Good morning message for him or her

Send these romantic good morning messages to your lover and strengthen your relationship with him or her. It is good to always remind your lover how much you cherishes him or her with sweet good morning messages and quotes. You can send it to your lover as a text message, communicate it to him face to face or even through phone call.

We have written wonderful and beautiful good morning love messages just for you.

Good Morning Messages to a lover

1.  Just like the cheerful sun sets to rise, so does my heart leaps for joy in anticipation to see your beautiful/handsome face this morning. Good morning to you my love.

2.  I can't wait to behold your face, I can't wait to behold your smile. You are the reason for my joy and it is you that I love each and every passing day. Good morning to you my heart rob.

3.  Good morning my love, how was your night? I have been sleepless all through the night. The thought of you kept me awake. You have taken over the whole of me. I miss you so much my love. Good morning once again.

4.  As you set to go out today, all I wish you is the best of luck. In all you do, you are already a conqueror. Good morning to you my lover.

5.  Even the voice of the birds of the earth is not as sweet as your voice, even the brightness of the moon is not as bright as your face. I can't wait to see your ever smiling face and hear the sweetest voice that I have ever heard again. Good morning to you my Angel.

6.  We are inseparable, we are glue forever. Our love is a forever thing and nothing can tear us apart. Good morning to you my love.

Good morning message for him or her

7.  Like the sun, you will fulfill all your appointed duties for today.  As you carry out your various tasks for today, you will be fully active and strong. Good morning to you my hero/heroine.

8.  Though the night was so cold, but the thought of you kept me warm, I slept well knowing that I have someone special like you in my life. Good morning to you the love of my life.

9.  Good morning to you my lover, you are the King/Queen of my life. I can't live without you because you mean the world to me.

10.  Just as the morning dew disperses, so shall all your worries disperse, and like a king/Queen, you shall gigantically match to a happy and joyous day. Good morning my soulmate.

11.  I have no doubt that our journey of love will be till eternity. You have touched and changed my life positively. I wish you a morning as bright as the morning sun. Have a blessed day.

12.  Just like your soul was not undimmed by the shades of the night, so shall all that you do be as pure as the rays of the morning dew. Good morning to the reason for my happiness.

13.  You are the reason I see myself smiling uncontrollably sometimes you are the reason why I always pray for a shorter night. Good morning to you my one in a million love.

Good morning messages for him or her

14.  Since nothing can stop the moon from shining in the night, and the sun from coming out in the day when it is supposed to, therefore nothing can stop me from loving you the way I should. I will keep on loving you forever. Good morning my King/Queen.

15.  Words alone cannot be able to express the love that I have for you.  My love for you can neither be quantified nor measured, it is limitless. Good morning my forever love.

16.  Even in the darkest of the night, your thought fills my way with light, even in the weirdest moment, your love gladdens my heart. Good morning my priceless jewel.

17.  We are destined to be together, together we will conquer all situations and nothing on this earth can tear us apart. Good morning to you my rainbow.

18.  You will experience a grace overdose, all you do today will be prosperous. Match out like a giant because today is a blessed day for you. Good morning my endless love.

19.  I just want to remind you that in a million men/women, you are the best and you are simply amazing. You are my true love and I will forever be true to you. Good morning to you the charmer of my heart.

Good morning message for him or her

20.  The world needs more people like you. The earth would be a better place if your type is duplicated to fill everywhere. I admire all the good qualities that you posses. Good morning to a special one.

21.  Good morning my heart beat, thank God you woke up healthy and hearty after conquering the darkness of the night. In all you do, always remember that there is heart that truly loves you.

22.  The night was so cool and lonely, so dull and longer. Just because I missed someone that so special and dear to me. I can't wait to see you today. Good morning to you.

23.  My love, I hope you slept well, I hope your night was as sweet as you are. Have a wonderful and blessed day. Good morning to you.

24.  The word "love" couldn't have meant anything to me until you came across my way and showed me the real meaning of love. I will live to love and cherish you. Good morning to you the Angel of my life.

Good morning message for him or her

25.  You make me feel like a Prince/Princess when I wake up in the morning I love the way that you care for me and above all, I love the way that you love me. Good morning my sweetest.

26.  Even in my dreams, I can't stop loving you because you are such a nice person, so rare to come by. Good morning to you my rare gem.

27.  Every day looks brighter and promising when I realize that you are the part of me that is missing. I will always live to love you. Good morning my most cherished.

28.  I feel so proud when I realize that I am in love with the best man/woman on earth. Thanks so much for loving me unconditionally. Good morning my genius.

29.  The world would have been vast and so lonely for me but your love makes me feel whole and complete. I cannot do without you. Have a great day my lover.

30.  Good morning to the person who reads my mind without my uttering a word, you understands every part of me and that's why I am madly in love with you. I will always live to love and cherish you my sweetest.

31.  Just as you have triumphed over the shades of the night, shining to a perfect day, all I wish you is a day as perfect as you are.

Good morning message for him or her

32.  May the joy of the morning light fill your heart with unspeakable happiness that will lead you through all your ways today. Good morning to the love of my life.

33.  Having you in my life makes me feel so special. It restores my hope and brightens my day. I can't love you less. Good morning my sunshine.

34.  I always wish to have an endless day with you, leaving your presence makes me feel sad. I can't wait to be with you forever. Good Morning.

35.  Through sleep and darkness you were led by God to witness a bright morning. In all you do, so shall the Lord lead you. Good Morning to you.

36. You are the gentle breeze that blows across my way and cools my day. I love you so much. Good Morning.

How do you see our good morning messages to lover for him or her? Feel free to share and give us your own special love message to your lover.

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