Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for friends and family

Use these sweet happy birthday messages to appreciate your family and friends on their birthday. We also have birthday quotes and wishes that you can choose from. Birthday is a special occasion. It comes only once in a year. It is a time to remind our families and friends how much we love and cherish them, and also pray for good things and better opportunities to come their ways.

I have carefully written great happy birthday wishes and messages which you can send to your family or friends.

Here are the list;

  • Sweet Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Friends
  • Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Dad
  • Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Mum
  • Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Brother
  • Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Sister
  • Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Aunty
  • Funny Birthday Quotes

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for friends

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for friends

1. Dear friend, If I am yet to choose a friend, I will still choose you. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy birthday to you.

2. Today is a special day because a special person was born. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Enjoy your day!

3. Happy birthday my lovely friend! Enjoy you day.

4. Thanks for making me laugh even when I am feeling sad. Happy birthday to you!

5. I have prepared a special cake for you. You know what I wrote on it? "Unique". Keep being unique, and keep making me proud.

6. So many thoughts came to my mind when I remembered that today is your birthday. What if you were not born? Who would have been as good as you are to me? God bless today for bringing forth such a wonderful person like you. Happy birthday my buddy!

7. Dance as never before, Smile as never before, Laugh as never before, because today is your day!

8. Did you notice how bright today looks. I woke up and keep wondering, then I realised that today is your birthday. Keep on shining like your day!

9. No matter the amount of calories added to your cake, it can never be as sweet as you, Happy birthday my sweet Friend!

10. I will give you a bunch of flower, that is how God will bless you with a bunch of blessings. Happy birthday to you my dear friend!

11. Rejoice, from now onwards, good news is your name!

12. God bless you, bless the parents that gave birth to you, bless the teacher that taught you, and also bless me for having you by my side.

13. Anything that will make you unhappy today is has been kept Hundred miles away from you. And for sure, they will not get back to you again. Happy birthday my sweet friend!

14. Looking forward to more excited and fun filled birthday with you!

15. You have a special place in my life, you are part of my success story, I wish you a happy birthday dear friend!

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Dad

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Dad

16. There will be no me without you, I wouldn't have achieved anything without you. Thanks for being there for me. Happy birthday my lovely Dad!

17. Who has seen a Dad as wonderful as you are before? Slow to anger. Great in correction. I love you Dad!

18. Thanks for refining me! I love you so much Dad, Happy birthday to you.

19. The more older you get, the more my love for you increases. You are wonderful. Enjoy your day Dad.

20. May God bless you abundantly. May he keep you so that I will be able to take care of you just the way that you took great care of me. Happy birthday to my Father.

21. I don't know how life without a kindhearted person like you will be. Thanks for inculcating in me high moral standard. Happy birthday Dad.

22. Now I know why you have received several awards. You are full of knowledge and always ready to impact. Happy birthday my intelligent Dad.

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Mum

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for mum

23. Happy birthday to the mum who goes extra mile to put smile on my face. I love you so much my mummy!

24. You are the best woman in the whole universe. You are the best thing that have happened to me. Happy birthday my sweet mum!

25. Age is just a number. You are still beautiful both in and out! Happy birthday to you mum.

26. Today is the special day a woman of substance was born. A great home maker and manager. You are highly appreciated for all you taught us. Happy birthday to you!

27. Congratulations mum as you add another year today. God will continue to strengthen you!

28. You're one in a million. You make me feel super proud! Happy birthday mum.

29. The best world teacher and instructor. An epitome of wisdom. Happy birthday to you mum!

30. You supported me, you encouraged and motivated me, and above all, you taught me the most important lessons of life. Happy birthday my great mum!

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Brother

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Brother

31. Having you as a brother is one of the best thing that have ever happened to me. Happy birthday my brother!

32. To my best brother, congratulations as you mark another addition in year.

33. You are irreplaceable. A special and kind brother. Happy birthday to you!

34. May God bless you and grant you all that you desire!

35. Thanks for allowing me makes use of your things. Not every brother does that. Keep being you and have a belated birthday.

36. Good and wonderful things will locate you as you add another year today, Happy birthday my brother!

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for my  Sister

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for sister

37. Happy birthday to my smartest, coolest and prettiest sister.

38. Thanks so much for always making me to feel complete. I love you so much my sister. Happy birthday!

39. Happy birthday to the best sister in the whole world.

40. As you celebrate your birthday today, you are blessed beyond measure. The remaining part of your years will be filled with great celebration!

41. Thanks for not always being annoyed with me, even when I offend you. I love you my sweet sister. Enjoy your day.

42. You are special and irreplaceable! Happy birthday my special sister!

43. You have already conquered in all areas of your life, enjoy your birthday my sister!

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Husband

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Husband

44. Happy birthday to my one and only love.

45. As you add another year today, May all your dreams come true.

46. I am so lucky having you as my husband. Thanks for tolerating my flaws.

47. If I start writing my wishes, I will need more and more spaces. What I will simply wish you is, Happiness, good health and prosperity.

