Graduation Quotes for Daughter from Mom and Dad

 Make use of these graduation quotes for daughter to appreciate that your girl for making you proud by successfully completing his High  School or College studies. Congratulate her for graduating knowing fully that it was not all that started the program were able to complete it. This is also a great opportunity for you as a Mom or Dad to offer your words of advice and encouragement to her not to relent in achieving greater things. Tell her to remain focused and use this as a stepping stone towards her road to greater achievements. Graduation wishes when communicated with the right words to your daughter does not fade easily but will rather remain as a watchword for her wherever she goes.

If you don't want to send her quotes or wishes, you can still go ahead with graduation letters or messages. You can decide to have it printed as a gift card, send it to her as a message or even use it when making a graduation speech. I have been oppourtuned to witness several graduation parties what amazes me most is the level of joy and happiness that I do see on the face of the parents of the graduands. Make your daughter feel special by encouraging, appreciating and motivating her to do more.

Graduation Quotes for Daughter

1. My Beautiful daughter, I am very happy to celebrate you today being your graduation day. I see a better aand brighter future ahead of you, you have entered a new level in your life, nothing will stop you from getting to the top. I am so proud of you my daughter.

2. Since you were born, you have been a genius. You have always made an outstanding results in the various classes that you have passed through. . You are such a hardworking and smart girl. I am so happy for what you have achieved so far and I am very hopeful that you will achieve more. Congratulations to you!

3. Today, I am not only happy that you are graduating, I am also happy that the resources that I have invested in raising you up was never a waste. You are among the people that motivates me to keep on making more efforts towards making sure that I raise more resources so that I can take proper care of you. Thanks so much for making great use of the opportunities that you had.

4. You shall continue to soar higher. Nothing will stop you from shining. The smile and happiness that you are experiencing today will never depart from your life. You shall always emerge victorious and succesful in all that you do. You will continue to shine as bright as the morning star and nothing shall ever steal your joy.

5. I can remember the day that you were born, you brought a great joy and happiness to our world. I want to also let you know that you have never let us down. You have never given us a reason to worry about before. You are a smart, unique and outstanding daughter. I am so happy to celebrate you today on your graduation.

6. You have been an intelligent and brilliant child, the good Lord will continue to bless you with more wisdom and understanding so that you will continue to excel in all that you do. In you, I see a future leader, a future problem solver and you will be among the respected women in the world.

7. I am not only happy that you are graduating today, but I am also happy that you are the best graduating student in your set. Keep on being the best in all that you do. I want to let you know that this is just the begining of good things in your life, the sky will be your starting point.

8. You are all that I wished to have in a daughter. So disciplined with good moral virtues. Your watchword has always been to live an examplary life, as you celebrate your graduation today, may you continue to be highly reckoned because of your disciplined nature.

9. If you look at me very well today, you will observe that I have been beaming with great smiles. There is nothing that gives great joy to a parent more than seeing their children exceling. I am happy to be among the parents celebrating today. Thanks for always making me happy and proud.

10. All the good things that your heart desires, you shall surely achieve. You deserve the best and you will surely get the best. All your ways shall be smooth and you shall always wear a success crown in all that you do. This is just the begining because you will achieve greater things.

11. I will make sure that I continue to provide you with all the things that you need in order to attain to that greater that your heart desire. You have been an obedient child, you will not lack any good thing because God will continue to bless you abundantly.

12. As you mark your graduation today, every closed door shall be opened for your sake. All protocols will be made easy for you. Whatever that your heart desires, you shall always get a "yes" for an answer. Enjoy your graduation ceremony my daughter.

13. All the sacrifices that you made towards getting to where you are today shall never be a waste. I always use you as a point of reference to your other siblings because you have always been a serious and hardworking child. Continue being the best in all that you do.

14. No mountain shall be too high for you to climb,  I greatly admire how you always take bold steps courageously. The good Lord will always grant you the faith and the grace to keep on climbing the ladder to your success.

