Letters to my Wife During Hard Times

Marriage is a journey that can have  enjoyable and challenging moments sometimes. No matter the level of enjoyment that you have, things can sometimes get sour and brings about unpleasant situations. As a husband, you should be grateful if you have a wife who always stands by your side through thick and thin. We have written these Letters to my wife during hard times for you to use and acknowledge that woman who didn't abandon you in times of difficulty. If you are blessed with such a woman you owe a lot to her because it is not all marriage that survives this trying time.

There are many things which can lead to such difficult moments such as; Lack of financial resources, Disagreements on some issues, Crises which can come from outside or within and many other things. Writing these love letters to your wife will make her to know that you fully appreciate her patience, understanding and high level of love and maturity which she displayed during this period. Start by appreciating her with the promise that all will be fine as soon as possible, don't just say it, but work towards making things better again. This letter needs to be romantic, do this by expressing your undying love and affection for her.

Heart Touching Letters to my wife during hard times

I. Thanks so much for being a wonderful wife to me

My Missing Rib,

I have always imagined how my life would have been without you. You gave me so much joy which completely wiped out every trace of unhappiness that initially resided within me. You are my cornerstone and also the woman who pulls me up when my heart wants to faint. You loved me even in my worst, no one else would have loved me the way that you do. You always provide a shoulder for me to lean on. You treated me like a child just to make sure that I am happy. When I walk, I hold my heads up high knowing that I have such a wonderful person like you in my life. For loving me unconditionally, I will always make you the happiest woman in the whole world. 

2. This suffering is just for a while, things will get better soon

My Irreplaceable,

I truly understand that things are not the way it should be in our life at this moment. I am also fully aware that you are not comfortable with this situation. Please have it in mind that things are definetly going to turn around for our good. I am making a solid arrangement to ensure that I put an end to this ugly situation. I am not happy seeing you in want because I believe that making you happy and comfortable should be my first priority. Please bear with me, I am promising you that things will get better within a the shortest time.

3. I made a great choice making you my life partner

The only woman in my life,

Having you in my life is a decision that I am proud of taking and can never regret. You are so unique and I value and cherish you more than any other thing in this life. All the things that you do to make me happy despite the difficult times we are experiencing, I can never take for granted. You have not only been a grat helpmate to me but also a great companion. I strongly believe that God created you specially for me and I must always thank him for letting me meet you on time. Even if I am to make a choice  again, I will still choose you as my lovely wife.

Letters to my Wife During Hard Times


4. I acknowledge your love and care during this trying time

My Angel, 

You are indeed an Angel in human form. I highly appreciate your patient and understanding during this hard time. The difficulties we are facing did not change you but you rather persisted in being that loving and caring wife that you have always been. I will always hold you in high esteem because of this. Believe it when I say that our suffering is over because God has already answered our prayers. Every gloom and hinderances towards our financial breakthrough have been removed. I love you so much and I will keep on loving you till eternity.

5. Thanks for being a role model to our kids

My Lovely Wife,

I am not only proud of the type of wife that you are, but also happy knowing that my kids have the best mother in the whole world. Your high level of intelligence which have made know how to handle every situation, I must not fail to acknowledge. I am sure that our kids will equally emulate all these your wonderful attributes. I am highly convinced that we are raising great leaders of tomorrow. Bear it in mind that I love you and God will reward you abundantly for all that you do.

Letters to my Wife During Hard Times


6. I will try as much as possible to make sure that you are happy

My Honey,

You are my precious stone and I will make sure that I don't lose you. I will treat you like an egg so that I don't break your heart. You are so gentle and humane and above all, you know how to handle every situation. All the things that are supposed to tear us apart, you ensured that it brought us more closer to each other. Thanks for having a kind and forgiving spirit. I will always reciprocate the love that you have for me. I love you so much.

7. Your love always give me a reason to smile again

Ever since I got married to you, my whole life changed for better. Even when we are facing unpleasant situations, you made everything looks so cool and make sure that I am not greatly disturbed. My love for you will always continue to remain evergreen. You have a special place in my heart for loving me despite my flaws. You made the world a better place for me to live in and I am assuring you that you will never regret making me the happiest man in the whole world.

8. Thanks for being a great source of succour to my pains

My sugar,

If not because I have you by my side, I don't know where I would have been now. You chased away the bitterness and anger that nearly consumed me. Your words of encouragement and advice has helped in bringing me out from my distress. Things are getting better and I am assuring you that you will definetly enjoy everything to the fullest. The conducive enviroment that you created despite all odds will be among the vital part of my success story. You are the reason for my recovery and I will keep on appreciating you for that.

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