Cute Names For a Girlfriend

We have made great effort to bring to you cute nick names for a girlfriend. These funny and sweet cute names for girlfriend should always be in your lips for you to always use and reinvigorate the love in your relationship.
Keeping a relationship happy and going should be your number one priority when you find yourself in one. As a guy, you need to spice up things in your relationship by always reminding your girlfriend how much you love and cherish her. When it comes to calling your girlfriend pet names, there is no general rule for that, you know your girlfriend, you know how much you love her and what she means to you, that should give you an insight on what to call her.

When you choose any name for her, also watch her reaction as this will give you a clue to know whether to continue calling her such name or you should change to another name. There are numerous cute names you can choose from. Those names ranges from casual, funny, situational, sweet to romantic cute names.

Here are our collections of Funny and Sweet Cute Names For A Girlfriend

Sweet and Romantic Cute names for Girlfriend

You can melt your girlfriend's heart by calling her sweet and romantic cute names. Choose the one that will make her fall for you forever. Don't over exaggerate it, but rather let it come from the bottom of your heart. Call it with deep feelings and emotions and win the heart of your girlfriend forever. See the list of such names;

Honey/Honey bunch/Honey pie

My dear/Dearie/Dearest

My sweet lips


My love/lover

My boo

My Angel

Miss Sexie

My heart/Heart rob

Baby/ Babe/Bae






My Queen

Most beautiful

My World

My priceless Jewel

My Gold

Cute Names For a Girlfriend

Cute names for girlfriend According to Appearance

Calling your girlfriend cute nicknames based on her appearance is not bad, but my advice to you is to always pay attention to her reaction. There are some things about her appearance that she may not like, avoid using such things to describe her. Look for those things that she is comfortable with about herself. Here are examples;

Miss chubby

Slim Beauty

Miss Booty

Funky Queen

Chunky Queen

My Elegant

Miss Ivory

Miss Ebony




Miss dimples

Situations can pop up such cute names like;

Yes, situations can lead you to calling your girlfriend some names which you don't usually call her before. This can happen when you are professing you love for her. Here are such nicknames names that you can use;



Adorable Queen


My one and only


My rainbow

My sunshine

My morning star

My enchantment

My passion

My Everything

My life

Cute Names for Girlfriend When You want to make her your Wife;

Do you have the intention of marrying her or proposing to her, then you can start by letting her know your heart by calling her such pet names from time to time, this will prepare her mind for your question and also her reaction to the names will either give you a go ahead or stop button.

My future Wifey

Mother of my unborn kids

My better half

My missing rib

Mother of my nations

Queen of my kingdom

Cute Names For a Girlfriend

Funny Cute pet names For girlfriend

You should not be serious at all times, as a good boyfriend, sometimes you need to be playful, put smiles on your girlfriend's face by using funny pet names.

My handbag

Touch and Die

My one in Town

My chicken

My baby doll

My shorty

Cute  Names for girlfriend According to her Name

Not everyone will like to use any of the cute names. What do you do in such scenario? Just simple! Carve out something that sounds good to you and her from her original name. Though her name may not be here, I have given you a clue with some names on how you can do it.

Susan: Sussy

Katharina: Katy

Florence: Flora

Tricia: Tric

Cinderella: Cindy

Carolina: Caro

Vivian: Vivy

Theresa: Tessy

Lauretta: Lauryl

Victoria: Vicky

Jacinta: Jessy

Lilian: Lily

Jacqueline: Jackie/Jackey

Jacinta: Jessy

Jennifer: Jenny

Sandra: Sandy

Juliana: Julie

Pamela: Pamy

All these cute names for a girlfriend should be in your mouth daily. It is not meant for you to call her the names once and stop. Melting her heart will be easier when you are always fond of expressing your undying love for her daily. As a boyfriend, always find what names will make her happy and also comfortable associating with you. That's why we have tried our best to give you the best pet names from our collections.

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