by God to my world. You brought so much joy and happiness to my world and I will always make you happy at all times.

15. I feel so proud being called your mother, I am so happy for the way that you have been representing me everywhere you are.

16. I promise to always be a part of your growth, I will be present in your life at all times. I promise to do all my best just to give you the best.

17. You always know the right words to tell me at any point in time, your words gives me hope, your voice calms my troubled heart. Having a daughter like you in my life is one thing that I will always be proud of.

18. Dear daughter, I always check on you just because you are an extension of me, when you are happy, I'm happy, when you are sad, I will also be sad. Just know that you are in my heart at every minute of the day.

19. When I remember that I have an amazing daughter like you, I got more than a million reasons to keep on working hard. I promise to always take good care of you as long as I breathe.

20. You are going places. Your name will always ring high wherever you are. I am well convinced that your name will never phase out in the face of history. I'm proud of you my daughter.

21. I have a daughter, she calls me Mom, she does all it takes to be a good daughter. I promised her that I will always be the Mum that she will look up to at all times.

22. When I am not able to meet up your needs, know that I feel unhappy more than you. You are that daughter whom I will always like to please.

23. The first time that I held your tender arms, it seemed as if all the heavy loads that I was carrying was taken off me. I have always experienced a great peace of mind having you as my daughter. Thanks so much for making me live in love.

24. She always likes to look neat, she always walks smartly, so humane and obedient. That's my daughter!

25. A true daughter is one who can't stop making you smile, avoids anything that makes you unhappy, takes your advice and works towards being the best daughter. I'm so proud of having you as my daughter.

26. You makes me feel as if I am the best Mum in the whole world. I feel glad being blessed with a daughter like you.

27. I can't count the number of times that you made me feel on top of the world. Even a glance at your prettty face gives me a great feeling of fulfillment.

28. She always likes to do more and always asks why, I never gets tired answering her intelligent questions. I have an inquisitive daughter and I like that. 

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