How to say I love you in Nigerian pidgin

How to say I love you in Nigerian pidgin is an article written for you to use and express your love for the one you love in pidgin English. They are sweet,cute, romantic and heartwarming. Whether it is your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, they are all suitable to use.

How to Say I Love You in Nigerian Pidgin

1. Na you be the person wey I love today, tomorrow and forever. Na only your love dey make me feel happy.

2.  I love you and I love everything wey concern you.

3.   Babe, I no fit lie to you, youbbe my last bus stop, your love don enter my whole body.

4.  U no wetin I love pass about you? Na dat your  smile and laughter, e dey scatter my head well well.

5.  Me I no like to fight, but because say I love you, I dey ready to go to war because of you.

6.  Nothing fit shake dey  love wey I get for you.

7.  Na only you dey show me true love, na em make me come talk say na you I go love forever.

8.  Your type of person no get duplicate, na em make me conclude say na only you I go love and my love for you na real.

9.  The first time wey I saw you, my mind come tell me say na you be the person wey I need in my life, and I dey happy say since the time wey you enter my life, I no regret why I love you.

10.  Na God bring you come my way, everyday I go dey thank God for wetin he do for me, for bringing you into my life. I love you my angel.
How to say I love you in Nigerian pidgin

11.  I dey surprise how you come enter my life, take small small take over everything wey concern me. My love for you no get part two.

12.  Wetin I get for you no original love, na dat kind love wey go make me and you come live together.

13.  Na you be the finest person wey me I dey see for this whole world. Na you I love pass every other thing.

14.  You be my gold, You be my diamond. I no fit play with you, because me I no go like to loose you. I love you pass any other thing.

15.  Every time wey I dey think about love, na you be the person wey dey first enter my mind, na to show you say I love you true true.

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16.  My love for you no get limit, my love for you na till infinity.

17.  Since that day wey I see you, my mind dey tell me say na you be dey person wey I go carry go altar.

18.  Even if say I no dey give you plenty things now, make your mind no tell you say I no love you, I dey pray make God give me make I dey give my love.

19.  Your love don't melt my heart, e son scatter my brain finish, I love you plenty.

How to say I love you in Nigerian pidgin

20.  Na you I go dey continue to love till my eyes close.

21.  If my love for you no mistake, then I dey ready to repeat it uncountable times.

22.  Even I my dreams, na you I still love.

23.  If they bring plenty people say make I choose again, na you I go still choose.

24.  Even with ages, my love for you no go fade, but e go dey increase.

25.  Na you be my sunshine, na you be my rainbow, na you be the person wey dey give me joy for everything wey I dey do.

26.  You be dey oxygen wey I dey breathe  in everyday, abeg if you live me, I no fit live.

27.  I go do everything wey I fit do to make sure say you no leave me, because I love you with all my life.

28.  Your love dey take away my pains and my sorrows.

29.  If to love na crime, I dey ready to go jail because of you.

30.  In my dream, na only you I dey see, na em make me come believe say true true, na you I love.

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