God Bless Your Marriage Quotes

Make use of these God bless your marriage quotes to wish newly wedded couples the best of married life. Offer them your words of blessing asking God to come and be with them in their journey to making a permanent home. Sending couples marriage messages will go a long way to show how much you love and care for them. This is the best marriage gift that you can offer to them because your words will live in their memories forever. You can send it across to them as text messages through their social media handles, telephone calls or even as a gift card.

God Bless Your Marriage Quotes

1. May God bestow upon you both the grace to love and live in love, may he be present in your hearts each day to guide and direct you in all that you may do.

2. May all powerful God bless and give you all that you need in order to have a joyful union. May the joy that you experience today blosom till the end of your lives.

3. May the Lord make what is best in each of you to combine and be for good, may he chase away confusion and misunderstanding that will not be easily resolved among you. May he strengthen, purify, refine and beautify your union each coming day.

4. May God bless your marriage. The love that is existing in your union will know no ending, may you be forever joined together in love and may no power arise to seperate the both of you.

5. God will grant you a perfect life, full of charity and tender faith, filled with hope, patience and endurance and grant you the courage that will fear nothing. Congratulations as you are joined together in love.

6. Your marriage shall be a blessing, children will surround your table. You shall see your children chlidren because the Lord God will bless and multiply your union.

7. The Lord will always give you the joy which brightens earthly sorrow, and the peace which calms earthly strife and also grant you a life that will be filled with eternal joy and happiness.

8. May you always stand firm in his strength and may your union be filled by the spirit of wisdom and might, he will always guide your feets to tread in the right ground.

9. The spirit of the Lord will always train your souls to know the purpose of your being joined together in love, that purpose shall never fade but keeps waxing stronger each and every passing day. God bless your union.

10. Oh God, whose nature and name is love, shower his spirit that is divine upon your union. May he always provide you just the way that he provide wine at Cana's feast in Galilee.

11. The Good Lord will always lead you over the tempestous sea, he will guard you, keep and feed you , he will be your help and helper at every point in time.

12. The spirit of God will fill your hearts withnheavenly joy, he will give you a love with every passion blending, he will always give you a pleasure that will never die nor fade.

13. The Lord saviour will always breathe his spirit of forgiveness over you, he will not allow your souls to be faint or weary. He will watch over your union all the days of your life.

14. You will always walk in strength with faith and hope, and rest in his unchanging word. Through cloud and darkness, his goodness and mercy shall always abide with you.

15. The Lord of life and the God of salvation will always hear your supplication, when all help fails and all hope fails, he will always come and help and save you.

16. Through waves and clouds and the storms, his power will always clear your way, every dark night in your union shall always end in a bright day.

17. The Lord will always infalme in your hearts his eternal foundation of love, the love that joins the both of you together will always keep waxing stronger from day to day.

18. Your hearts will be permanently knitted together as one, in mutual love and understanding shall you always live. Both of you will feel what each other is feeling and will always be ready and willign to help each other.

19. Your heart will be the dwelling place of the spirit of purity and grace, he will always make you holy and worthier each day, to live in love and to be acceptable to one another.

20. The Lord will always give you the grace to tread in the steep and rugged pathways rejoicingly, he will always be your strength in the hours of darkness and weakness.

21. In all your wanderings, the Lord will always be your guide, through endeavour, failure and danger, he will always be at your side so that no harm shall ever befall you.

22. No matter how dreaded the cloud may be, the Lord God will with his big mercy break it. His unfathomable blessings shall always be your portion.

God Bless Your Marriage Messages

23. You will be a partaker of Lord's bounteous treasure, he will always be your ultimate provider. All the wonderous works of his hand shall never be found wanting in your new home.

24. The Lord's presence shall always shine all through your journey, he will always show you the path of life that you will tread on, his sweet hope nad assurance will always be yours.

25. The presence of the Lord shall always be in your union, all you need and wants he shall supply, even the barren wilderness shall always smile at you and provide you with sudden great harvest.

26. Even though you tread on the paths of death, the good Lord will be with you still. He will guide you through all the dreadful shade and give you aid when you ask of it.

27. In the morning, the Lord will be with you, in the midnight hours, he will defend you, his steadfast love shall never depart from you all the days of your life.

28. The love that you have professed in your union today shall not only live in your mouth but also reside permanently in your hearts. You will be each other's greatest lover and soulmate.

29. Your mouth shall always be filled with songs of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord because he is going to do great and wonderous things in your union.

30. Blessed shall you be in the morning, evening and night. You don't have any cause to worry because the mighty arm of the most high shall never depart from your entire household.

31. No matter how heavy the storm blows, it shall never get close to your home. No matter what may arise, the Lord God will always give you the strength to fight and defeat.

32. The Lord will always grant you the grace to live in his peace, purity and love. Each of you will wake the other's zeal and be bonded forever in love.'

33. You will always shine in the crown of glory of our Lord, he will always keep your hearts strong and firm. You shall always abide in the marriage vow that you have taken today.

34. The righteous God will grant you good health, long life and prosperity. Sickness and affliction shall always be far awayfrom your home. In good and sound health you shall enjoy your new home.

35. You will age with each other in good health. The older you gets, the more the love bond between the both of you will get stronger. The love of the Lord will always be your stronghold.

36. No power can come to put assunder between the both of you. Enjoy your new home.

37. The Lord will always make you to see each other as the best. He will drive away the spirit of lust and fornication from you.

38. You will not get tired of each other, but will continue to see each other as the best.

39. Every power that may arise to cause confusion and trouble in your new home shall be destroyed by the mighty arm of the Most High.

40. The Lord will always give you the grace to resolve disagreements amicably. He will always give you the wisdom and understanding to know how to resolve issues in your union. 

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