How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated

 How to make your wife feel loved and appreciated is specially written for you to use and appreciate your wife. Always make it a point of duty to make sure that your wife feels happy, special and never regret being with you. You don't need to spend much to acknowledge or give your wife the best treatment that she desires. It may be as simple as using the right words. Don't hide your feelings for your wife, express your love for her through words and actions. When you do it right, it will go a long way in melting her heart and also increasing the rate of love that she have for you.

Here, we have compiled a list of things that you can do to your wife to make her feel loved and appreciated;

1. Admire her.

Women love to be admired. Don't think ever think that it dosen't matter to them. It goes a long way to make them feel special and cool about themselves. When she plaits that hairstyle that you likes, go ahead to tell her how beautiful she looks, when she puts on that dress that you likes, don't forget to tell her how gorgeous that she looks. Admire her shape, her smile and other things that can be admired in her. This will also make her to put more effort towards looking good and more beautiful for you.

2. Praise her.

When she does the things that you like, don't forget to praise her. This will act as a source of encouragement and motivation to her. I have heard a lot of women complaining of not being properly acknowledged by their husbands most especially when they feel that they have achieved someething great. This is totally wrong. Don't waste a second in congratulating or expressing your satisfaction to your wife based on her outstanding performance. Praise her for taking good care of your home including you and your kids.

How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated


3. Always let her know how special she is to you.

This is among the things that she will like to hear from you not only once, but numbers without counting. Cultivate it as a habit to always remind your wife what she means to you and your life. Remind her of the positive impact she has made on you since the both of you became husband and wife. Let her know that she is your irreplaceable and that nothing can change that. Prove to her that you are lucky having her in your life and let her know how boring life would have been without her.

4. Always celebrate her.

Celebrate your wife in any way that you can. If it is her birthday, make her feel special on that day. Take her out and shower her with gifts and presents. Celebrate her as often as you can. Set out special dates to celebrate. Make her feel loved just they way you loved her when the both of you first met.

5. Help her out with some house chores.

I have heard so many women who does not have someone to help them out in their houses complaining of being tired after carrying out the house chores unassisted. Husbands, this is totally wrong. If you truly loves your wife, go ahead to help her out in any way that you can. Don't expect your wife to be happy and active when she is tired and weak. Help her out, it will not make her to disrespect you but rather it will make her to love and value you more.

How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated


6. Find out her needs and get those that you can afford to get for her.

Always inquire from your wife to know the things that she dose not have but will like to have. Don't stop buying her things because you feel that both of you are old in your marriage. Women like to look good, trendy and classy. They feel jealous and uncared for when you don't care about their physical appearance. Listen to her to know her needs, get those that you can afford, take her out to make her choice and selection when necessary.

7. Avoid comparing her with other women.

Your wife may not know it all, nor have it all, so do not compare her with others that you feel are better than her. It will make her to develop a low self esteem. It is your duty to help your wife develop in areas where she have lapses. Communicate her errors and flaws to her in a gentle manner, she may even correct them by herself.

8. Spend quality time with her.

Do not let your busy schedule deprive you of spending quality time with your wife. Create out time to be with her, do not let her to feel lonely while still married to you. When you are not close to where she is, call and also send her text messages regularly. Don't create a physical or emotional gap with your wife because it will make your love for each other not to be strong or fade.

How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated


9. Confide in her.

Is there anything that has made you to lose your trust towards your wife? Don't harbour it in your mind, rather, settle it with her. Your wife needs your trust, it makes her feel strong. Your wife should be the one that you should always trust and confide in this will make her to have an undiluted love for you.

10. Speak gently to her.

Learn to speak gently to your wife. Do not be rude or aggressive towards your wife. No matter how upset you may be, try to communicate to her in a gentle manner, this will make her feel special and also feel highly valued.

I believe you now know how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated. Cultivate it as a habit and be dedicated towards being her lover, best friend and above all, the best husband for her. This will make your union a happy and joyous one.

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