Pidgin English Love Letters

Make use of these love letters in pidgin to send across to the people that you love. Naija Pidgin English is sweet and interesting for any type of conversation. These Pidgin love letter and messages are cute, romantic and funny.

Here, you will find;

  • Sweet and Romantic Love Letters in Pidgin
  • Good morning Love Letters in Pidgin
  • Goodnight Love Letters in Pidgin

Pidgin English love letters

1. Sweet and Romantic Pidgin Love Letter

My love,

How you dey? How your people and everybody wey dey around you? I hope say dem dey fine.

Babe, wetin make me dey write this letter to you na to tell you how much wey me I love you. You fit believe say I enter bed say make I sleep, sleep no gree me where I dey think about you, so tey I no no when day come break.

My sweetheart, know say you don take over my whole life , your love don scatter my brain, abeg promise me say you no go ever live me, because if you live me, yawa go dey for my side.

I wan promise you say anything wey you need for this life to dey happy, I go dey do am for you. Never think say na play I dey play because na my whole heart wey I carry love you.

All the small small ways you dey carry dey show me your love dey melt my heart. I no fit concentrate well for anything wey I dey do again. If to say love get measurement, no instrument fit measure the level of love wey I get for you.

I dey feel proud to tell my friends about you, I don tell all my family members about you and they come tell me say dem no fit wait to see you.

Abeg, promise me say you no go live me and you no go pour the love wey I get for you for ground. Na only you I wan spend the rest of my life with, na you i wan carry go altar.

The way you take fine come get sense on top of am dey scatter my brain. Everything wey I need in a man/woman, you get am. If na package you be, you get all the important nutritional content wey person need together.

Na you be my heartbeat, if you leave me, my heart no go beat again, and I hope say you no wetin go happen if my heart stop to dey beat. I dey ready to do anything wey you wan make I do for our love to be forever.

Make you take good care of yourself and know say I love you true true.

Your Sweetheart,

Pidgin English love letters

2. Good Morning Pidgin Love Letter

My Sugar,

Good morning. How you carry sleep last night? Hope say everything dey alright with you.

As you dey go out today, know say na you be my sunshine, na you be my forever love. Anything wey you put your hand for today, e go better for you. Make you enjoy your day and carry for mind say I love you.

Your Love,

Pidgin English love letters

3.  Goodnight Pidgin Love Letter

My Honey,

As you dey enter bed to sleep tonight, God go protect you, no harm go befall you, you go sleep jejelly and wake up jejelly.  E dey hard me to tell you goodnight because I no dey dey happy to dey miss your sweet voice and sweet face.

Sleep tight my love. I no fit wait to see you tomorrow

Your Love,

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