Meaning of Bae in a Relationship

 The word bae is among the romantic pet names used by lovers in a relationship. The meaning of bae in a relationship depends on its usage. The word bae is not only used by lovers, but also friends and couples. It's popular usage has made a lot of people think that it is a single word of its own. But continue reading as you will not only find the meaning and usage but also it's derivation.

Meaning and derivation of the word Bae

Just like other pet names used in relationships, the word bae is commonly used to refer to someone whom our heart truly welcomes, it goes with affection and endearment.

According to, the word " Bae  is a slang term of endearement primarily used by youths in Urban communities and through influence the term rapidly made it's way to African-American people. It came into widespread use around 2013 and 2014 through social media and hip-hop and R&B lyrics." It was derived from the pet name, Baby or Babe, Secondly it was also derived from Before Anyone Else.

Meaning of Bae in a Relationship


Who can use the word Bae?

When you go by the second derivation which is before anyone else, it means that the person you refer to as your bae is someone that is so special to you, someone that you will always choose before any other person. In short, it shows a high level of commitment towards the person whom you are in a relationship with. That's why you see a lot of lovers, couples and friends using this pet name. It may not be unusual for family members to also use this word to refer to each other as long as there is no negative feelinngs attached to it.

Where else do we normally see or hear the word Bae?

Although bae is normally seen when lovers or couples are sending text messages to each other, or when they are making phone calls, the word Bae can also be seen on social media when people are commenting on the pictures or updates of someone that they love or are in a relationship with. Due to the way that a lot of people have gotten used to the term, when they see this word anywhere, they immediately know that there is a great commitment between the person using it and the person that it is being referred to.

It should not also come as a suprise to you to know that muscians also contributed towards making this pet name popular as it is beimg used in some popular musics most especially love songs. Bae is also used in some love movies both in Hollywood and Nollywood.


Meaning of Bae in a Relationship

Is it good for me to use the word Bae?

Yes, I know that you may also like to know when and why you should use this name. I will advice that before you call anyone this name, make sure that he or she is someone whom you truly loves, someone whom you have feelings for and whom you can never take for granted. Don't just use the name Bae because you want to call someone a pet name, as you may arise a feeling that you are not ready for. Also pay attention to the person's reaction when you call him or her this name because not everyone may really understand the meaning of this word. Explain the meaning of the word to such person when necessary or even switch to other pet names that he or she may really understand.

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