My dear Angel
My Dear Angel,

In this life, there is someone you will meet,
You will realize that there are people so special and unique.
If you have faced a lot of disappointments in the past,
Meeting them will erase all these memories.
They will completely change you mentality about love and life,
And take you to a world you never can imagine that will exist,
A world filled with joy and happiness,
Where laughter and smile is the uniform of everyday.
Who will not like to be in such a world?
That is where my Queen/King took me to.

Ever since I met him/her,
My story about love and life have changed.
He/she filled my heart with so much love that I can't imagine,
Took out me from my state of darkness to light.
Oh, How lucky I am to meet this Angel of my life.
There are so many secret of life unkown to me,
But he/she came came into my life and reviewed all to me,
At times I pause and ask myself, 
Who are mine to recieved all this level of love and caring,
 I can't believe that I can be treated this way by any human.

For showing me such a great love and care,
I promise to make you the Queen/King of my Kingdom.
I will love you right and never will I break your heart,
I will put your joy and happiness in all that I am doing in life,
I will always be there and ready to defend you at all times.
If you remember that you have someone like me in your life,
Just feel relaxed and be fearless.
I promise to take you to all the places that you will love to be,
I will make sure that I will take care of all your needs like no other person can,
All because you are my dear angel. 

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