15. I am proud of you because you have never let the level you have attained stop you from being that obedient and lovely child that you have always been to us. You will always experience a great peace of mind wherever you are because you are a good girl. The best of graduation to you.

16. This is just the begining of celebration in your life, you will celebrate more achievements and you will always be celebrated in all that you do, celebration shall never depart from your life.

 Graduation Wishes For Daughter

17. I am not only happy that you are graduating today, I am also proud of the woman that you are becoming. I can't believe that my little baby is now full grown. You will continue to grow and glow all the days of your life.

18. Do you know what I admire most about you? You have been determined to get to the top right from the onset. You have worked steadily and have never allowed anything to stop you from achieving a better result. Keep on riding steadily, you will surely get to the top.

19. Happy graduation to a daughter who has proved to me that children are indeed a great blessing from God. Thanks for bringing so much joy and happiness to my life. I celebrate you now and always. Enjoy your day my sweet daughter.

20. No matter how hard the wind blows, it will never blow you out from your path of success. You shall remain unstoppable until you get to you desired destination. Keep on waxing stronger my girl.

21. I, your Dad/Mum wants to use this opportunity to offer you my words of blessing and encouragement. "Keep on moving higher, where others go and fail, for you it shall always be a success story.

22. The good Lord will continue to bless you with good health. In strong and sound mind shall you continue to carry out all your endeavours. Keep on enjoying  a good and sound health.

23. You will be honoured and highly respected wherever you go, you shall never be hidden in the crowd, but you will always stand out from the crowd. Have the best of graduation my daughter.

24. My advice for you on your graduation today is that may you continue to be focused and determined in whatever that you do. Don't let anything or anyone hinder you from achieving your desired goals, always work harder to conquer any obstacle that you may encounter on your way.

25. May the sun rise in your favour, may the sun also set in your favour. Everything shall continue to work in your favour and blessed shall you be all the days of your life.

26. Your name shall always ring high wherever you go, your name shall always be reckoned with great achievements. Your name shall never phase out in history. Enjoy your day my daughter.

27. You worth more than silver and gold to me. You are that daughter who I will always hold in high esteem. Keep on making me proud and your generations will always be proud of you.

28. As you celebrate your graduation today, I want to let you know that your list of achievements shall be endless. You will be among the greatest achievers of your time.

29. I am around to make sure that you will have a wonderful and fun filled graduation ceremony. Smile and make merry because it your day. Have a fun filled celebration.

30. You will continue to achieve greater things. You will always achieve the best results in all that you do. You will live not only to start, but also to finish whatever that you start.

Graduation letters to my daughter

Dear Daughter, 

If you can enter my heart, you will discover that I am the happiest man in this world because of what you have made me to witness today. Looking at you in your graduation gown, I feel very happy and excited that I have made a remarkable achievement by raising such a wonderful and intelligent child like you. I want to let you know that you are graduating to meet and achieve greater things. You wil always find the best position that suits you. All the glooms on your way have been removed today and greater things you shall continue to achieve.

My Lovely Daughter, 

I want to let you know that you made motherhood/fatherhood so easy and enjoyable for me. You are that child who follows rules and regulations which have always made me not to relent in giving you the best that you need in this life. I love you you so much because you have been a smart and brilliant child. All your tutors do feel proud of you because of your wise nature. You will continue to be unique and outstanding in all that you do.

My Sweet Daughter,

The crown of success that you are wearing today is just the begining, greater things shall always come across your way. The land have been watered for your sake and you shall never labour in vain in all that you do. You will always find new oppourtunities anytime that you need it. All that you will venture into shall be highly succesful. I am so proud of you my daughter.

Dear Daughter,

I am so proud that you have not only grown to a smart and elegant lady but you are also growing with abundant wisdom. You display a great level of wisdom and maturity in whatever that you do which always gets me excited. You will never any good thing in this life. Keep on being that jovial and happy girl that you are always.

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