Anxiety symptoms and prevention

Anxiety is a state of worry characterized by fear. Anxiety is present and experienced by almost every individual, but becomes a source of concern when it becomes intense. It can also be associated with mental disorder which presents itself as feelings of panic.

People who posses high level of anxiety otherwise called General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), seems to worry a lot about every little situation. The thought of minor things can put them in great fear and worry.
Anxiety disorders can interfere in our work, relationship and other activities.

Some of the causes of anxiety include; Drug abuse or misuse, mental disorder, history of blood relatives with anxiety disorder, trauma and stress.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder
The symptoms of anxiety disorder includes;
Sleeplessness, inability to control worries, tiredness or weaknesses, tension, increased heart rate,fear,sweating, lightheadedness, trembling, irritability, headaches, stomachaches etc.

How can anxiety disorders be prevented?

Mix up with people: Associating with people and participating in various activities can help lessen fear and worries there by preventing anxiety disorder.

Seek medical attention early: Seek medical attention as soon as you notice some of these symptoms as delay may lead to degeneration of the disorder, and sometimes it may be caused by underlying conditions such as mental disorder, diabetes, drug misuse or abuse.

Avoid excessive alcohol or drug abuse: These can trigger anxiety. Alcohol and abuse of some drugs can make you over anxious,weakens the brain which can lead to mental or anxiety disorder.

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