Say no to suicide

The increasing rate of suicide in our society today is quite alarming. People have resorted to committing  suicide as a way of ending their life problems. Sometimes in life, we are faced with series of problems,and our mind starts going towards the negative directions, which include suicide. But certainly,there are far better options while it should not be a considerable option.

When we are faced with such thought like suicide,instead of yielding to it,there are some precautions and measures which can help avert such ugly situation. These include:

NEVER TRY TO BE LONELY:When we see ourselves contemplating or having the thought of suicide, the first step is to go out from a lonely area and mix up with people, laugh and discuss with them,by doing so,such a feeling can be suppressed.

TALK TO A TRUSTED PERSON: Instead of harbouring your problems and dying in silence, find a trusted person whom you can rely on and share your problems with the person, by doing so you can get solution to your problem which may end such thought.

MEET A COUNSELOR: There are people who have been trained to meet your psychological problems. When such thought becomes intense, reach out to a counselor who will give you professional advice and solutions to your problems.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE: Always associate with people who will help you to cope with your problems and not people who will constantly remind you of your problems without offering solution to it,because such people are "toxic" and may ignite the thought instead of quenching it.

READ MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS:There are lots of motivational books out there written by great authors,go to the shelf,pick them and read,it can be a source of encouragement to manage and handle life challenges.

MEET A PSYCHIATRIC: Sadly, a lot of us may not be aware when our sense of reasoning is debilitating. When such a thought is constantly repeating itself, we need to check our mental state because this can send negative message to the brain thereby colonizing our mind. In this case little challenges tends to bother the person a lot. When someone is having the thought of suicide,do not be ashamed to see a psychiatric to ascertain what may have gone wrong.

PRAY AND MEDITATE ON THE WORD OF GOD:The word of God offers an everlasting hope and solutions to our problems. When you truly seek the face of God during difficult moments, He will give you the strength and help you to overcome life challenges.

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