Pidgin English love messages for him and her 

Here, I have made a great compilation of the best Naija pidgin English love messages that you can send to your husband, wife or any other person whom you truly loves. We have a combination of sweet, cute and heartwarming love messages which you can send across to him/her. Make use of these Nigerian pidgin love messages to impress your lover. This will make him/her to love you more and make the relationship to be stronger.

Here are pidgin English love messages for him and her;

❤Your love don scatter my brain, you don turn me to follow follow, I go dey follow you everywhere you go.

❤Anytime wey you smile, my whole body dey melt, anytime wey you laugh, dey kind happiness wey I dey get, I no fit explain am.

❤I no fit believe say person fit love me reach like this, I bin dey think say true love no dey exist again, na the time wey I meet you, na him I come know say, e get people  wey still dey love person true, true.

❤Na you be dey charger wey dey recharge my joy battery. When I dey with you, I dey get peace of mind, you dey give me dey kind joy wey I no fit explain. In everything wey I dey do, na only you I dey see.

❤Abeg, promise me say you go love me forever, make you know sey if you live me, I no go dey well, me I dey sure sey na true love wey I get for you.

❤See as you enter my life, come colonize everywhere, when I dey sleep for night, na you I dey think of, i dey feel happy every time wey I remember you, na only you I go love till I die.

❤I no believe say good people like you still dey, when you dey tell me say you love me, I think say na play you dey play, na dey time wey you start to dey show me love, na em make me know say i don meet the man wey go love me right.

❤Everything wey I dey like for a man, you get am, you be the type of man wey I dey dream to have everyday of my life. Thank God wey bring you my way.

❤You be my Princess, the woman of my dream, in short na you be my African Queen.

❤No be lie, na you be dey sugar wey dey my tea, na you be dey butter wey dey my bread, na you be everything wey I need, and na only you be dey person wey dey make me happy.

❤As I wan get up for bed this morning, na you wey I carry for my mind, I no fit stop to dey think about you, me I wan tell you say I love you, and I no fit wait to see you again because na you be dey most important thing wey dey for my life now.

❤Me I no fit forget the first day way we met, I wrote the date of that day down, because na dey day wey I met a special person like you.

❤Anytime wey I tell you sey "I love you", no feel say I just wan talk, know say I wan remind you say na you be the best thing wey don happen to me.

❤My life no dey get meaning anytime wey you no dey, if you no dey around me for a minute, e go do me like say na ten years, abeg, your love don scatter my head finish, every time of my life, I go feel like to dey stay with you.

Pidgin English love messages for him and her

❤They love wey we get for each other go last forever, anytime, any day, we go dey together, dey smile, laugh and enjoy forever.

❤Carry am for your mind say anytime wey you fall, I go carry you up, any time wey you dey happy, I go dey happy, anytime wey you no dey happy, I no go dey happy, I go always dey there for you because I love you.

❤Sometimes, I go dey just dey think about the first time wey I set my eyes on you, that day wey I set my eyes on you, na him my mind come immediately tell me say na you be the right person wey I  need, as you come talk to me, my mind come relax, since that time, na only your face wey I dey like to dey see, na you be dey only person wey I need, and na you be dey only person wey I go love forever.

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❤I wan tell you say l love you, as I slept last night, na you I dreamt of, everyday wey me and you dey, na so so blessing I dey receive. Na you I love and na only you I go always love.

❤Even if sey I no dey sure for other things for this life, one thing wey I dey sure be say na only you I go love forever.

❤When I sleep, na you I dey carry for my mind, if I no carry you for mind, my sleep no go sweet me.

❤Know say you be my Queen, come rain, come shine.

❤A lady wey dey like you dey hard to find, you dey gentle, beautiful, come dey intelligent on top of am.

❤When I dey sleep for night, e dey do me like say make day break, make I see your face because say I love you so much.

❤When I dey smile pass, na when I dey read your text message for my phone.

❤My guy, you no know as you handsome reach, as e bey now, na you be dey most handsome guy wey I don see for this universe, na him dey make wan make you dey my side every time.

❤Since the day wey I meet you, na dey time wey I begin to dey laugh and smile more, I don stop to dey cry like I use to cry before, you enter my life, come make my life better.

❤Anytime wey I go hug you again, na you go beg say make I leave you.

❤My love, know say you don lock up my heart come throw away the key.

❤You dey give me wing wey I dey use fly go anywhere wey I wan go.

❤Na you be dey person wey dey give me dey motivation to get up from my bed anytime wey I wake up in the morning.

❤Sometimes, I go sey I no go talk to you, but my mind no go free me.

❤Every day I go dey thank you because you dey make me feel like the finest person wey dey dis world.

❤Wetin brought us together do well, because me I dey imagine how I for dey without you.

❤I no fit tell dey kind charm wey you carry colonize me so tey everything I dey do, na only you I dey see.

❤I don promise myself sey I no go break your heart, anything we go give you joy, na him I go dey do.

❤My love, no even try to frown your face, vex or cry because everything we you dey do, dey affect me directly.

❤Your voice dey sweet me too much, na him make me dey like hear your voice every time.

❤Even if sey I no love you more yesterday, I wan promise you say I go love you more tomorrow.

❤Na you be dey reason wey I dey rush my phone every time wey my phone dey ring.

❤Na you be the reason way if I get up for my bed, I go dey see myself dey smile.

Pidgin English love messages for him and her

❤Make your mind never tell you say I go live you, because even in my dream, I no fit leave you.

❤I wan make you know say loving you be dey best thing wey don happen for my life.

❤If to say you know how I dey feel every time wey  you no dey around me, you no go like leave me comot.

❤Anytime wey I see you, na so my heart go dey jump up and down.

❤Na you be my Paradise wey I go like to live in forever.

❤Me, I like everything about you.

❤If na film you be, na only you I go dey watch every time.

❤Even if sey I dey where millions of people dey, my eyes go still dey search for you.

❤Sometimes I go dey imagine my go be without you.

❤In everybody wey I don see, na your smile be dey best.

❤Na you be my one in a million man, I pray make God keep us together to enjoy our old age.

❤Anything wey I fit do to make you dey smile always for me, I go do am.

❤Na honour wey e bey to me, to have you as my woman.

❤Even say I no like to fight, but because of you, I dey ready for war.

❤Wetin I dey pray for you be say make all you day be full of smile and laughter.

❤Even if say I talk from now till tomorrow, I no fit explain exactly how your love dey do me.

❤Na your kind of man wey I prayed for, as I come get you, na me and you go dey forever.

❤Even when you no apply anything for your face, na you be dey most beautiful woman wey dey did world.

❤One thing wey I no fit do for this life na to forget you.

❤If na motor I be, na you be dey fuel we dey make me move.

❤When you no call me, my mind go just dey race up and down, I no wan make you leave me o.

❤If I dey cry come remember say I get person like you, my mind go relax and na there the cry go stop.

❤The day wey I meet you, na dey day wey my mind come relax, na you be dey exact person wey I want.

❤Make you no well say, you mean the whole world to me.

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