48. Happy birthday to the charmer of my heart!

49. Good people like you are hard to find. I count myself lucky for having a lovely husband like you. Happy birthday and enjoy your day!

50. Hope you are ready? I am going to take you to a quiet place where I will remind you all that you have done for me, all that you mean to me, and how you changed my life. Happy birthday my lovely husband.

51. My honey, the only person that fully understands me. Know that you are special. I love you so much my love.

52. The man that melts my heart, the man that makes me feel on top of the world. God bless the day I found you. Happy birthday my love.

53. Get ready, this is just the beginning of celebrations in your life!

54. I wish you a happy birthday, long life, peace and prosperity.

55. Thanks for being my best friend, I wished everyone will have a Dad like you. Happy birthday!

56. Dad, on this your birthday, I promise that I will be the good child that you want me to be!

57. Whatever that will make you happy, may it come your way, whatever that will make you sad, may it never come your way! Enjoy your birthday my World's best Dad!!

58. You make me always feel excited and happy when I look forward to being a father. I promise to be a good Dad just like you to my future kids, a good husband to my future wife. Happy birthday great man!

59. Happy birthday to you my Darling!

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Wife

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for wife

60. The angel of my heart, the mother of my nations, I celebrate you today!

61. For making me happy and proud, I will love you forever. Happy birthday my sweet heart.

62. You are a flower, that is not found everywhere. Thank God for making you available for me. Happy birthday my lovely Angel.

63. May God keep on protecting us so that we continue such wonderful day. Happy birthday to you!

64. To my better half, thank you for completing me. Happy birthday to you!

65. As years goes by, may our love for each other keep getting stronger. Happy birthday to my lovely wife!

66. I celebrate you today my lover and my best friend for bringing peace of mind to me. May God grant you all your heart desire.

67. I can still remember the joy that I had the first day I set my eyes on you and called you my wife. All the characters that you have from the beginning that made me to love you, you still maintained it till today. I love you my Darling wife. Happy birthday to you.

68. Have a birthday celebration as sweet as you are my honey!

69. You made me forget the difficult moments of my life and become a happy person again. Thank for transforming me into a happy man. Happy birthday my sweet Angel.

70. I not only celebrate your birthday today, but I started celebrating it the moment that you came into my life. You are my backbone and I will love you forever. Happy birthday my love!

71. Congratulations and Happy birthday to you my priceless jewel.

72. They say,"marry a bad woman, and have a short life span, marry a good woman and have a long life span" Since I married a good woman like, thank God I will live long together with you, Happy birthday my sweet heart!

73. The good virtues you inculcated in my kids, I will never forget. Happy birthday to a virtuous woman!

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Aunty

Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Aunty

74. My aunty with swag, I celebrate you today. Happy birthday.

75. Thanks for being good to me. As you celebrate your birthday today, all your hearts are already granted. Enjoy your day my sweet Aunty!

76. May God grant all your heart desire and wishes as you add another year.

77. Your day shall be fun filled. Enjoy every bit of it. Happy birthday my Aunty!

78. As uncountable as the stars in the sky, so shall your blessings be from now onwards.

79. Aunty that took me like her child, Aunty that encourages and inspires me. Happy belated birthday to you!

80. I didn't know the difference between you and your children because you took me just like your own kid. I will keep on appreciating you for that. Happy birthday my Aunty!

Funny Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Quotes

81. You're not getting older in my eyes. You're still sweet sixteen.

82. Gray hairs are not sign of old age, but sign of more wisdom. Enjoy your day.

83. I will be at the venue, first let me finish learning a dancing step made only for you.

84. You are special, and I will not like to share everything on your birthday with everybody. Be ready, one of your cake steps will be missing.

85. Is it up to one year that you celebrated your last birthday? Huh! Your aging fast!

86. Don't mind the wrinkles on your face, you still look great!

87. As tall as you are, getting old, keep a walking stick around, because it fits tall people like you.

88. I know you to have a set of sparkling white teeth, what happened? Is it a part of getting old?

89. Nobody informed me how beautiful old people look like until I saw you.

90. Are you still wearing jeans? I thought you have given it up. You are not getting younger, get lighter materials man!

91. Don't be shy, laugh and smile they way you normally do when you are in your youthful age let me see!

92. I thought I was old until I saw you!

93. Old age has a new face it gives to old people that makes them look alike!

94. You are old, but not tired!

95. Count yourself lucky to see your hair full of gray hairs.

96. Old age, new pattern of laughter.

97. Sorry, you will never be a youth again. Happy Birthday!

98. I didn't get anything for you, maybe next year!

99. Happy Birthday Grand Pa, Where is your walking stick?

100. I'm happy having an old woman as friend, Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you found our sweet happy birthday messages for family and friends interesting. Feel free to share.

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