Love poems in Pidgin English

Love Poems in Pidgin English: If you are looking for where to get that poem to send to the one your love, then know you are at the right place. Choose the right one which explains how you feel about him/her. We have great compilation of Naija pidgin love poems that you will find interesting.

See them below;

U Don Take Away My Heart

Love Poems in Pidgin English

1.  I no fit believe say person fit do me dis kind tin
Anything way I do
Na you I dey see
If I think, na you I go dey think of
When I wan sleep
If I lie down for bed, your thought no go gree me sleep
Your love don infect my whole life
And for your matter, I go pack
Because you don take away my heart.

2.  Wetin you carry do me this thing?
Your love don scatter my head
E don enter my brain
I no dey think straight again
Abeg, where you keep the key wey you carry lock my heart?
Because if no be you
Another person no fit unlock am
For everything wey you dey do
Know say your love don colonize me.

3.  I no think say I fit leave if you leave me waka
Abeg promise me say you no go live me
Because na the worst thing
Wey fit happen to me
Your love dey shark me like person wey take alcohol
Na only you be the person way fit make me
Dey do like this and dey feel like this
Na only you I go follow
True, true, u don take away my heart.

Na Your Smile Dey Make My Head Swell

Love Poems in Pidgin English

1.  Even if sey another person never tell you dis
E get something way I like pass about you
You dey use am dey give me peace of mind
U dey use am dey bring my mind back
Na em wey dey make me dey like to come close to you
Na your  Smile dey make my head dey swell.

2.  Anytime wey you smile
I come forget all the things wey dey trouble me
Anytime wey you smile
My love for you dey increase
U don use your smile get me for your trap
Na your  smile dey among the things
Wey I need everyday for this life.

3.  As I come dey sleep in the night
Come remember your smile
E go come dey do me like say make day break quick
Make I rush come see your face
Because your smile dey bring my brain back
If you wan do me bad thing, no smile for me
Your smile don take over every part of me
Na your smile dey make my head dey swell.

True Love No Dey Cause Pain

Love Poems in Pidgin English

1.  If you wan fall in love

No go fix your mind for money alone
Look for person wey you go love well well
Look for person wey go treat you well
Because true love no dey cause pain.

2.  When you dey find love
No put all your mind for beauty alone
Because beauty fit fade
But true love no dey fade
The person wey fine fit no treat you right
Clear your eyes, true love no dey cause pain.

3.  If you wan fall in love
Search your mind well well
No wetin you like
No whom you fit tolerate
No go fall in love with person wey go break your heart
No go fall in love with person wey go dey happy to cause you pain
All wey dey shine no be gold
True love no dey cause pain.

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