Deep Emotional Love Letters - For Him or Her

 Here is an article on deep emotional love letters for him or her. For your relationship to be enjoyable, you need to constantly nurture the love that is existing between you and your partner using the right love words. Don't let the light of love in your relationship to quench rather ignite it by finding what fascinates your partner and applying it daily. You don't need to be reminded by your lover to send love letters to him or her. If you don't have enough time to write a long love letter for him or her, then go ahead and make it short. Present your words with great love and affection, don't also forget to make it romantic. If you do the right thing, your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife will feel highly valued and will also be willing to give you back his or her love more than you expected.

 Deep emotional love letters for him or her;

1. I have surrendered my heart to you

Hello Sweetheart,

I just want to let you know that you are the love of my life. You are the reason I am glowing because the kind of happiness that your always give me is undescribable. Our love is here to stay. You are the part of me that was missing and I am glad I met you. Since I met you, my life have changed for better and you have not given me a reason to doubt my love for you for a second. I love you and I love everything about you. You have melted my heart, colonized it that all I now think about is you. I want to let you know that I have fully surrendered my heart to you and I know that you will never make me regret doing so.

2. My feelings for you can move mountains

Hello Honey,

I have chosen you as my forever love and I know why I have taken that decision. Ever since you entered my life, I have been experiencing a great peace of mind within me. The level of love that I have for you grows higher and higher as the day goes by. You are such a wonderful person that I wish to always have by my side each and every passing day. Thanks for showing me not only love but also teaching me how to love. I am madly in love with you and I can't lie about it. You will continue to have my love as long as I live because my feelings for you can move mountains.

3. I love everything about you

My Bae,

You are just a complete package for me and everything about you is unique. Your face is the most beautiful/handsome face that I have ever seen. Your smile is breathtaking. Your laughter is contagious. Your words brings great relief to me even when I am not in good mood. You made me realize my worth and it makes me feel highly valued. You are just an Angel in human form to me. You reinvigorated the light of love in me when I was about to give up on love. I will always live to love and cherish you each and every passing moment.

Deep Emotional Love Letters - For Him or Her

4. My love for you will continue to remain evergreen

My Everything,

The leaves of the tree may whither, the colours of the sky can change, but my love for you will still remain unchangeable and unshakable. You have occupied the whole of my heart and I am fully sure that you will reside in it forever. Nothing can make my love for you to change because what I have for you is true love. You are the only one that has the right keys to my heart and that's why I am irresistibly in love with you. Thanks for pampering me like a baby and always making sure that you don't hurt me. Your love have changed the whole of my heart and I am promising you my everlasting love.

5. I may be far from you, but you are still close to my heart

My Dearest, 

Do you think that I can ever forget you in my life? No, you are such an irrepleceable person to me. Though, we have been temporarily separated by distance, but I wish to let you know that the level of love that I have for you is still the same. You have made a permanent footprints in me that will be difficult to erase. I have been having sleepless nights because I miss you greatly. I wish to always be with you everyday and I know that it is going to be like that very soon.  In everything that you do, know that I still love you and my heart is where you are. I may be far from you, but you are still close to my heart.

6. We are compatible and a perfect match for each other

My World,

You are unquestionably the love that I have been searching for years, you are my missing treasure and I thank God that I found you on time. When I close my eyes, I see you coming to me asking me to stretch forth my arms, I want to assure you that I will not only give you my arms but my heart and the whole of me. Since you have made me an indispensable part of you, who am I not to reciprocate? You have constantly considered my feelings in all you do, I am promising you that I will always do the same. We are more than twins because we also reside in each others heart. We are like two lovebirds, we don't leave each other behind.

Deep Emotional Love Letters - For Him or Her

7. You love flows like blood through my arteries and veins

My Sugar,

If you can look through my heart, you will discorver that your name have been permanently stamped in it. Whenever I think about the people that have made a positive impact in my life, you are the first person that comes to my mind. You truly love me because you have always proved me wrong when I want to test the level of love that you have for me. You have never let me down, always eager and ready to help me become a better and prosperous person. You saw all my weak points and worked so hard to make me make ammendments. You always read my mood just by looking at me. You never walk away from me in an unhappy mood or leave in an unhappyb mood. You are truly a great lover always ready to make compromises in order to make sure that I am happy. Your love flows through my veins and arteries and it is the major reason why I am living and happy.

8. Blow the wind of your love to me, I am ready to receive it

My Heartbeat,

I can never get saturated loving you, the more I love you, the more I discorver the need for me to love you more. You made our relationship to be in such a way that what should have separated us ends up in bringing the both of us more closer to each other. Thanks for exhibiting a great sense of maturity in all you do. I have composed a hymn of love specially for you to prove to you how much you have eaten deep into me. My love for you will continue to stand the taste of time. Blow the wind of your love to me, I am ready to receive it.

9. Give me your whole heart, Please don't fear to do that

My Darling,

You are my resting place, you are the end of the road for my search for love. I will never betray the love and the trust that you love for me. If there is any doubt that you have about me, please open up because I am ready to clear it as soon as possible because I can't stand loosing you. I have opened my arms and heart to fully welcome you in my life, please don't be afraid to enter into them. I will always be truthful and loyal to you and above all, making you happy will be one of my greatest priority. I will be very careful so that no other person can steal my place in your heart. Please give me your whole heart and do not fear to do that


To love and to be loved is indeed a good thing. Win the heart of that person whom you truly loves with these deep and emotional love letters for him or her. 

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