Wedding Anniversary Wishes for husband

First wedding anniversary wishes for husband is an article written for you to use and appreciate your husband on the addition of another year to your marriage. Sending anniversary messages, greetings, status and quotes for him goes a long to show how much you love, care and appreciate the years that the both of you have spent together. It will go a long way to make him love you more and be more committed and dedicated to your marriage.

It doesn't matter whether you are celebrating your first, 2nd, 5th, 7th or 10th wedding anniversary, feel free to choose any one that suits you.

Here, we have written sweet, romantic, emotional, motivational and inspirational happy anniversary wishes specially for you.

In this article, you will find;

  • Emotional Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband
  • Sweet and Romantic Anniversary Wishes for Husband
  • Wedding Anniversary Messages For Husband
  • Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Husband

Emotional Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

1.  It's just ten years, but it seems to me that we have been together for a century. Each and every passing day, you continue to show and prove to me that you are the best that I could ever ask for in a husband. Happy anniversary.

2.   As we celebrate our  anniversary, all I ask is that may our love for each other continue to grow from strength to strength.

3.  You made me the happiest woman in the whole world, I wake up every morning thanking God for bringing forth  a wonderful soul  like you across my way.

4.  The feeling of love that you have inculcated in me is so strong, I will continue to love you more even with the addition of more ages. Happy anniversary.

5.  You are my hero, you are my King, you are my defender and above all, you are the love of my life whom I will continue to cherish everyday of my life.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for husband

6. You made the word "marriage" a perfect kingdom for me, where I feel highly impressed and lacks nothing, all I could ask from God today is for him to continue showering you with good health and unending mercy.

7.  We were destined to be together. We are just a perfect match and better half for each other. I don't think there would have been any other person else who would have completed me if not you. Happy anniversary.

8.  Our love have come to stay, I will continue to love you more each and every passing day. Keep on loving me the way you do my sweet husband.

9.  The past years I have spent with you are the best of all the years that I have spent here on earth, and I look forward to spending more fruitful and joyful years with you. Happy anniversary my Darling husband.

10.  You made our marriage an exemplary one. People around sometimes feels jealous because of the way that you take care of me and handles other family issues. You are a type of husband that every woman should pray to have.

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Sweet Anniversary Wishes for Husband

11. Even in the midst of thousand men, you are still outstanding. Even if I'm meant to choose from thousands of men, I will still choose you my sweet husband. Thanks for proving to me that you are the best. Happy anniversary.

12.  I am glad having you as a part of my life, I love the life that we share together, and above all I love our union as husband and wife.

13.  This is just the beginning of celebration in our life, we would live together to celebrate more happy years in good health, abundant love, peace and prosperity.

14.   Happy anniversary to the world's best husband. A man who is incomparable with an infectious  smile and laughter.

15.  I will go extra miles to miles to make sure that you are happy. What more can I wish for you today? All I am wishing you is the best that life can offer.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for husband

16.  Thanks for bringing me into a great Paradise of love, I am now a ceaselessly happy woman. My love for you will never fade. Happy anniversary.

17.  My journey on earth wouldn't have been complete without a special husband like you. You gave me the real meaning and essence of life. You changed my whole negative mentality and ideology about life. I will continue to love you as the year goes by.

18.  Know that you have completely won my heart. In all I do, I do it having you in mind, you have filled all my thought that I constantly think about. I love you so much my Husband.

19.  Please have it in mind that my love for you is unshakable, the hugs and kisses, the warmth that you always give to me is undescribable.

20.  You hold the keys to my heart. Please continue handling it just the way you have done in previous years.

Wedding Anniversary Messages For Husband

21.  Even if I continue writing from morning till night, I won't be able to write down all that you mean to me. The feeling of love that you have shown me in this past years is special, and may nothing come in between us. Happy wedding anniversary.

22.  Looking at you, I feel so proud because I know that our kids have the best Dad in the whole world. Happy anniversary.

23.  To a gentleman, a coordinated and highly calculative husband. I celebrate you on our anniversary today. All your dreams and aspirations will come to fulfillment as we mark another year. 

24.  To my great mentor, a husband with special swag, so rare to come by, I am 100% satisfied with you, and I pray that our love for each other will continue to glow till eternity.

25.  When it comes to marriage issues, you are a professional in handling them. You handle it more than people who have spent more years than us in marriage, and I appreciate you so much for this. 

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for husband

26.  We have conquered the difficult moments together and we will continue to be conquerors. 

27.  Thanks for standing by my side even in my worst, thanks for continuously offering  a helping hand to me, thanks for always providing a shoulder for me to lean on.

28.  Just like Christ is the head of the Church, so also you are to our family. As we mark our anniversary, may you continue seeking help and guidance from the God.

29.  Never will I regret marrying you for a second. In fact, it is one of the best decisions I have taken in this life. Even in my dreams, I will still choose you as my husband.

30.  We are getting older in marriage, thank God we are still strong, committed, dedicated and loyal to each other. Happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Husband

31.  "I am so honoured having you in my life as a husband and I pray that we will continue to love and cherish each other forever."

32.  "Continue being you and may nothing change you from being that kind and wonderful husband that you have always been."

33.  "I always ask God to continue bestowing you with more wisdom and knowledge so that you can effectively pilot the affairs of our marriage like you have always done."

34.  "Every bit of your action is special, and I pray that you will be loved and respected by all."

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for husband

35.  "Most importantly, God will continue to bless and protect you for loving me right."

36.  "All I crave for in a man was all embodied in you."

37.  "Thanks for always putting the commandments of God about marriage into practice."

38.  "This is just the beginning, we will live to celebrate more happy years together as husband and wife."

39.  "My sugar, my sweetest, my happiness, my joy. Happy anniversary."

40.  "I will always treat you right till old age."

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