Love Letters for Him That Make Him Cry

Not only women loves to be showered with love, men like it too. Is it your boyfriend or husband? Then, these love letters for him that make him cry is all you need to use and remind your lover how much you loves and cherishes him. If you are lucky to have find a man who has offered you his undying love, never take him for granted but be committed in making him stay glued to you. Those ladies that have lost the men that truly loves them will tell you better on how much they regretted it most especially if the reason for the break up comes from them.

These love letters for him are touching, romantic, heartwarming and it will go a long to recouncile the both of you most especially if you are having a misunderstanding in your relationship. Form it as a habit to send these letters of love to him either through text message, phone calls or you can equally memorize it and say it to him face to face.

Here are love letters for him that make him cry;

1.Thanks for being my Super Hero

Hello Honey,

Since I was born, I have never come in contact with a loving and kind person like you before. Your love for me have melted my heart. You are the sole reason why I see myself smiling uncontrollably everyday. You are always ready to stand and defend me, you are also the best companion that I have ever had. Your love always gives me a reason to live when my heart is fainting. Having you as a part of me is among the best things that has ever happened to me. I promise never to let you down and I will always reciprocate the love that you have always shown me. Thanks so much for being my super hero.

2. My love for you will always stand the taste of time

My Sweetest,

As long as I exist, my love for you will never fade. It will continue to grow from height to height. No matter how heavy the wind blows, it will remain unshakable. No one else can love me the way that you do and no other person can do what you do for me. I always thank God for making a special person like you a part of my life. I love you from head to toe, in short, I love everything about you. You are my rare gem, you are the best man in the whole world and I am assuring you that my love for you will always stand the taste of time.

Love Letters for Him That Make Him Cry


3. You are all that I see in all that I do

My King,

When I tell you that you have colonized the whole of me, I am not lying about it. When I dream, all that I see is you, when I think about the future, I see the both of us together. When I wake up in the morning, the first person that comes to my mind is you. I am swimming in your ocean of love and I am glad to let you know that I will never get tired of swimming in it. What you have for me is true love and what I feel about you is real love. I strongly believe that we are a perfect match for each other and with the way we are going, nothing can ever tear us apart. You are all that I see in all that I do and I am very proud of it.

4. I am now a jealous lover because of you

 My Bae,

If  being jealous is a crime, then, let me be guilty of it because of. Let me tell you the truth, I can't stand losing you to any other woman in this world. I will do anything humanly possible to make sure that I keep you close to my heart forever. I will chain you in my heart and throw away the key into a bottomless pit so that no other person can locate it. Please keep me glued in your heart forever and never let anyone come in between us. I am afraid of losing you because you are my irreplaceable. I am now a jealous lover because of you and I am not regretting it.

5. You are not only my lover, but also my mentor

My one and only,

If I don't tell you this, you may not know what you have done in my life. Your words of advice and encouragement have led me into achieving greater things. You saw my weaknesses instead of judging me with them, you went ahead into making me a better person. We are destined to meet and be with each other forever and I thank God that I met you on time. Thanks so much for being my teacher, thanks also for not only being my lover, but also a great mentor. You are also an examplary person whom I also emulate. I promise to show my undiluted love to you.

6. You are my dream come true

My Heartbeat,

When I was searching for a soulmate, I always wished to be with someone who will truly understand me, someone who will not always be too quick to judge me, someone who will always be there for me in thin and in thick and also will be willingn to offer a helping hand. When I come in contact with you, I realized that my dreams and wishes has come into reality and actualization. You gave me more than what I expected in a lover and also made m realize that there are still some people who still shows true love. I love you for all you have been doing for me, you are indeed my dream come true.

Love Letters for Him That Make Him Cry


7. I can't doubt my love for you


From the first day that we came in contact with each other, looking into your eyes, I discorvered that you will have an undying love for me. The way that you have always treated me gave me further clarification on that. You always make sure that I laugh when I am sad and always provide a shoulder for me to lean on. You always make sure that you hear my voice first thing in the morning. At times, I wonder why you love me like this. Even when I annoy you, you always find a place in your life to forgive and accept me back fully in you life. I can't doubt your love for me again because you have always given me reasons to believe that you love me unconditionally.

8. God will bless you abundantly for being a kind person

My Sweetheart,

My prayer for you each and every passing day is for God to grant you heart desires. All you have wanted to achieve in this life, will surely come into actualization. You are such a generous person and therefore, nothing will hinder your success and nothing will stop you from shinning. Keep all being that wonderful and kind person that you are always and God will surely bless you abundantly.

9. You are my forever love, I am glad to have you in my life

My Charmer,

My love for you is a permanent thing. I will continue to love you with my last breath. I count myself lucky for having a unique being like you as my lover. When I look at myself in the mirrow, I always see your picture reflecting through me. My image is not complete without you because we have been joined together and now we are inseparable. You have charmed me with your love, you have infected the whole of me with your love and I want to let you know that I will love you forever.

10. You are the most handsome man that is existing

My Mr. Handsome,

I love everything about you. Your chocolate colour is superb. Your pointed nose, drives me crazy. Your gap teeth makes to always want you to smile. Your microphone voice sends cold shivers to my nerves. You were specially created I must confess. Everything about you is specially made, I always love walking hand to hand with you just to let the world know that I have got a handsome guy that I am so proud of. I love everything about you my Honey.

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