Happy Birthday from Daughter to Dad Letter

Happy birthday from daughter to Dad letter is specially written for you to use and acknowledge your Dad for all he has been doing just to make sure that things goes well in the home. It is not easy to have a father who is committed towards making sure that you are happy. You may say your Mum have been doing great job, yes, but your Dad has his undisputable role to play also. From being great disciplinarians, to taking you out to your favourite spots, their roles are enormous. 

Make use of these heartfelt happy birthday to Dad from daughter letter to pray for good things to continue to happen to your Daddy, ask for God's continuous guidance and protection and also make your special wishes upon his life. This will make him to continue being that incomparable father that he is to you. Make it to be funny, emotional and heart touching.

Happy Birthday from daughter to Dad letter

 1. Happy Birthday to a great achiever

My Great Father, 

I am so proud to have you as my Dad. You are indeed a living legend. You worked so hard and achieved a lot and that's why your name rings so high in several places. Looking at you, one could hardly believe that you made this remarkable landmarks within the few years you have spent on earth. Yes, you have achieved all these, it has never prevented you from still waxing stronger. When I look at you, I pray silently in my heart that God should also bless me with such a strong and hardworking man like you as my future husband. I am so grateful for your being a good sign post for us your children. Age gracefully and may you also have a wonderful birthday celebration.

2. Thanks for always showing me great love


When I realized that today will be your birthday, the first thing that came to my mind was simply "a loving father will be +1 today". The type of love which you have showered on me, your daughter, and my other siblings is inestimable. I can't forget how you used to carry me on top of your head round the house which I always like. I can't also forget how you use to take me out to get Pizza and my favourite drinks for me. You showed all your kids equal and unconditional love. Dad, I am so proud to call you my first love  because you were the first person that not only showed me true love but also instilled the spirit to love in me. My prayer for you as you celebrate your birthday today is that the good Lord will show you great love in all your ways. Happy Birthday Dad.

3. Continue to age with good and strong health

My Lovely Father, 

I have always known you to be a man full of good health. You were really blessed by the Almighty God with this. You are such an energetic and strong man who knows how to take care of himself. You do the exercises that is right for you and I also give a great kudos to Mum who have never relented in giving you the right diet that your body needs. Dad, in any way that I can be of help towards making sure that you keep on enjoying this good health, I will never also relent in doing that. All I wish for you today as you add another year to your years is for you to continue to age in strong and good health. Have a great birthday celebration.

4. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest

Dear Dad,

Today is your day, therefore, there should be no dulling. I am ready to see your dance steps today and I am also ready to dance with you today. Daddy, I want to let you know that I will be inviting my friends to your birthday party and I have made them to know that you are a man with "full swag" and I hope you will not dissapoint me today. Dance, sing and make merry because it is your day. Don't let anyone steal your joy today rather be in full charge of your happiness today. I will be around to make sure that all goes well so that you will enjoy your day to the fullest. Have a fun filled Birthday Dad.

5. You deserve the best birthday gift

My Adorable Father,

I have been contemplating on the best birthday gift to give you today, a lot of options came to my mind. I thought of getting flowers for you, I then remembered that flowers may die of fade. I thought of preparing a special birthday cake for you, but no, it will get finished. I also thought of getting a birthday card for you, but this too will either be torn or burnt. Therefore, the best gift that I can offer you as your daughter today is to write your name and what you have done for me in a plate of gold where it will not be cleaned, and I will kept in a place where it will stay from generation to generation so that they will know that I have such as an amazing father like you. Enjoy your day the best Dad in the whole world. Happy birthday to you.

6. You are such a wonderful husband to my Mum

As you mark the addition of another year today, may you continue to not only being a good father for us but also a wonderful husband to Mummy which she has always testified that you are. I, your daughter have watched you and Mum closely for a good number of years, and I can also testify that you are an incomparable husband to my Mum. I love the way that you treat my Mum and I also will like to receive such treatment from my future life partner. As you add another year today, may your love for my Mum continue to grow and glow. Age abundantly my Sweet Dad.

7. A man with great intelligence is +1 today

My Rare Gem,

You are indeed as wise as King Solomon. When I look at you and the high level of wisdom and understanding that you posses, I give God glory for endowing you with such high level of intelligence. The way that you handles our family matters makes me to love you over and over again. No wonder a lot of people often come to you for one form of advice or the other. Both in your academics, you were also a genius. That is why it has never been difficult for you to get any job and appointment that you desire. I am so proud to be the daughter of such an outstanding man. You are indeed a great problem solver of our time. As you add another year to your years on this earth, may wisdom and undersanding never depart from you. Enjoy your birthday celebration Dad.

8. If I am meant to chose again, I will still chose you as my Dad 


I have never regretted for a second having you as my father. As for me, you are the best Dad in the whole world. You nurtured and brought up all your kids in an amazing way. You made sure that you brought up in a Godly way. You are that father that truly understands each and everyone one of his children and makes sure that you got all our problems solved. I lacked nothing growing up as your daughter because you made sure that I have all that I need in order to be happy. I celebrate you today my wonderful father. Enjoy your day and continue to age with abundant blessings. Happy Birthday Dad.

9. You are aging backwards

Sweetest Dad,

I can't believe that you have reached 65 years old. Looking at you, one may think that you are still 45 years old. Your handsomeness is still intact and you have just a few wrinkles on that your attractive face. Mum indeed made a great choice where you are. You look so younger than your agemates. You are just a happy man and that may be among the secrets for your forever young look. As you mark the addition of another year today, my prayer for you is that you will keep on aging backwards and may happiness and joy never depart from you. Enjoy your special day Dad.

10. Happy Birthday to a great leader

My Mentor,

You have so many admirable qualities, but your great leadership potential makes you outstanding. You commands a great respect wherever you are. No wonder you have always been chosen as a leader at the various levels that you have attained. This also reflects in your family as I can proudly testify that I also acquired this great leadership trait from you. You know how to settle issues amicably. I am always happy when people refer to me as the daughter of a great leader. I love you so much Dad because you are a rare gem. Age abundantly a great leader of our time.

11. Happy Bithday to a disciplinarian

My Charming Dad,

I want to use this medium of your birthday celebration to let you know that I am so grateful for all the good moral behaviours that you inculcated in me. You made sure that I didn't deviate from the right track. All the words that you always use to correct me when I am wrong still remains intact in my memory and have always been my watchword wherever I go. You taught me how to talk to my elders, say the truth at all times, dress properly and never relent in offering a helping hand to those who may be in need of it. I am so happy to celebrate you today a great moral inculcator. Have a blessed birthday celebration.

12. Thanks so much for your words of inspiration and motivation


The only way that I can celebrate you today is to appreciate you for all that you have done in my life. Your words of motivation and encouragement have made me to attain greater heights. You even encourages me when I don't make that impressive result that is not expected of me. You never see me as a failure, but you kept on pushing me higher until I started getting better results. You taught me to respect people but not to be fearful or get easily intimidated. You may not know how much I love and cherish you, but I want to let you know that you are a special gift from God to me. Enjoy your new age Dad.

13. God will continue to bless you

My One in a Million Dad,

The good Lord will continue to keep you safe and sound. He will continue to be your ultimate guide and director. He will always be your shield and armour so that no harm will ever befall you. He will remove every form of gloom in your way and turn every darkness on your way to light. You will continue to be a partaker of his endless and ceasless blessing. He will always hear your cry in times of troubles and tribulations and also grant you your heart desires. Do not be afraid, always stand firm and walk majestically because the good Lord will always be your strength and stronghold. Happy Birthday to you Dad.

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