Birthday Wishes for Mom

Are you searching for birthday wishes for Mom? We have written great happy birthday wishes and messages for Mom which you can use to celebrate your mother on her special day. Always remind her how special and unique she is to you on her birthday.

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Emotional Birthday Wishes For Mother

Birthday Wishes for Mom

1.  Happy birthday to world's best mom.

2.  To the woman who carried and nurtured me in her womb, I owe you a lot. As you celebrate your birthday today, may God continue to keep you alive and healthy so that you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday to you Mum.

3.  Happy birthday to a Mom who made sure that I got the best  good moral upbringing. You are so special to me and I will never stop celebrating you.

4.  Words alone cannot be able to describe all that you to me, words alone cannot be able to describe all you have done  for me, words alone cannot be able to describe how I feel about you. All I want to let you know today is that "I love you so much my wonderful Mom."

5.  To an industrious, energetic and workaholic Mom, you taught me a lot, I am always proud when I remember all these. Happy birthday to you sweet Mom.

6.  In this life, your birthday is something which I can never forget, this is because it reminds me of that day the reason for my joy was brought to planet Earth. Happy birthday to you Mom.

7. Mum, on this day of your birthday celebration, I promise to always make you proud, run away from troubles, be the best child that you have always wanted me to be. Happy birthday and enjoy your day Mom.

8.  To the world's most wonderful Mom, your meal still remains the most tasteful meal that I have ever tasted, anywhere I go, I feel like carrying the food prepared by you along with me. Happy birthday my best cook.

9.  Happy birthday to a woman who sacrificed a lot just to make sure sure that her children is healthy and happy. Thank you so much Mum and Happy birthday.

10.  For being that best and special wife to our Dad, for making our Dad always happy, you won our hearts. Happy birthday to you Mom and continue taking care of Dad the way that you always do.

Birthday Wishes For Mom

Birthday Wishes for Mom

11.  Happy birthday to a Mom with a heart of gold, I celebrate you today.

12.  All I am asking from God as you celebrate your birthday today is for him to continue bestowing you with good health and more strength so that you will continue to be happy as usual. Happy birthday to you.

13. Happy birthday to the woman that harboured me in her womb for nine months. You are so special and unique.

14.  Happy birthday to my one in a million Mom.

15.  Happy birthday to you Mom, the rest of the years that you will spend here on earth will be the best of all the years that y have spent so far.

16. You are my rainbow, you are my sunshine. You lightens up my world. Happy birthday to you sweet Mom.

17.  Happy birthday to my ageless Mom.

18. Happy birthday Mom, you deserve all the good things as you add another year today.

19.  Happy birthday to a mother of all, so generous and highly accommodating.

20. Happy birthday to my first teacher.

21.  You are a superwoman. My heroine. Happy birthday my cute Mom.

Funny Birthday  Wishes For Mom

Birthday Wishes for Mum

22.  Happy birthday to you Mom, hope the addition of a new year won't make you to stop cooking for us?  Please don't leave the kitchen, continue cooking for us as usual, I don't want to miss your meals.

23.  Mom, please take it easy, you are aging faster than Daddy. Don't mind me please. Happy birthday my sweet Mom.

24.  Happy birthday to you Mom, the more older you get, the prettier you look.

25.  Every time I look at your face, it reminds me of how I will look in my old age. Happy birthday Mom.

26.  Mom, Are you ready? I can't wait to see your dance steps. Happy birthday to you.

27.  Happy birthday Mom, I promise to prepare your cake today and I will make sure that it is well sweetened, just to remind you that the older you get, the sweeter you become.

28.  Even with your grey hairs, you still look beautiful. Happy birthday my beautiful Mom.

29.  Happy birthday Mom, I promise to be your make up artist, I can't wait to see you look like sweet sixteen.

30.  Happy birthday to be Mom, as you add another year today, please try and fulfill all the promises that you made to me. I love you so much Mum.

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