What does love mean in a relationship? Love in a relationship means different  things for different people. No matter how you get it, Love is not just a word but an act. Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Love is among the essential ingredients which helps relationships to thrive. It has several attributes associated with it which makes it an indispensable part of a relationship. Love, when properly understood in a relationship will ease a lot of conflicts, disagreements, quarrels and abuse of any sort. Love is very important right from the onset of a relationship and it is among the features that bonds two individuals closely to each other. 

What does love mean in a relationship?

1. Love means commitment

This means accepting your partner wholeheartedly without reservation. You need to make your partner a part of your life accept him or her in such a way that he or she should be comfortable being around you. You are committed to your partner's emotions making sure that he or she feels the way he or she wants to feel. It is your duty to find out what the person whom you are in a relationship with needs and also make it available if possible. You don't have to feel less concerned or unperturbed about your partner's difficulties and challenges because the day you accepted to be in a relationship with that person is the day that you accepted his or her worries and concerns to also be yours. Commitment is one of the important features of love that is essential in every relationship.

2. Accommodating your partner

When I say accommodation, it simply means accepting your partner the way he or she is and where possible, help him or her to make improvements. Don't use your partner's weaknesses to bring him or her down or make your partner feel inferior. You need to protect the person whom you are in a relationship with as this will help boost his or her ego. Love and respect your partner the way he or she is. Respect your partner and do not underrate nor abuse him or her.

3. Love means compromise

Compromise in a relationship means shifting grounds to accommodate your partner. At times, it is misunderstood with sacrifice, but compromise means creating an enabling environment that your partner desire just to make sure that he or she is happy. It is not forceful, but rather comes from the mind. You and your partner may have your various views and opinions, but compromise means blending those views and opinions to make each other comfortable. 

4. Understanding  your partner

Where there is no understanding, misunderstanding takes over which is thus a deviation from the meaning of love in a relationship. You should study your partner and be able to understand him or her at all times. Love will truly flourish and always be present in your relationship if both of you understands each other very well. Understanding will erase all forms of confusion, quarrels and aggressiveness and that is why it is important in a relationship.

5. Forgiving easily

Love in a relationship means the ability to let go easily, not to bear grudges on one another. It doesn't matter who offends, the moment you are in a relationship with someone, you should be able to forgive whatsoever wrong that someone have done to you. You should not count the number of times that the person offended you, forgive and forget. Don't revenge or plan revenge on your partner who offended you as this is not an evidence of love in a relationship.

6. Love means being truthful to your partner

This is a very important meaning of love among two people who are in a relationship. You are not supposed to lie to your partner but rather be able to tell him or her the truth at all times. Lies ruins relationships because it leaves one of the party involved feeling betrayed and cheated and could ruin a relationship. Truthfulness is a good virtue worthy of emulation and an essential attribute for a healthy relationship and also an indication of love in a relationship.

7. Being  available for your partner

When I say availability, it doesn't necessarily mean physical availability, but also you should be emotionally available for your partner too. You can't be present while your partner feels unloved and uncared for. Find out your partner's concerns and worries and also help him or her conquer it.  Always fill your place in his or her life else another person might feel your place and therefore ruins the love in your relationship.  

8. Love means being kind to your partner

Kindness when being exercised in your relationship yields a great result. Be kind to your partner in all areas, speak gently to him or her and don't be rude. Help her in any way that you can, just be always willing to offer a helping hand.

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