Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases

Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases: Pidgin English is derived from the main English and it is used to ease communication mostly in Areas where there is great variations of language of which Nigeria is not an exception.

In Naija pidgin you will see, Pidgin quotes, proverbs, jokes, slangs, greetings, insults, wishes, phrases and the rest of them which you can use to spice up your day.

Here are Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases that you should know;

1. Wetin concern Agboro concern overload?

When you want to tell someone that a matter or issues does not concern you. "Agboro" is used for people who at times illegally collects money from taxi drivers, so all they are interested in is their money.

2.  I wan answer Livinus.

I want to go/leave

3. Yawa don gas.

Trouble has exploded. Used mainly when there is a danger or problem.

4.  I don enter one chance.
I have entered into problem. "One chance" is a sentence that conductors or drivers use when it is remaining one passenger for their vehicle to be fully loaded, this became more popular following cases of people who were robbed, kidnapped or maltreated after entering such motor of people shouting one chance."

5.  You be mumu.

It is an insult, trying to tell someone that he or she is not behaving well or does not know anything.

6.  One day, I go reason your matter.

I will give you attention for all you are doing to me.

7.  See me see wahala.

This is used when someone want to give you trouble and you are not ready for it. Wahala means trouble. Another way of saying it is see me see trouble.

8.  U too dey show yourself.

Mainly used when referring to someone who likes being present and in forefront of everything. Sometimes they are referred to "People wey dey do oversabi or I too know". Oversabi means claiming to know more than others.

9. I dey broke.
When you want to tell someone that you don't have money or your pocket is empty. At times you can also say " I dey koboless or nairaless.

10.  I wan enter my Akwunga.
It means I want to go to my house. The word Akwunga is derived from the Igbo word "Akwu" meaning nest and "nga" meaning place.

11.  My bank account dey answer kwashiorkor.

Also used to tell someone that you don't have money with you or in your bank account.

12.  Make you no dey use corner corner dey chop me.
It is used to tell someone not to use trick to collect something from you.

13.  I go scatter you.
Mainly used during fight or quarrel to tell someone that you will handle him or her badly.

Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases

14.  I dey H.
It is a short way of telling someone that you are "hungry". H means hungry.

15.  U dey game.
Used when you want to tell someone that he knows what is happening or he is involved in something.

16.  Na me leave my window open say make fly dey enter.
Mainly used when someone annoys and you tell the person you were that gave him/her that opportunity.

17.  Make you go sit down.
It is a form of insult trying to tell to get out of your presence of stop what he or she is saying because it is meaningless to you.

18.  My eyes don see wetin my mouth no fit tell.
It is used to express unimaginable things or ugly situation.

19.  You wowo.
When you want to let someone know that he or she is ugly. You can simply say " You ug".

20.  I go exchange am for you.
Used to tell someone that you will revenge.

21.  U dey use jazz.
This is mainly used to tell someone that he or she is using magical or fake power.

22.  U too dey shine your teeth.
This is used to let someone know that he or she is laughing too much.

23. No dey vibrate anyhow.
Mainly used for someone who is talking too much or making noise.

24.  That Omoge fine well well.
It means that the girl/lady is very fine." Omoge" means girl or Lady. Derived from Yoruba language.

25. I don blow/I don hammer.
When you want to let someone know that you have one or achieved something big.

26.  U be JJC.
Used to tell someone that he or she is a new comer or novice. JJC means "Johnny just come."

27.  U no dey reason straight.

This is used when you want to let someone know that he or she is not making sense or reasoning properly.

28.  One day, me and you go jam.

Often use out of annoyance to tell someone that you will revenge.

Funny Nigerian Pidgin Phrases

29. Shakara no dey pay.

It means that pomposity does not profit.

30.  I wan rotate.

When you want to leave where you are or change direction.

31.  I wan shayo.
I want to drink mainly referred to alcoholic drinks.

32.  Leave matter for Mathias?
Forget about the issue, problem or matter.

33.  I wan answer Ben Johnson.
When you want to go or leave.

34.  Na on top of your matter I go pack.
When you want to tell someone that you will not leave him or her.

35.  To make am no be moi moi.
To make it is not easy.

36.  Give me three kposa.
When someone wants you to praise him.

37.  U no fit try am.
You can't try it.

38.  I dey high.
Someone who is under the influence of alcohol or full of annoyance.

39.  Omo, street hard/better no dey.

Things are hard.

40.  Wetin you dey munch?

What are you eating or chewing.

41.  Na you sabi
Is you that knows.

42.  Abeg, Leave me jare.
Leave me please.

43.  U be Queen Elizabeth.

When you want to tell someone that she is beautiful.

44.  Nothing mega.
Nothing is happening.

45.  Make you ginger me small.
Give me small encouragement or motivate me.

46.  Wetin dey sup?

What is happening, what's latest.

47.  Levels don change.
We are not in the same category any more.

48.  I no send you.

I don't have your time.

49.  How market?

How things?

50.  I no fit shout.
I can't shout.

51.  U don dey cross you boundary.
You are crossing your boundary or limit.

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