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Proud father quotes -
Fathers are special and need to be appreciated everyday. Make them feel loved and special with these quotes.

Proud father quotes for son

1. I not only have a father where you are, but also a mentor and role model. You taught me a lot and I am also proud to say I learnt a lot from you. I am proud of my father.

2. You worked so hard to make sure that you give your children the proper training that they require. You toiled under the sun and in the rain just to make sure that we are comfortable. You are simply the best.

3. You are a man with great wisdom and understanding. A great problem solver of our time. I have the best father where you are.

4. For me, you are the greatest moral inculcator that I know, you lives an examplary life for all to emulate. A good sign post you are to your kids. I will always follow your footsteps.

5. I am proud of you my father. The most accomodating and kindhearted person I know on this earth is you. You accomodated and fed strangers whom you don't even know.

6. So easy to please and difficult to offend, you ended up making fun of all that I did to make you angry. I love you so much my irreplaceable father.

7. You are such a wonderful husband to my mother. She always testifies of how lucky she is having you as her husband. I will always love and cherish you for treating my mother right.

8. A hardworking and goal oriented man you are, always focused on what he is doing till he achieves a good result. No wonder you were able to achieve a lot. I am a proud son to a wonderful father.

9. Your cheerful nature attracts many to you. Making people around you happy is a task that you never take for granted. I am always a happy because I have  a father like you.

10. All my success is a product of your efforts, you made sure that I am always serious in doing whatsover that will benefit me. I have a unique Dad where you are.

11. A great leader that commands a great respect. You have been a leader at various levels because of your outstanding nature. I love you my father and I love you my great leader.

12. You are a good counsellor and a good advicer. I am so proudof being a son to a great Dad like you.

13. You are not only my father, but also my friend. You always map out quality time to be with your children. You are the  best father in the whole world.

14. I strongly believe that God specially made you to be my Dad. At times, I wonder how my life would have been without you as my father. I am so blessed having you as my father.

Proud father quotes for daughter

15. My father, my story teller. All the histories and folktales that you always tells me will never erase from my memory. Thanks so much for making me wiser and with a broader knowledge than my peers.

16. You are highly futuristic. You always knows how to plans things so that all will move well, this is amonng the qualities that I learnt from you. My father, a great future planner.

17. Your forgiving spirit is a great attribute that you have that marvels me. You never kept a record of wrong done to you, but rather forgives immediately. You are a rare specie of your kind.

18. An energetic and strong Dad you are. I always admire your smart and handsome look. How lucky I am to have a handsome and lovely Dad like you. I am a proud daughter to a great father.

19. I am proud of having you as my father, you are so rare and so unique that is why I like being around you always.

20. A great protector you have always been to me, thanks for providing me safety and making sure that I am always safe.

21. I am proud of you for guiding me towards making the right choices. I am highly priviledged to have you as my father.

22. You are highly supportive and always gives me a listening ear. You are not only my father, but also my first love.

23. A great peacemaker that is whom you are, your peaceful nature gave you an ageless look. I will always be grateful having you as my father.

24. With you, life is so amazing and enjoyable, no dull moment around you. Words alone cannot be able to explain how much I love you.

25. You are my father and also my first teacher. I am a proud son of a man with a high level of wisdom.

26. A truthful man you are always. You always instruscts us to tell thae truth no matter how difficult the situation may be. Bravo a truthful father.

27. A neat man you have always been. I am happy to be a daughter to a guy man father like you.

28. You made a lot of sacrifices just to make sure that we are happy. I love you so much my Father.

29. You are incomparable in my world. I will always hold you in a high esteem.

30. A father to many that is what you are, thanks so much for putting smiles in the faces of many.

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