Overcome loneliness
Loneliness is a feeling that can be experienced by anyone. It is a feeling of isolation. Sometimes, it seems as if you are not
wanted, you are not important or deep inside you, there is something that is bordering you, but you don't know whom to share it with. Loneliness is a feeling of rejection.

Loneliness can be physical or mind based depending on the factors prompting it.

Mind based in the sense that you have problems that is eating you up, but don't know whom to share it with, in order to get help. Sometimes, it may be that you don't want another person to know about your problems, in this case, you continue to harbour the thought in your mind.

Physical based loneliness is mainly due to low self esteem. It makes the individual feel that he or she is unfit to be in a particular place. The person always feel isolated and rejected, and finds it difficult to be in the company of people or to associate with them.

How do you identify someone that is feeling lonely?

The person always appear moody. This can be easily detected through facial appearance. Lonely people don't seem to be happy even when things that are supposed to make them happy is happening around them. They always look different from other people. They can easily hold back their smile when prompted to.

Start Thinking Positively

 They think aloud. They are always engaged in heavy thinking which can be easily noticed. Sometimes they will be lost in their thinking that they won't even know when someone is around.

They like to stay away from people. Due to their passion for quite moments, they stay on their own and avoid associating with people. 

Effects of loneliness
  • It results to poor academic performance
  • It can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • It can lead to cardiovascular or heart related diseases.
  • It affects relationship with others.
  • Low productivity in working places
  • The person can engage in alcoholism or drug abuse.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

How to overcome loneliness

  • Share your problems with trusted people around you to get solution.
  • Always have a positive mindset
  • Try as much as possible to associate with people, if you are rejected by a particular group of people, continue to search until you find where you will be accepted.
  • Avoid low self esteem and know that you are simply the best of your kind.
  • Never give up on your unachievable ambitions and goals.
  • Check around for counselors to get professional advice.

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