Suicide: How the society can help to prevent it

The increasing rate of suicide in our society  today calls for great attention. One maybe prompted to ask; What has gone wrong? Why the sudden increase?

I was moved to put down this article due to the series of cases of suicide that has happened and is still happening in our society, most especially on the part of our youth.

But before I go further, let me give  you a brief explanation on the meaning of suicide and the major causes.
According to Wikipedia "Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's death." The causes of suicide could  be depression, mental disorder, alcoholism etc. The various ways by which an individual can commit suicide include; By hanging, By taking pesticides (sniper which is now commonly used), By firearms etc.

      How can the society help to prevent suicide?   

The society has a major role to play towards ensuring that the rate of suicide can be reduced. Those that can be of help in the society include; The family, Educational institutions, The Government , The Church, Health institutions, Mass media, and may I also add, Our Celebrities.

The Family

I am starting with the family because I believe it is the root of it all. Parents, learn to encourage your children, even when they are failing. Stop adding salt to injury. Let me give you an instance, your child is encountering difficulty maybe in his or her academics or business, instead of you to encourage him or her to work harder, you keep on reminding your child how his or her age mates are prospering and he or she is lagging behind, you may not know what you are doing, but be fully aware that you are gradually killing a soul.

Parents, bring up your children in a Godly way, constantly monitor the company that your child is keeping, when they are following a company that you know  will affect them negatively, call them to order.

Always be mindful of the type of books your child reads, the videos he or she watches, the type of music he or she likes to listen, sometimes most of these heightens the thought of suicide.

Let me not forget, when you have a physically or mentally challenged child, don't let the child feel that he or she is useless, let him or her know that disability is not inability. When you are sending such a child to a school or training centre, make sure that the child is well monitored over there.

The Government and other Private  Employees

Please our great leaders, sometimes you people need to come out of your exotic cars and mansions, go to the streets and hear the cry of the masses that you people are ruling.

 Try and improve the standard of living, pay workers as at when due, as the cost of living is increasing, also increase the salaries of your workers, so that they will be able to tackle their various financial challenges which can lead to depression and also suicidal thoughts.

Reduce the rate of unemployment, create employment opportunities to meet up with the increasing population, because it is said that "an idle mind is the devil's workshop." 

When workers are well paid, business people will also benefit from it. Reduce the cost of education because sometimes most people are weighed down by this. All these will go a long way in preventing suicide in our society.

The Church

Our dear pastors and Reverends, and Heads of other Religious groups, while you are preaching in the pulpit, also remind your followers, that everything does not end in Worldly riches, remind them also that God is the giver of wealth, and can never forsake his chosen people, even if they do not receive their reward on earth, that God is preparing a special place for them in Heaven.

Important also,pay great attention and identify those of your Church members who need help either financially, those who are depressed and needs counselling. In terms of finance, if there are capable hands in your church, let them help such people, those that needs counselling, let them be counselled, this will help in preventing suicide.

Educational Institutions

To the various educational institutions we have, you people can also be of help to reduce or prevent suicide in our society, some of your students are not with their parents and therefore under your care, once in a while create awareness programs, lectures and competitions based on the reasons why suicide is not an option. I know that you people are doing this, but you have to put more effort.

Health Institutions

Yes, you people can still be of help, once you diagnose a patient of those life threatening diseases, encourage the patient not to loose hope, don't let him or her see it as the end of everything, give the patient instances with those battling with the disease and are still living and happy, while breaking the news of death of a patient to a relative, do so in a coordinated manner, I know you people are doing this, but you have to put more effort.

The Mass Media

I know you have your programs for each specific day, please add in your program jingles which will constantly remind people how they can fight depression, and they reasons why they should not commit suicide. Newspapers and magazine producers, also create space for this.

Our Celebrities

I know why I am adding our celebrities, this is because they are now the center of attention, most especially for our youths. I am appealing to you all, while you are displaying your exotic cars, mansions and wardrobes, remind your followers  how they can work hard to achieve this, also let them know that " Rome was not built in a day."   Once in a while, tell them how they can fight depression, and reasons why they should not commit suicide, this will help to reduce cases of suicide in our society.

      Advice For All

Please my dear brothers and sisters, there is no reason why suicide should be an option to you no matter the problem you are facing. If you think you don't need to be alive again, please remember that someone needs you, there is someone who cares for you no matter how helpless you feel, there is someone who always like to see your face. 

Your family members needs you, your friends and other people needs you,  no matter what you are facing, it is not going to be permanent, talk to someone, mix up with people and don't stay alone.

Note also that suicide is a sin. The life you want to end does not belong to you, you don't have right over it. God created you, God brought you here, so you also need to allow Him to decide when to call you back. Therefore, don't take away something that does not belong to you.

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As written by;

Ndukwu Chiamaka C.

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