Meaning of boo in a relationship

Are you struggling to know the reason why some people address each other as boo in a relationship? Maybe you may have overheard lovers calling each other boo and you want to know the real meaning. Don't worry, after reading this article, you will get to know all that you desire to know about it.

In relationships, people can choose to call each other romantic pet names. While it is common to hear lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives to call each other pet names, the word "boo" is not an exception.

The pet name "boo" has gained a lot of popularity most especially in Nigeria where you can hear it in some trending music and it also common in other countries too. Romantic short pet names have appeared to be making the real pet names unpopular, for instance, you can hear people calling their loved ones Babe, Bae, Bab instead of Baby. Also people call their loved ones Hun, Hon, instead of Honey and a list of other examples.

The Real Meaning Of Boo In Relationship

Meaning of boo in a relationship

According to top definitions in Urban Dictionary, the term "boo" is used to refer to someone whom you love, someone you care about, someone who is always there for you, someone who makes you laugh.

Boo is a term derived from the French word "beau" meaning beautiful. In 18th century, in England, it meant an admirer usually a male. It made its way into Afro-Caribbean language perhaps through the French colonisation of some Caribbean Islands.

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When Should You Call Someone Your Boo

Meaning of boo in a relationship

Before you call someone your boo, you have to make sure that the person is someone whom you have great affection for, someone who makes you happy and above all, someone whom you truly loves.

It is not a taboo for husband and wife to call each other boo. When you call your husband or your wife your boo, it goes a long way to show that your love for him or her did not fade after marriage and that you still cherishes and will always care for your partner.

While this is still applicable in other areas, you can still call any of your family members your boo. In your family, there may be someone who really shows you special care, calling the person your boo is not a bad idea.

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Where do we usually see the word "boo" ?

Meaning of boo in a relationship

People often make use of this word while sending SMS messages as it is a short way to quickly get over what may look like a long spelling , for instance, instead of saying my boyfriend, my girlfriend, just use the word "my boo".

It is also not new to see the word boo in various social media handles where people refer it to their husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or any other person special to them.

Is there any occasion where you should not use the name?

Just like the way you are here trying to find out the it's meaning, so also may be the person whom you called the name. While some people may take it as an informal or non popular pet name, use it for people who will understand the meaning or will be able to check to know the meaning.

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